Decrease C4 radius on certain maps.

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Yellow, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Yellow

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    Maps like Innocent motel/clue are so small that 1 c4 can easily kill 3-8 players. Especially on Motel this sucks 'cause you can just hide the C4 inside the T room and have no chance of getting caught because of DNA.

    This is why I propose a C4 radius change on maps such as:
    -Innocent Motel
    -MC mineshaft
    -MC Airship

    these are the maps I think where the C4's radius is way to big.
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  2. Maybe also change the name (Mini C4) so people won't get confused
  3. Yellow

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    Great idea :D
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    Not worth the effort for just a few maps especially of you are talking about adding a new "mini C4" as it is there isn't really a way to adjust C4 per map in the game files so it would require scripts maybe in the future when we have a dev and they can be bothered to work out which maps and what radius the C4 should be on them but who tf wants to do that
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