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The gaming servers shut down on June 18th, 2021! Click here for more information.

Refund Policy

This community has a NO REFUNDS policy. Since you get your rank instantly, we don't offer any refunds on your purchase(s). If you submit a charge back then you will be permanently banned from all our servers.

If you are mistakenly double charged, we will refund one of the payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

I subscribed using PayPal but I still haven't received my rank?
PayPal subscriptions can take up to 24 hours to activate.

What is the difference between monthly and yearly ranks like VIP+ and MVP?
A yearly rank has the exact same perks as its monthly counterpart. The only difference is that you get a different rank title, rank color and save 2 months worth of payments. The yearly ranks are for players who like to pay upfront for a rank and want to save money.

What happens when my monthly/yearly rank expires? Do I still have access to my purchased items?
When your monthly rank expires, you will fall back to your permanent rank. If you don't have a permanent rank, then you will just become a regular user. For example, if you own VIP and buy a month of VIP+, once that month is over and your VIP+ expires, you go back to being VIP. You will keep all your items but will not be able to use them if you're not in the right group. This way, if you decide to reactivate your monthly rank, you can just use those items without having to re-buy them. You are free to sell them at any time, even if your rank has expired.

Can I disassociate my Steam Account at any time?
If you purchase a premium rank, you will no longer be able to disassociate your Steam Account even if the premium rank has expired. This also applies to gifted ranks. If you never owned a premium rank, you can disassociate your Steam Account at will.