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  1. Name of Staff/Player:
    [MZK] Lightning
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:
    Your Steam ID:
    Which Server:
    Which Map:
    Which Round:
    Time of Occurence:
    between 11p and 2am PST
    Reason For Report:
    Harassment, RDM, Inability to Properly Moderate.

    I used to have some respect for lightning, but today he was being a dick. Now I don't admit to being a star player, but that's not particularly a concern of mine. However, as a Moderator, let alone a T-mod, they need to maintain composure and stay calm in situations, not to mention act in a way that doesn't make players want to leave. I would not say that Lightning did a good job of that today.​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
    I unfortunately don't have proof of RDM, as I unfortunately didn't start recording in time. It was just a hit with the crowbar here and there, but still, come on.

    Dude sent this to me not 10 minutes after getting on tonight, there was something that was said, that resulted in him feeling the need to comment how I couldn't think. He was calling me dumb and all that jazz in VC, and I snapped this gem:

    For the record, I retaliated and harassed him a bit too because I don't appreciate that, especially when I get targeted a lot as a furry already. I was warned by @Bruno and stopped later on.

    Also, while this is valid for him to do as a t-mod, kinda sus timing for him to report me 3 times for something that happened in a previous map, and no one else reported me for. They were not valid reports, as Woet handled them and did not punish me. Talk about targeting much?

    Lightning also yells whenever he speaks half the time. I just thought that that's how he spoke, but now that I have seen him act towards everyone, he is a really intense and aggressive person. He yells quite a lot, even when explaining things, and when he's mad he makes sure that you really know the anger you've caused him. He also aggressively hunts down anyone who does the slightest bit of damage to another person, RDM or not. Yells it into vc and stuff, kinda alarming.

    He's an ok t-mod when it comes to protocol, but he's not so great at staying calm.

    Also as a side note, why did he report 2 mods, who are higher than him for a reason that is obviously not true? This was done in the admin chat which he has access to, why did he think that it was real? Seriously? 2 mods doing that?

    Also, technically a false report, only marked valid because a slay was given, but the main reason is incorrect. Tmod should not become a Mod any time soon if they don't know the damn rules and the staff team!☆-vel.55982/

    #FurryLivesMatter #DefundTheStaff​
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  3. [MZK]Lightning

    [MZK]Lightning Trial Moderator VIP Bronze

    Okay, First off this is a knowingly false statement. The "RDM with a crowbar" was him on me and not me on him. (This was on the Vanilla server, which is currently offline, so I can't get the evidence at this time.)

    The statements shown above were during an exchange of middle school barbs that were part of a back and forth between the 2 of us. You even admit this in the last sentence above. We were bantering and then you started taking it too far. This culminated when you said that after a Bomb Rush round on the map SkycraftFinal that you were ignoring my responses to a question that you asked in order to trigger me. After this I asked Bruno to warn you for harassment. If anything I should be reporting you for this incident.

    Here are the damage logs for the 3 aforementioned URD reports that I filed against you for kills/damage during Rounds 5 & 6 on the map Black Mesa this morning on the West server:


    As you can see, you started off round 5 by damaging Popcane with an explosion for 91 @ 0:00. I initially was going to hold off on this, until you opened up round 6 by shooting High School Bathroom for 38 then doing more questionable damage on Bubonic with another explosion. I'd also like to go on record that I handled all 3 of these reports and only marked the one for the damage on High as valid because you gave responses that were at least plausible given the quick nature of the damage involved. So any accusation that I was being heavy-handed against you is utterly preposterous.

    My yelling is an artifact of my Asperger Syndrome, as I was not diagnosed with it until I was 25. Because of this, I was never able to receive the speech training that a younger sufferer would've received. (to include using a proper tone and pitch of voice). The rest of the yelling was a direct result of your almost constant berating of my supposed "poor performance as a t-mod", even though I was trying to be friendly with you. Notice that I was never given a warning for harassing you, but you were given 1 for harassing me. This would indicate that the staff on at the time of your warning saw you as the instigator/aggressor of the situation, not me.

    These 2 reports have absolutely nothing to do with the situation currently at hand, but let me comment on them for transparency's sake:

    The one on vel does count as an RDM and Leave because, as the Owner of SGM, Highwon counts as a Staff member. Vel KOS'd me improperly by his own admission, was reported, and left with the open report while Highwon was on b/c he didn't feel like waiting.

    The report on Bruno/Woet is for a slay that Bruno applied to me for an RDM report filed against me by Woet. I believe that my explanation of the events in my response to the RDM report provided enough reason to call it a common sense kill, and yet the slay was applied anyways. I felt that this was incorrect, so I reported for false slay, which many before me have done.
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  4. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut T H E H O L E Lead Admin VIP Bronze

    Just gonna comment here, because you know it isn't RDM and Leave. Highwon told you he had no intention of handling the report. Which is why I told you, very recently, that it would not be RDM and Leave.
  5. I'm not gonna bother trying to push this because I have no evidence and it's he said/she said. I stand by what I said. I will also admit to rdm crowbaring you, which I was punished for by warning and/or slay.

