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  1. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    January 9th, 2020
    Hello! I am Pacifist, and lately there has been a demand for more communication on what is being done behind the scenes. This is exactly that. Jabba and I will be using this thread to document changes in protocol, to share our agenda, to share our progress towards certain changes, and to detail what has been going on in the community. We will use this thread as a way to communicate directly to the community. It will likely be composed in a blog style fashion. To keep this thread nice and clean it will be locked. Feel free to discuss this in other places, such as shoutbox, discord, or other threads.

    Six slays what the hell?
    The staff team has recently realized that with our changing of the Mass RDM protocol we needed to change how we handled RDM. This was first discussed in a series of thread by @wink which can be found by clicking here & here. We immediately sought out to fix this problem, and after a bunch of discussion and voting, we have decided to implement a new change to how we handle RDMs. I will give several examples as to what the change entails, but to put it simply we no longer give slays based around which round the RDM happened on. Rather we base it around how many people were rdmed at the time of the moderator handling the report, as well as what offense they are on. Please refer to the examples below:

    The old system:
    • Player A RDMs on round one. The Moderator doesn't get around to applying the slay till round two.
    • Player A RDMs on round two. The moderator then adds his second offense to his slays, so he gets three slays for rdming two people.

    Now, in theory, and before the Mass RDM change, this was more or less fine. You couldn't ever get three slays at once. Now, however, we run into situations like this: Player A RDMs on round one, two and three. The moderator joins the game round four. The moderator then has to give the player all 6 slays at once as they happened on different rounds. (1 slay for his first, 2 for his second, and three slays for his third).

    To fix that we have a new way of doing it:
    • Player A RDMs on round one. The moderator doesn't get around to applying the slay till round two.
    • Player A RDMs on round two. The moderator then gives them two slays for their second offense, so he gets two slays for rdming two people.
    Another example:
    • Player A RDMs on round one, two and three.
    • Moderator joins on round four.
    • Player A hasn't served any of his slays yet
    • The Moderator would give him three slays.
    Now this had some problems to. One of them was Noctorious' problem. That one looks like this:
    • Player A RDMs two people on round two.
    • Noctorious gives him two slays in the middle of round three.
    • Player A RDMs another person on round three.

    In this case, Noctorious believes that he should
    slay the person five times, as he served his second offense and now needs to have his third. This is not correct. His second offense would be bumped up to a third offense as he hasn't yet served the slays for his second (which would happen round four when he is initially slain). Every offense of RDM after round four would be considered a new offense of RDM. Meaning that if the player RDMed again on round five, they would just be banned for Mass RDM x4.

    This change accomplishes the following things:
    -Stops moderators from adding additional slays if they can't handle the report in time.
    -Stops us from adding crazy amounts of slays (more than three).
    -Allows us to continue to use the protocol of 1st offense being one slay, second being two slays, and third being three slays.

    If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to start a conversation with me by clicking here. I know it can be rather confusing, but all we have realistically changed is that the amount of slays given is proportional to how many people you have RDMed, unless you have served a previous offense of RDM.
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  2. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    Our Agenda
    So with Jabba on the lead team now we can seriously get to work achieving some goals. Below I will list our current agenda on what we hope to accomplish. Some of this is easier for us to do than others, as many of our changes need to be approved by the community, the staff team, and ultimately Highwon. That being said, we are going to try our best to get these things done! This agenda is in no particular order.

