Finished roy's SpOoKtAcUlAr Elite/VIP+ giveaway! ($80 value)

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by roy, Sep 25, 2020.

  1. Pokeben10

    Pokeben10 tell me pretty lies Moderator VIP Silver

    @dazza and @Temar - the dynamic duo, they sound the same lol
    @j3kawesome - I can rdm him and get away with it
    @veL - chill
    @Virunas -
    @Jabba the Slut - the dad of sgm, also a chill guy
    @Logan - I guess he changed his name, but I always loved playing with him and @j3kawesome
    @indy - indy. (wrong indy)
    @ anyone i missed, you know who you are
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  2. Carl

    Carl Kachow! VIP

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  3. ori with a gun

    ori with a gun just vibin VIP

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  4. [MZK]Lightning

    [MZK]Lightning I've Been ... Thunderstruck!!! VIP Silver

    1. Already done

    @JesstheMess , Because we've known each other through TTT for about 5.5 years now.
    @SavannahBanana , @Nuno , and @Lordyhgm - Because they all are very nice and understand me despite my disabilities
    @Juicy Tenderloin - Because she's my little sister along with Sav.
    @j3kawesome and @RyanHighman - Really cool mods who are always a joy to play with
    @Espurr and @Ashes Relandi - Really cool/chill Admins


    Not done yet
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  5. Hey thanks for the giveaway, good luck everyone.

    @Roy for being such an amazing friend
    @j3kawesome and @RyanHighman for letting me rdm them
    @Chinaski for being a funny guy (in a good way)
    @Adlactor Nell for adopting me when I was sad and lonely
    @Espurr because I can never trust him
    @veL @prozakk66 because they are really fun to play with
    @gerafe for making one of the only newspaper you can trust this days
    Chrisvris (looks like he doesn't have a forum account) "Pain."

    If I could tag everyone I would totally do it, it's fun you play with y'all.

    I forgot to add this for the TTT suggestion part
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  6. Yellow

    Yellow VIP

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  7. cynder

    cynder ice queen VIP

    @LBPotatoes - its fun rdming you
    @Frost -its fun to pretend you are killing me so people will rdm you
    @Spitefulvenom - you are a v cool admin and an even cooler friend :)
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  8. Juicy Tenderloin

    Juicy Tenderloin cum blaster VIP Bronze

    Hello! Let me start out with I think I should be a winner because the giveaway ends on the 9th and my birthday is October 12th so it would be a wonderful birthday present for my 21st birthday uwu

    @Minimelt Because he's my bestest friend and I always enjoy running around and chasing him and tazing him when I'm the detective :dummyboy: :dummygirl: #dummyboi #dummygirl
    @Dead Man Laughing because he's really cute and his voice is really hot :kiss: and he always brings so much fun to the server :wacky:
    @Frost one of my closest friends from SGM and we were on the same staff team :sneakylove: and he's such a sweet and good friend

    I've suggested a couple of maps that I really would love to see on the modded servers! They haven't been answered yet for some reason :( But I will link them here:
    TTT Map Suggestion - Plaza:
    TTT Map Suggestion - Suburbia:
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  9. PwnageKO

    PwnageKO "I'll be seeing you on the forums." VIP

    Hey Nerd, I mean Roy. Cool contest mate!

    Some peeps I enjoy playing with are:
    @Ahalan I think he is the first person I may have met on the server.
    @Hosi and @Zarock96 Both are fun people to play with and mess with.
    @LT.Kitty-Kat Fun person to crowbar and rdm.
    @Roy Another fun person to play with and mess with.
  10. Ahalan

    Ahalan Costa este, mejor costa. VIP

    Alright so there's a lot of names that could go here, but:

    PwnageKO: This man helped me break the human-tower record, I believe we got 8 people stacked on Minecraft City
    Sable: Lots of c4 roulette and locking ourselves in testers in my pre-mod days
    Nell: All around cool guy in Gmod & Among us, I applied for staff in part because of my experiences with him on the servers.
    RODSIN: One day I'll get you back for killing me 5 times in one map.

    TTT Suggestion:
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  11. Najm

    Najm Feeling cute, might remove other eye later. VIP

    Thats a lotta money

    I guess my 3 names areeee:
    @Indy226 as he always greets me (Just like @JesstheMess) and we have nice conversations
    @Lordyhgm because we cant have any conversation without rick roll susp and thats kinda funny
    @SavannahBanana jesus gang gang <3

    Also posted in the 'SGM does the funny' thread :)
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  12. SavannahBanana

    SavannahBanana I Love Bananas :D VIP Emerald Bronze

    @Nuno my stinky son who I rdm very much :3
    @Pixie.Danni whos always there <3
    @therealzarock96 very stinky and funny :3 also likes to rdm
    I made a suggestion in fun rounds, that good enough?
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  13. Zareaper

    Zareaper Lord of the underworld VIP

    @PwnageKO My sgm name is this not zarock
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  14. yesdaddy

    yesdaddy Regular Member

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  15. Robyn

    Robyn Floof Moderator VIP Silver

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  16. Lunar

    Lunar 8:00PM VIP Silver

    1. yeah
    2. @marg simsim - a truly epic gamer who is always innocent.
    @Zuijj - a truly epic gamer who shoots me with his no recoil hacks, and makes me laugh.
    @Dodley27 a truly epic gamer who needs to apply for mod so he can slay himself for killing nell
    3. yeah
    4. might do this later idk
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  17. Dodley27

    Dodley27 Dolfin VIP Bronze

  18. Lunar

    Lunar 8:00PM VIP Silver

    ya have to re-apply one day
  19. roy

    roy is MOST DEFINITELY a ship VIP Silver

    4 days left to get your entries in!
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  20. audrey

    audrey batty VIP

    did this suggestion

    made this submission for the clips

    also for the players i like to play with:

    love this guy. vouched for him hard when it came to getting mod because he's a total sweetheart and i knew he'd knock it out of the park, as he does

    @marg simsim
    generally always a joy to hear marg's voice when i join a server. just a chill presence, fun guy to hang out with

    i see her on all the time during my usual late hour staffing sessions and she's just a total sweetie i love her
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