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    TTT main rules
    The main rules of our TTT servers. Also shown in our in-game !motd

    TTT extended rules:
    The extended rules. In-depth information and analysis of almost all of our rules.

    SGM Server List:
    A list of all of our game servers - currently TTT and Deathrun.

    The Store:
    Our community store. Here you can purchase a premium/donator rank to access some exclusive and unique perks, as well as support our community!

    SGM's Steam group:
    Our official Steam group. Join to find and connect with other players from our community!

    Player/Staff reports forum:
    Here you can report another player/staff member for breaking the server/staff rules. Make sure to read the stickies!

    Ban appeals:
    Here you can file an appeal against a ban you were given. The staff team can then reevaluate the ban and change/remove it if needed. Make sure to read the stickies!

    Have an idea/suggestion on how to improve our servers? Post them here! Make sure to read the stickies and to post in the right section.

    Staff groups:
    A list of all our TTT staff members and their groups.​
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    This is the official SGM TTT servers content pack
    The pack contains all of the custom content used in our non-vanilla servers. It is composed out of 4 workshop addons (listed below).
    To use it, all you have to do is to subscribe to the 4 addons, and your game will automatically download and install it. The pack will also automatically update itself when new content comes out (as long as you are still subscribed to it).
    You must use the content pack to avoid issues when playing in our non-vanilla servers.


    To download to the pack, follow the link above and click the "Subscribe" button.
    After subscribing, make sure to restart Garry's Mod!

    That's it! The game will take care of everything else automatically, and you don't need to do anything else.
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    This is a list of all the content available in our (non-Vanilla) TTT servers

    Quick jump:
    Maps | Jihad Sounds | Player Models | Weapons | Perks


    Non-Vanilla Maps:
    Vanilla Maps:
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    Player Models
    Purchasable pointshop items that replace your player model (how you look in-game) in our non-vanilla servers.
    Playermodels are only available to donators!

    Supporter Playermodels
    VIP Playermodels
    VIP+ Playermodels
    Elite Playermodels
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    Custom weapons available in our non-vanilla servers, in addition to the original TTT weapons.

    Primary Weapons
    Secondary Weapons:

    Traitor + Detective Weapons
    Custom Traitor and Detective weapons available in our servers, other than the original TTT weapons

    Traitor Weapons
    • Death Station - Prop that looks like the health station, instantly explodes when used
    • Dragunov SVU - Silenced sniper rifle
    • Gauss Rifle - Explosive sniper rifle
    • Harpoon - Throwable harpoon, kills instantly on hit
    • Jihad Bomb - Explode yourself after a short delay (and a scream) damaging everyone nearby
    • Malfunction Pistol - Forces the target player to shoot their weapon uncontrollably when hit
    • MP7 - Silenced SMG
    • Tear Gas Grenade - Grenade that blurs the vision of players hit
    • Tripwire - Placeable laser mine that detonates when crossed
    • Barrel Gun - Launches a high-velocity barrel that kills any player it impacts with. Can consume both charges at once to launch an explosive barrel instead.
    Detective Weapons
    • Intervention - A powerful sniper rifle that can charge-up to fire 1 hit KO shots.
    • Jackhammer - High accuracy long-range shotgun
    • Riot Shield - Hand-held shield that covers your front
    • Tazer - A long range device that disables a target player and drops them spazzing on the floor for a duration. Deals minor damage.
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    Purchasable Perks and bonuses from our pointshop that improve different aspects of the game.

    • Crowbar Draw (5 levels) - Draw art on the walls with a faster Crowbar. Each level increases the attack rate by 10%. NOTE: DPS stays the same.
    • Disguiser Model (1 level) - Switches your player model to the default TTT model when you enable the disguiser and back when you disable the disguiser.
    • Health Station Charge (5 levels) - Increases the stored healing charge on health stations you place. Each level increases charge by 20 HP.
    • Health Station Rate (5 levels) - Increases the rate of healing on health stations you place. Each level increases rate by 1 HP.
    • Radar Scan (10 levels) - Reduces cooldown of radar scan. Each level reduces cooldown by 2 seconds.
    • Triple Harpoon (1 level) - Upgrades harpoons to deliver a triple harpoon throw. NOTE: Doesn't affect the Harpoon Wars fun round.
    • Silent Knife (5 levels) - Reduces sound of knife draw. Each level reduces sound by 20%.
    • DNA Wiper (5 levels) - Reduces the DNA sample time left on murdered bodies. Each level reduces time by 5%.
    • Punch-O-Meter Boost (5 levels) - Increases Punch-O-Meter recharge rate by 15% each level.
    • Flare Gun Boost (3 levels) - First level reduces time to burn corpses by 50%. Each level after that will increase burn duration on living players by 50%.
    • Tripmine Safety (2 levels) - First level protects you from detonating your own tripmines. Second level protects you from tripmines planted by your traitor buddies.
    • Death Station Heal (1 level) - Death Stations will heal you if you are a traitor.
    • DNA Scanner Rate (5 levels) - Increases recharge rate of DNA scanner. Each level increases recharge rate by 10%.
    • InstaKnife (1 level) - Turns the knife into InstaKnife. One hit kill.
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    Written and maintained by @Pacifist

    This is a list of all end of round songs used in our servers.