    Our shared agenda:
    1. Implement an updated extended rules. Click here for more information.
    2. Modify our stance on slurs.
    3. Implement harsher punishments for hacking.
    4. Add Rank Newton Launcher.
    5. Add Rank Visualizer?
    6. Add Rank Barrel Gun.
    7. Add Rank Riot Shield.
    8. Add Rank Intervention.
    9. Add Binocular Speed Pointshop Upgrade.
    10. Add Newton Launcher Push/Damage Pointshop Upgrade.
    11. Add T-Buddies Not Affected by Tear Gas (Upgrade?)
    12. Add Riot Shield Push Pointshop Upgrade.
    13. Add MC Island to the Vanilla Rotation.
    Jabba's Agenda:
    1. Find developers, it'd be nice to take some of the weight off of Highwon's shoulders.
    2. Round two of Serious Minecraft, a project I hope to work on once I feel that our TTT servers are thriving.
    3. 10 minute C4 leniency, this isn't necessarily something I want, rather I think we should put it up for discussion. There seems to be a few ideas out there about how it should be handled. Perhaps a middle ground can be found.
    My Agenda:
    1. Re-Implement multi-week moderator hour tracking (we did this for awhile on a spreadsheet, and it kind of fell off)
    2. Hold a meeting among the admins to talk about how we train moderators and new expectations that they must follow (hour requirements for training trial mods, and other things.) When this happens I will make another post detailing what was decided and talked about.
    3. Promote two admins (one for DR, one for TTT). I have already picked them out, just waiting on approval.
    That is about it for now. We are by no means promising these things, just that we promise to work towards achieving them in some way. Compromises will likely have to be made to satisfy everyone, but we will try our best to keep this thread updated as often as can be!

    Thanks for reading,

    The Lead Administration
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  3. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    January 13th, 2020

    Alright so we have a few things we'd like to go over for an update here.
    1. What we're doing with the Deathrun Staff Team.
    2. Our two new additions to the Administrator Team.
    3. We promoted dazza to Trial Moderator.

    So let's talk about Deathrun. I'll just link you to that in case you forgot about it. Basically we want to get players on Deathrun and keep them there. We'll be focusing on some short term goals to reflect this. Nathan776 is going through Deathrun suggestions and putting together a list of things he thinks would help Serious Deathrun get players and keep them. In addition we're coming up with a better system to keep Deathrun Moderators accountable. The hour system doesn't quite translate to Deathrun as it works for TTT, what Nathan is looking at is a more, "Repop-Attempt" structure.

    Speaking of Nathan, he is one of our two new Administrators , along with Fear. Both are fantastic staff members who we look forward to working with alongside our other Administrators.

    Speaking of Fear, as some of you might have heard, dazza is now a Trial Moderator under him. There has been controversy surrounding dazza in the past, and he was demoted for some of it. However we want to be clear that the behavior dazza was previously demoted for has not been seen since. He was given permission to reapply awhile back. So long as he continues to walk the straight and narrow, he will have just as much of a chance to be on our staff team as any other applicant.
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  4. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    January 21st, 2020
    We held an Admin meeting on Sunday, I'll detail the main things we discussed.

    • We discussed whether or not we should be making the Administration do Moderator Evaluations every month. We decided in majority that doing so would just get repetitive, and a more loose day-to-day, in the moment style of evaluating would be more beneficial to everyone.
    • We discussed changing the way we handle Forum Warning Points. We have some ideas, however, we're still going to talk to the Moderators before we make any decision regarding it. The proposed change would make the time it takes for Forum Warnings to expire less harsh.
    • We discussed elaborating one of our rules regarding Toxic Gameplay. The old Extended Rules covered this under Miscellaneous Rules.
      • "Forcing a player into an area in which they will either been proven to be a traitor or die as an innocent will be considered RDM in all cases. For example: The traitor rooms on Minecraft B5 and Lost Temple, and the spike pit on Innomotel."
    We want to include doing this under Toxic Gameplay, and will be discussing it with the rest of the team.​

    • We discussed whether or not pulling the levers on Black Mesa East, should be a KOSable Act. These levers, when pulled in the correct order, enable a T trap to be activated using six credits, that will kill all the players in the outside area of the map when activated. Our idea is that if the actions have significant potential to assist in a traitor victory (in this case pulling the levers) it should be traitorous.
    • We are also going to be doing more to make sure our staff know how to properly moderate the Forums. Unfortunately this area of moderating has been glossed over in the past, and hasn't been receiving the amount of attention it's due.
    • Last, but certainly not least, we're fixing Team Death Match. It somehow got removed from the Fun Round rotation, and that was an error. It will be put back in rotation as soon as possible, if it hasn't been already.
    *Oh, and I promoted @Credence to Administrator. He's a good guy, I know he'll do me proud.
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  5. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    February 10th 2020
    We held a meeting with the staff team the other day to talk about a number of proposals and go over subjects of importance, and here is just a quick outline of the changes!