    I didn't take this as a "middle school barb." I don't know you as well as I do other people like Nell, or Lovisa. I did not appreciate your comments, especially in this time. The furry jab is also a sensitive topic, because of the number of people I have gotten banned for that type of harassment; it's gotten old.

    As for my "admission," I just decided to "agree" with you, because you were acting like a child, insisting on how much of a "stupid furry" I am that I "can't even think", or "use [my] brain". I attempted to de-escalate the situation and drop it so me and other people could play in peace, because no one likes to, or cares about that. You felt it nessecary to have the last word even after I tried to shut it down, that much I remember. Learn when to drop a topic like a mature person, jesus.

    Yes, I was warned by Bruno, and I stopped after that. Getting banned for another 6 weeks is not on my to do list, thank you.

    Like I said, @Woet marked all three reports invalid. Not sure what your defense is here, but I'm sure we can chalk it up to you just doing your job, right? I get maybe this part was a bit unfair, but I was a bit heated when I wrote this. Regardless, that doesn't excuse everything else.

    I wouldn't say you calling me a stupid furry, or saying I can't use my brain not 15 minutes after I join would be considered you being friendly with me. As for your disability, I'm sorry to hear that. Like I said, I pretty much figured thats how you spoke, and tbh I don't really care about that. I understand your situation, but that doesn't really excuse you other behaviors, especially if you're going to be a Mod one day. It certainly would look very inclusive on the Admins' part to have someone like you on their team. Personally, I'm rooting for you, but not with these kinds of actions.

    Lemme tell you something about how harassment works here, as I am very familiar with this system and how it works, having been on both sides of the table. Moderators are busy handling RDM reports and other mod jazz, including training and handling reports of t-mods. They don't have the capacity to watch the behavior of every player, they rely on the "victim" to provide evidence and dm them when an incident occurs. After that, they review that evidence and determine whether to give a warning or not. You reported me, and in the 6 hours that we were on the same server, I recieved only 1 warning, because like I said, I stopped.

    I did not report you because recording and collecting evidence is a giant fuckin hassle which I hate doing, and completely kills the fun for me. I'm starting to regret not collecting the evidence against you, because I know nothing will probably come out of this. I also wanted to give you a chance to quit it, but at the end of the night, I was tired, pissed and I just had enough, so this was made. Again, I doubt anything will happen, but maybe you'll consider what you do and say next time you feel like going off on someone.

    Yeah they do, because the report is against you and your ability to properly moderate. You're a T-Mod, I'm not trying to get you fired, that's not what I want. I want you to learn from this and try not to belike players like me, you're not supposed to act like this.

    If you can't remember or follow what an Admin tells you, what does that mean for your ability to moderate?
  6. [MZK]Lightning

    [MZK]Lightning Trial Moderator VIP Bronze

    Okay then.

    I have been informed by @Lordyhgm that you did not take too kindly to being called a "furry". I didn't realize that you didn't take too kindly to this term, and for this I will be authoring a formal written apology to you.

    It was my understanding that you've self-identified in the past as a "furry", and I thought this meant that you took pride in being a member of that particular subculture. I was very horribly mistaken.

    To rectify this, whether or not the term "furry" is a slur for the official record, I will NEVER be using this term to identify ANYONE ever again!

    But, to counter you not liking being called a "furry" without context, I do not like being asked to fellate another dude without context:

    Can you tell me why you thought this would be appropriate to say to someone whom you don't have a working relationship with?

    This shows that you want to work within the rules, which is fantastic!

    I was hoping to let the damage @ 0:00 of round 5 slide as I see this all the time in accidental RDMs. Someone is firing at someone or an explosive pre-round, and doesn't realize the round is about to start and BOOM, RDM central! Now, this isn't what happened here, but I still wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    I honestly would've ignored this entirely if you had not also gotten the damage very early in round 6, which tipped my hand.

    I thank you for your sympathy. Having Asperger Syndrome sucks because, at least for me, It makes knowing when people are being serious vs. being funny hell for me.

    It also leads to a lack of demonstrated empathy and social reciprocity on my end as well, which is DEFINITELY what I think happened here. I thought you were joking, so I took it as a cue to return the "barbs" with some of my own, and then it just blew up in both our faces from there.

    This is a very good assessment. It shows that you can understand the things that staff and trials go thought constantly.

    Yes, going through and collecting (not to mention UPLOADING) evidence blows up tornadoes. In the end, I wish that us gamers could get by without staff and punishment, but that's never going to happen because of people who set out to just ruin everyone else's experiences.

    But as stated above I have given it some major thought, and have resolved to not use that term ever again, and to leave things between us be for a while.

    Okay this is relieving to hear!

    I have learned, but I'm not exactly sure of you mean by "try not to belike players like (you)". Could you possibly elaborate on this?

    Highwon told me that he was uncomfortable handling the report, and to file a report on the forums. Which is what I did.
  7. You and the moderator team don't get the issue behind the harassment.

    I do not have an issue with being called a Furry. The basic definition of a furry is a person who likes animalistic characters that are combined with human characteristics. This includes things like Anthros (e.g. zootopia) or intelligent ferals (101 Dalmatians). There is more detail, but we won't go there.

