Forum Rules

SGM Community Forum Rules

The following are the SGM Community Forum rules. All users of our forums must follow them, and by using our forums you agree to follow them. Please read them carefully and make sure you understand them before you start using the server.

Failure to comply can result in removing your posting privileges, community bans, and other actions. Let's avoid this.
Negligence to read or understand the rules will not get you out of punishment.

General Rules

1. You must comply with any warning or instruction given to you by our staff members. If we tell you to stop something, stop.
2. Be respectful to other users at all times. Don't use slurs.
3. English only, please. We're an English speaking community and we expect our users to respect that.​

What Isn't Allowed

4. Harassment: Do not harass, disrespect or bully other members. This includes flame-wars, name-calling, shaming, doxxing, etc.
5. Spam: Do not post off-topic replies to threads or irrelevant threads/posts, shitposts.
6. Gravedigging: Replying to an old thread that is irrelevant now (old applications, old ban appeals, old irrelevant suggestions, etc).
7. Advertising: Other servers or communities, products, etc. It is okay to advertise your YouTube/Twitch channel as long as you are being reasonable about it and don't spam it.
8. Multiple Accounts: You may not have multiple accounts for any reason. Using one to evade punishment is met harshly.
9. Porn, Gore or Disturbing Content: Our community doesn't allow this content in any of our platforms, even in private channels/messages.
10. Illegal Discussions: We are not to be held responsible for any discussions on illegal topics and consequently we do not allow it (this includes warez).
11. Backseat Moderating: we have staff for a reason. Report anything violating a rule, but don't try and deal with it yourself.
12. Ratings abuse: Inappropriate usage of forum ratings (negative ratings spam, "boosting", etc). This rule is under the discretion of the administration who will deal with each case accordingly.
13. Seizure-inducting content: Images, animations, videos or other content that contains flashing or otherwise visually impactful things.​

Signature Rules

14. The size of your signature, including all images and text, may not be over 350 pixels tall. For reference, this image is 350px tall:
15. The staff team reserves the right to remove any signature that is considered inappropriate.​

Shoutbox Rules

16. Do not use colors that strain the eye like dark-as-hell blue, very dark red, or black.
17. All of our Discord server rules apply to Shoutbox as well.​

Username Rules

18. You may not use usernames that are insulting, instigating, or offensive, whether towards a specific person, a group or the general public.
19. Usernames must contain at least 3 English alphabet characters.
20. Usernames must be taggable/searchable. The first 3 characters of your name must be either English alphabet, numbers, or the following symbols: .-_=+
21. The administration reserves the right to refuse any name change request.​

Reporting Content

If you witness a user breaking any of the rules, please use the report function to report them. If you are unable to do so, contact a staff member directly by a forum conversation or through Steam/Discord.
Note: Abusing the report function qualifies as spam and will be dealt with harshly.


There is no set in stone punishment protocol for forum offenses. Punishments will depend on the severity of offense and will be handed case-by-case.​