    Change, Change, Change
    Pulling the levers on Black Mesa is now a traitorous act. Furthermore, breaking the face in the hedge on life the roof is also traitorous. Both of these lead to a traitor trap that can kill people, and as such we have made it so that you can kill someone for doing either of these things. In addition we have modified our forum warning point system to now ignore any warning that is older than a year as a way to grant leniency to people who were being punished for warnings that were acquired over three years ago. Other proposals that were discussed included setting the expiry to only be three months no matter what, increasing the points given per warning as well as having a 3 month expiration, and doing nothing. All of the previous proposals were ultimately shot down by the staff team.

    We have also added "7. An example of Toxic Gameplay would be, forcing a player into an area in which they will either be proven to be a traitor or die as an innocent will be considered RDM in all cases. For example: The traitor rooms on Minecraft B5 and Lost Temple, and the spike pit on Innomotel." to the extended rules.

    We also discussed 10 minute C4 leniency, but very quickly agreed that it was a dumb idea and whoever thought of it was dumb (lol jk jabba). But no, we all agreed that it was better to just ban people who plant 10 minute C4's. EDIT: Just to be clear, I am talking exclusively about RDM that comes as a result of detectives and innocents planting a C4.

    I also made some announcements regarding hacking and applications, as there were some examples of staff members being negligent in their duties to bust hackers and there were issues with staff members being a bit too unreasonable in applications.

    What have you guys been up to?
    Couple things. Me and Jabba are going to be having a meeting with Highwon to discuss a number of topics in the coming days. Jabba has also been putting together a guide for admins, and I've contributed a little bit to that. We have also set about monitoring hours more closely, and thanks to @Woet we now have information that will better help us gauge who is staffing alone and who is double staffing.

    I have also been working on my "New Extended Rules" thread. I gave it a face lift and added some new stuff to it. I can't really remember what I added, so you are going to have to check it out. The prop's section will be added soon. I've been doing a lot of work for that section, and I think that effort will come out very nicely. You can CLICK HERE if you would like to see that. :)

    Furthermore, I would like to take a second to talk about my own activity. The last week of January and the first week of Febuary was a nightmare for me. I was going through a lot of IRL shit and staffing was incredibly painful for me. I dipped in hours and I ignored a lot of important stuff. That being said, I'm back, and I'm feeling better than ever. Thanks for being patient. :love:

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  6. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    February 12th, 2020
    Pacifist and I had a meeting with Highwon today. We have some bits of that meeting we'd like the share with everyone.

    • Plans for the community,
    Highwon wants to implement a download system that will allow you to join the server with minimal workshop downloads and then download the rest of the content after you're already joined. This will boost player counts on modded servers as join times will be minimized. Something like this will allow him to more easily add assets, making it a first step to a larger content update.
    • Hacking,
    We came into the meeting wanting to implement harsher hacking punishments. I wanted perma bans, because, and I quote, "Fuck those hackers." However, Highwon responded to our concerns with an argument I have never seen before, and I now understand why we do not perma ban for hacking, and why we should not.

    When the server changes maps it will query the database and get records of all the current bans (1,000+ Steam IDs). The server repeats this process every 30-60 seconds. The more bans there are, the more data the server has to process. The less processing the server has to do, the better the performance. So if we perma-banned every hacker, and all twenty of their alts, we would create a ton more data the server would have to process, thus bringing down server performance. This is why we don't give out permas for hacking.
    There were other things discussed, but we can't share them, can't share them yet, or didn't talk about them in length enough to give much of on update.
    We didn't get to cover the entire agenda during this meeting, but there will be more meetings to come.