    The issue I have is when players blatantly harass me because I am a furry. People look down on furries and harass them in a slew of different ways, from saying they're "animals and should be chained up," to they "have a mental disorder and should be killed." You calling me a "stupid furry" causes me to get very defensive because I have had to make reports to ban 2 groups of furry trollers in the last 5 months, and when a moderator does it, it doesn't make me or other furry players feel welcome on this server.

    I am a furry. You can call me that, and that term should not be considered a slur. The issue is with the harassment that occurs because of an interest or the way I am, the same way people who sound like 8 year olds get terrorized because they are infamous for being annoying squeaker, or how people who like anime get harassed as weebs. The fact that the staff team is considering banning that word shows that they are not making an effort to understand and stop the harassment that is taking place on their servers. @Lordyhgm please make sure you understand the issue, instead of falsely telling people what does or doesn't make them comfortable.

    Because I salty that I didn't get away with a crowbar RDM. Get used to it buddy, you're gonna get that a lot as a mod from other players too, not just me.

    Again, you can use that term as long as you're not trying to belittle me or other people, or we get to a level where we can joke around like that and not get offended which is not now.

    I RDM my server friends, and sometimes do revenge RDM on people who piss me off or RDM me and get away with it. I annoy other people, and sometimes target players for a variety of reasons. This is something that most players online do, some of which are more aggressive than others. It's normal and as much as the mods try to keep it serious, it will never be 100% serious because it's more fun to have a little chaos. Why do you think people propkill?

    When I say don't be like players who are like me, I'm telling you not to harass, target, rdm, or otherwise make the game not fun because of your actions. While mods shouldn't be doing this anyways, you are not in a position to be making mistakes like that. I know it sounds a bit hypocritical because of the way I act with other mods or T-mods, but me and said Mod/T-mod act unruly towards each other, we probably know each other and we both accept the risks of acting that way. However if someone acts that way towards another person who they are unfamiliar with, it most likely comes off the wrong way, which is what has happened here.

    My point is, know when to toe the line. I know it's not a great thing to tell a T-mod, and the admins hate me for it, but we are all here to have fun. Just try to figure out who you're friends with, and who you aren't, and figure out exactly how far you can go before things start to get bad.

    I hope that kind of explains it well. I guess I'm trying to say we break the rules to have fun, just don't break them too seriously or else you'll get punished harshly

    You seem like a great guy, and I hope that we can be SGM pals one day. I understand working with a disability can be hard, and I'll try to be more understanding. As an act of good faith, I'll waive this report as a big misunderstanding. You T-mods work hard to become mods, and I don't want to make it harder. However, you need to understand that others won't be as understanding as I am right now, there are people who are out for blood (which I have done on occasion), so please be careful about what you say and how you act. One mistake, no matter how friendly it's meant to be, can be interpreted as an act of war, which could be deadly for your career. This applies to this server, and life in general.

    With that said, if there's nothing else that needs to be cleared up, I sure hope I don't get banned again with what I just admitted to. Can I bribe you @Jabba the Slut to not ban me? (I'm joking.)
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    is this a fucking joke
  9. [MZK]Lightning

    [MZK]Lightning Trial Moderator VIP Bronze

    Evidence of the crowbar damage from Juno on me:

    And, with that, the defense rests!

    @Lordyhgm to wrap this up in a nice bow!
    • Posting in irrelevant reports/ban appeals
    Was that even on the same day as the report or is that just another report in general that you decided to add here?
  10. I sure as hell don't remember anyone with the bread crab spray, but this was days ago and idgaf because I already served all my slays. I thought we were good, but this is kinda petty at this point so idk. It's nice that there's no time stamp too. :T
  11. [MZK]Lightning

    [MZK]Lightning Trial Moderator VIP Bronze

    @Lordyhgm Please finish this report! I want to get it behind me!

    Also, @therealzarock96 and @Juno, the Damagelog in post #9 of this thread is the proof that the crowbar damage referenced in Post #3 by myself was indeed Juno on me.

    I was adding it because I could access it now that the Vanilla server was back online.
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  12. @Lordyhgm @Jabba the Slut can we finish this damn report I'm over whatever shit happened, I was punished for whatever and so was lightning can we end this good lord we just tryna have fun not S T R E S S over reports gotdamn
  13. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut T H E H O L E Lead Admin VIP Bronze

    Lordy will handle this when she can. Lightning is her Trial Moderator.
  14. Grumble

    Grumble VIP

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  15. Lordyhgm

    Lordyhgm nathan think he slick but im just lazy Lead Admin VIP

    Heyo, sorry for taking a while to write this up. I spoke last week with lightning about many things, among which was this report and his behaviour. Specifically, what jokes are appropriate, when, and with whom, since it's the mutual understanding of a joke that makes it funny, and if he can't judge it then to not risk it. You mention that it's not being called furry or anything that irks you, but rather the sour taste left but the furry purge issue a while, and while I understood that I thought it best to will Lightning to take the initiative.

    And so, I'll be working more closely with him on such things.

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