    Thanks for giving this a read!

    ~ Jabba the Slut
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  7. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    Hey, not doing the fancy formatting right now,

    Hacking 1st offense was always supposed to be a globalized ban, this was confused as the years went by and altered by Opalium. Nobody mentioned it to Highwon apparently.

    All Hacking 1st offenses from this point forward will be globalized.

    I might edit this to be fancy later. I might not.

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  8. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    real professional dude
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  9. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    February 13th, 2020
    Okay so a few things have changed the last 24 hours.
    • Hacking: Hacking 1st offense bans are now eight weeks, as well as global. All offenses that follow will be twice as long as the previous offense.
    • Porn/Gore/Disturbing Sprays/Avatars/Content: All of these bans will now be global.
    • Muted: Muted players can no longer send private messages in-game. They can still use admin chat.
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  10. Pacifist

    Pacifist Cynically Insane VIP Bronze

    March 3rd, 2020
    Discretionary Team?
    Hello! I would like to really quickly detail why Bad Adult is currently on a discretionary team under me. First of all, what is a discretionary team? Well, one of our moderators, @Woet was begging for more staff members around the time to which he plays. Apparently our staff team is very stacked, and they all staff at the same time. As such we needed a solution, and so Woet pointed out two applicants that normally get on at the times that he does. These two being Bad Adult and Coinston. So, I went ahead and interviewed both of them. Coin ultimately got sniped by Credence, but he was going to be on the discretionary team as well.

    That doesn't answer the question though. Going forward, discretionary teams will be created and dissolved as the lead admin feels necessary. The moderators on these teams will be expected to fulfill different requirements. These requirements are up to the lead admin, but in this case the requirement is simple: staff during the peak hours exclusively. Chances are that Bad Adult will be transferred off this team after awhile (once we no longer need people to staff those specific hours). Basically, discretionary teams are teams that can be used by the lead admins to fulfill certain goals, promote people who wouldn't otherwise be given a shot, and to have a place to transfer people if there are admin disputes. Essentially, it can be used for any number of things. Please keep in mind, however, that any person promoted to these teams are 100% real moderators. This isn't some part time shit.

    If you have any questions about this post, feel free to make a QNA thread or private message me! :)

    Expansion of the Staff Team
    So, what about expanding the staff team in general? I think the best way of going about this is to simply give admins an extra slot. We would hand these extra slots out on a case by case basis. The leads would need to verify the pickup and make sure that the admin can handle the extra moderator. This would require us to look at their current team's performance and see if any changes need to be made with them before we allow expansion. We are trying to repop the servers more though, and I want to conduct a poll to determine when our staff members can staff. We would then prioritize that they staff during those times that they can. Obviously this will take some time to coordinate, but we are trying to fix this problem. Thanks for being patient. More will be coming soon as I plan to do a few meetings in the upcoming week. :)
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  11. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    March 24th, 2020
    Leadership Meeting
    In the last Leadership meeting we discussed the Slurs Change made back in July. That was the only thing we ended up talking about because I made the mistake of putting it at the beginning of the agenda. Nothing changed as a result of the meeting, however we might open the door for some discretion to be used when slurs are being used in a racist or anti-gay ways.

    Extended Rules
    Pacifist finished his rewrite of the Extended Rules. This new version should hopefully bring more clarity. Check out the new version HERE.

    Pacifist has resigned from his position as Lead Administrator. For now I am the only Lead, however it should not remain so for long. The next Lead has been picked, it is only a matter of time.

    Mod Abuse
    Last night we received a private report of some Moderators abusing their power. The two Moderators in question were Alucard and Coinston. Upon reviewing the evidence I made a recommendation to Credence that both should receive a two week suspension from their duties. Credence decided this was appropriate and that's what he did. Alucard decided to resign instead. Another of Credence's moderators, Adlactor Nell, came to him to admit similar actions. As such, he was given a one week suspension.
    Abuse Screenshots Album

    Some of you may wonder why we only suspended them. I believe there are times to be firm, and times to be lenient. Both Alucard and Coinston were relatively new staff. Coinston has been Moderator for a week. Their actions didn't have a significant impact on players in the end, so that is why I recommended a suspension.

    In the future we will do more to emphasize what is and isn't an abuse of power to new staff.
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  12. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    April 4th, 2020
    New Lead Administrator
    Just over a week ago, Lordyhgm was promoted to be our second Lead Administrator! I'm excited to be working with her. This is going to be a great year for SGM, I really believe that.

    Staff Team Changes
    We've been seeing higher player counts recently across our servers, likely due to many being stuck at home. We have upgraded the teams to support five moderators per admin to help with server coverage. We hope these numbers can be sustained going forward.

    Small Notes
    • We're setting a date for our Leadership Meeting this month.
    • I want to do a general Staff Meeting this month.
    • We're working out the details of a possible cross-community event in the near future.
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  13. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    April 20th, 2020
    Fun Stuff
    We have a few fun things to talk about.
    • During the Leadership Meeting we discussed my idea of Mini Events and Highwon likes the idea, but doesn't have the time to work on them himself, as he has his own projects that take priority. I've talked to someone about helping out in Highwon's stead, and they have offered to help code a Fun Round for one of these events. If there are others who have the skills necessary to help, I'd love it if they hit me up.
    • We have made an Event Team dedicated to hosting Game Nights every weekend and even during the week if the host so desires. We saw their efforts this weekend and I have to say it went very well. We had a good time for hours. We will continue hosting in this format in the future.
    • We have selected a date for the Cross-Community Event; May 3rd. More details soon.
    Rule Changes
    There are two new rule changes that have been put into effect today. These were discussed either in Staff Meeting(s) as well as on the forums for one of them.
    • Players can now kill someone if the Detective is ACTIVELY DAMAGING them. This is like a Passive KOS. You won't be GBA for neglecting to help the Detective mow someone down. If the Detective abuses this functionality, it may result in Toxic Gameplay. You can read more about this HERE in the thread in which it was proposed.
    • Any content that sexualizes animals will now be considered Disturbing Content. You can message me for some examples of what this may include. The idea behind this is that these images promote bestiality/animal abuse.
    Other Notes
    • RhazhBash has been promoted to Administrator under Lordyhgm.
    • We briefly discussed Deathrun plans as well as plans for the Anniversary Event during our Leadership Meeting.
    • We also discussed and devised a fix for an exploit that was brought to our attention.
    • Highwon has been adding some mitigation for future attacks against our servers.
    • Highwon has been working on his improved download system, it has been implemented on our East server, and may soon be added to our West and EU servers.
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  14. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    May 19th, 2020

    Rule Change
    Slurs are once again banned on SGM. Highwon has decided to give it a go after much internal discussion. They have been added back to our Harassment Protocol. We may be somewhat easy on them for the first week while people adjust. I am very happy about this change, and I know a lot of you will be also.

    Misc. Stuff
    • We will be having a Leadership meeting soon. We have a short list of things to cover, but the main focus will be on getting things planned for the Anniversary Event.
    • We will be having a general staff meeting soon to go over some topics, as well as review the general feedback from the Approval Poll.
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  15. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    May 30th, 2020

    Leadership Meeting
    • We discussed the supposed issue of Forum Space. According to Highwon, the recent issues of forum downtime are only related to the forums being attacked, not by any lack of Forum Space.
    • We entertained the idea of bringing back the Advisor Rank. We will not be doing so however. We had more issues than benefits from that role.
    • We are are open to the possibility of accepting new Developers. Please refer to THIS post.
    • Highwon has a few server changes he is working on. He will announce them soon, when he is ready.
    • Finally, we discussed content ideas for the Anniversary Event. I believe you guys will be very happy. I've already seen one of the skins made in collaboration by @Sable and @Pelvis , and it looks absolutely fantastic. I'm excited to continue working with them on these skins.
    I am going to be taking a week break from SGM. During this time I'd appreciated it if any concerns were brought to Lordyhgm, or one of the Administrators. We will be having a general Staff Meeting when I return from my break next Saturday.
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  16. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    June 11th, 2020

    Staff Meeting
    We discussed a few things during a staff meeting last Saturday.
    • Our first topic was on Delaying, and whether or not intentionally stalling gameplay to run out the timer is considered a Valid strategy for the innocents. We took a vote and 22 V 2 staff members voted in favor of us considering timer stalling to be delaying, if they have no legitimate reason to do so other than to "survive".
    • Our next topic was about innocent players (not detectives) manipulating unID bodies (moving them) in order to strategically kill people for passing the body. It came down to a seemingly unanimous agreement that these situations must be case by case. One situation could be completely valid, body is in plain sight, appropriate strategy. Another situation could have the body stuffed into a corner or otherwise hard to see spot, which could be considered a toxic kill. Very situational.
    • We then talked about a weird situation that came up regarding an unID body that someone was killed for not IDing. To visualize, the map was Dolls, in the closet, which has multiple levels. The player and his killer were on the middle level, and the body was on the level just below that. The player who was killed could have seen the body, but he didn't move to identify it. This case opened up a can of worms of sort, long story short, Fall Damage is included in the "Player must be able to ID the body without taking damage." stipulation.
    • We are instructing all of the staff to not be anal about the petty harassment reports that have been prevalent lately.
    • After some other discussion about internal stuff we just goofed around and clowned each other with the Approval Poll results. Going over the general feedback, etc.
    Minor Notes
    • Awhile back I went through and added a couple subforums to our TTT Suggestions forum. After adding them and sorting old suggestions, we brought the 120 pages of unsorted suggestions down to just 60.
    • The Anniversary Event is coming and it's gonna kick ass. Let me tell you. Skins, models, a new fun round, and MORE.
    • Speaking of the MORE, there is already a new gun on our Modded Servers, the PSG-1.
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  17. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    August 14th, 2020

    The Attack
    Early this morning our website was the victim of some sort of attack. The perpetrators changed our homepage to a gif with music by embedding them into our sub-forum descriptions. It is not yet known how, but the hacker managed to access at least three staff member accounts. A Moderator, an Administrator, and a Lead Administrator. We suspect they used some sort of system exploit, but that is just a guess. The staff members who were compromised have had their passwords changed and they've been told to enable Two-Step Verification, as has the rest of the staff team.

    Because it is possible that an exploit exists, we are also recommending that you guys also enable Two-Step Verification.

    This will make anyone logging into your account have to use a code to complete the login. You can set it so that your device only needs to use the code once every 30 days. Every login on a new device will prompt you to enter a code.

    Should any new information come to light, it will be shared.

    Closing Notes
    It's been awhile since we made a post here, I apologize for that, I have been busy this last month with an online class. We're planning a staff meeting and a leadership meeting soon. There are very exciting things in the works, we'll let you know more soon.
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  18. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    September 16th, 2020

    Staff Meeting
    • We discussed how we will be handling reports/appeals on the behalf of forum banned users going forward. We will no longer be allowing players to make appeals for other players. They must be handled in private with the relevant parties. As for reports, players may only make them on the behalf of forum banned users if it is to report an in-game offense.
    • We made a note to the staff that they shouldn't be super strict on small things that could be considered mic spam.
    • We discussed a rule change regarding what constitutes Self-Defense against Detectives and Traitor buddies. We'll be opening it to a community vote, so look out for that.
    • Finally we reviewed the feedback we received from the Staff Approval Poll.
    Leadership Meeting
    • We discussed some possible changes to Frag Storm, however nothing was set in stone.
    • We reviewed the suggestion of adding a 'Round Start Message' in the general chat. I'd expect to see that added in the near future.
    • We talked about adding an 'End Round Music Volume Slider'. This isn't something we're able to do on our end; the developers for the add-on would have to work something up.
    • We began making plans for this year's Halloween Event. Very spooky.
    Other Notes
    • We have linked the forum attack mentioned in the previous post to a perma-banned user.
    • It is now a requirement for all staff members to have Two-Step Verification enabled.
    • If you have a User Created Channel in the Discord, your channel will now be deleted in the event you become banned from our Discord, or if you otherwise leave the Discord.
    • We added MC Office to our Vanilla map rotations. The map was made by our very own regular, @-Vader- .
    • @Ted has been promoted to Administrator under Lordyhgm. Be gentle.
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  19. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    December 14th, 2020

    Staff Meeting
    • We have changed Grace Period from five seconds to three seconds.
    • We have expanded grounds for Self Defense when it comes to Detectives and Traitor Buddies. You can now kill both if they KOS you. Check this out for more information.
    • We discussed decreasing / getting rid of the Mic Battery, ultimately deciding against both.
    • We talked about what is and isn't considered valid "Traitor Deception". I suspect we will be adding a section to the rules soon to cover these situations.
    • We will be implementing new punishments for "Door-Breaking".
      The punishment progression will be Warn -> Kick -> 1 Day Ban.
    I would expect to see the announcement post for this year's Christmas event very soon. This is the first Christmas event I've had a hand in planning as Lead and I'm very excited. I've been working with several people on making skins for this event. I know some people were disappointed with the overall skins from the Halloween Event. I hope all of these beauties will make up for it.

    If you haven't heard already, Highwon is doing a Christmas Rank Giveaway valued at $500. Go check that out!

    We have a new Developer! @Frosty The Gamer (My Dime Is Up). I have been trying to get SGM another Developer since I got Lead. It took awhile, but it has finally happened. We were working on giving you a Thanksgiving Mini Event, however it could not be completely finished in time. It did however serve as Dime's 'audition' for Developer, and the staff who got to playtest the Fun Round had a blast.

    Fun Stuff
    I have been neglecting Game Nights. I had hoped when I started the Event Team that it could be somewhat self-sustaining. I believe I may have pushed it out of the nest too soon, so I will be trying to do better at making sure Game Nights happen.

    I have been organizing not one, but two Cross Community Events! Expect to see a thread detailing the first of these very soon. We will be having one this month (with HeLLsGamers), before the Christmas Event, and the other will be around mid-January with **drumroll** a Minecraft server.

    Future Stuff
    As mentioned above, Mini Events are something we are trying to accomplish. I had some ideas for a New Year's Mini Event, however, I have it on good authority Christmas might be sticking around a bit longer than usual.

    We are putting some good energy into Deathrun. Elvis is hard at work putting together a new Deathrun Dream Team, and he's going through his ideas with Dime. We should see some good stuff coming Deathrun's way, especially after I motivated Elvis by giving him the Deathrun Suggestions category the subforums he's been chasing me for.

    We are looking for Minecraft Developers, hit me up for real.

    Closing Notes
    It's been awhile since a Lead Admin Update Post. Sorry about that, hopefully I'm giving y'all a lot to unpack with this one.

    Say hello to the new Administrators since the last update: @RyanSnowman , @j3kthehalls , @Elvis , and @Lord Momo .

    There is a new Staff Approval Poll! Please give us your feedback!
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  20. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Lead Admin VIP Silver

    January 14th, 2021

    Cross-Community Relations
    I am happy to announce that we are forming somewhat of a partnership with a good number of TTT servers. The purpose of this partnership is so that when one community bans a user for pedophilia or grooming, all other partnered communities will review the evidence and follow-suit. We may also expand our scope in the future to include not only TTT communities, but all gamemodes across GMOD.

    As of right now there are six communities on board with this partnership, and several more interested in joining as well. Despite whatever dramas or grudges we may hold between our communities, we can all set those aside for the greater good of keeping these sexual deviants off of our platforms.
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