    ---Traitors Win---
    Tupac - When we ride on our enemies (EXPLICIT)
    Apocalyptica - Hall of the Mountain king
    Black Sabbath - NIB
    Inner Circle - Bad boys
    (Cop's Theme)
    Damian Marley - Welcome to jamrock
    Eminem - Survival
    Eminem - Till I collapse
    Fitz & The Tantrums - The Walker
    Guns & Roses - Welcome to the Jungle
    Knife Party - Bonfire
    Kongos - Come with me now
    Linkin Park - In the end
    DMX - Where da hood at
    Foo Fighters - The Pretender
    Cage the Elephant - No rest for the wicked
    Volbeat - Warriors call
    Rammstein - Sonne
    Pegboard Nerds - Badboi
    (Contains a free download link with no piracy)
    Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
    Freestylers - Cracks
    Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
    AC/DC - Highway To hell
    Stephen - Crossfire
    Favulous - Jenny from the block
    Dragonforce - Through the fire and the flames
    John Cena's Theme
    Foster the People - Pumped up kicks
    DMX - X Gon Give it to ya (EXPLICIT)
    Electric Swing - Peeping tom
    DJ Snake, AlunaGeorge - You know you like it
    Pendulum - Witchcraft
    The Weeknd - Starboy
    Coolio Ft. LV - Gangster's paradise
    Daughtry - Traitor
    Milky Chance - Cocoon
    Milky Chance - Where to miss
    The Chainsmokers - Don't let me down
    twenty one pilots - Heathens
    Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder

    ---Innocents Win---
    RHCP - Easily
    Alt J - Breezeblocks
    Elvis - Jailhouse rock
    Gorillaz - Feel Good inc
    Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk
    Martin Garrix - Animals
    RHCP - Wet Sand
    RHCP - Dani California
    Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
    Guille's theme
    Tom Petty - Refugees
    Quincy Jones - Soul bossa nova (Austin Power's theme)

    Eric Clapton - Layla
    HighWon - Från Hjärtat
    Queen - Dont stop me now
    RHCP - Dosed
    Modest Mouse - Dashboard
    Bill Conti - Gonna fly now (Rocky's theme)

    Phil Collins - In the Air tonight
    Modest Mouse - Float on
    Kanye West - Champion
    Earth wind and fire - Let's Groove
    Spandau ballet - Gold
    Junior Senior - Move your feet
    Redbone - Come and get your love
    Artic Monkeys - Do I wanna know?
    Macklemore - Downtown
    The Clash - I Fought the Law
    Santana - Smooth

    House of pain - Jump Around
    Coldplay - Paradise
    Coldplay - Hymn for the Weekend
    Cash Cash - Overtime
    Bruno Mars - 24k Magic
    Coldplay - Adventure of a lifetime
    Calvin Harris - My Way
    Earth, Wind and Fire - September
    Eagles - Hotel California
    Kool & The Gang - Celebration

    ---Delay Songs (Time running out)---
    Knite rider's theme
    311 - Beautiful Disaster
    Rockwell - Sombody's watching me
    Kongos - Come with me now (The delay Part)
    Evanescence - bring me to life
    Twenty one pilots - Stressed out
    Galantis - Runaway (U & I)

    Youtube Playlist
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    Originally written by MegatroN
    Updated by @Pacifist

    A recurring question that is asked by most players, is how to bind keys to automatically buy the T or D weapons. These are the commands you can bind.

    To enter a keybinding, go into your console (default ~) and type bind key and then what you want to bind. Replace key with what button you want to bind. i.e.: bind k ""ttt_order_equipment weapon_ttt_knife"
    you must type it exactly how it is listed, quotes included, and DO NOT forget the space. Also, you NEED to put in quotes ttt_order_equipment and then a space then you can put weapon_ttt_(weapon). I will be using the key k for this list.

    This list will show you the binds you can do for Traitor and Detective!

    Traitor bind list

    Detective bind list

    These are all the Traitor and Detective shop weapons you can buy. You can copy and paste the ones you want! Unfortunately, the binoculars cannot be bound. You may use ANY key you'd like besides K. That was just an example use key.

    TTT Radio

    The TTT radio is used to send messages about other players, like "X is a traitor!". You can bind those messages to a key to quickly access them. The player mentioned is whoever you are targeting when you call the bind.
    You need the console to bind ANY of these keys.
    • bind "key" "ttt_radio traitor" in console to say "(player you aim at) is the traitor."
    • bind "key" "ttt_radio innocent" in console to say "(player you aim at) is Innocent.
    • bind "key" "ttt_radio suspect" in console to say "(player you aim at) acts suspicious."
    • bind "key" "ttt_radio imwith" in console to say "Im with (player you aim at)."
    • bind "key" "ttt_radio see" in console to say "I see (player you aim at)."
    • bind "key" "ttt_radio help" in console to say "Help!"
    • bind "key" "ttt_radio check" in console to say "Anyone still alive?"
    • bind "key" "ttt_radio yes" in console to say "Yes."
    • bind "key" "ttt_radio no" in console to say "No."
    You MUST use the quotes (") in the places indicated. You may choose any key to bind the phrases to.

    Other Binds

    Bind "k" "kill"
    Instantly kill yourself.
    To say something at the same time, use: bind k "say ______; kill", where the blank is your message.

    Binding team messages is also possible. Simply use:
    bind "key" "say_team ______"
    This is great for sending out warnings to your traitor buddies for things such as frags, jihads, etc.

    You could also bind a key to send a message in the public chat:
    bind "key" "say Hello!"
    This is great for sending automatic messages such as "I'm proven! Don't shoot me!"
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    This is a list of guides, tips and other information created by our community members.
    The list will be continuously updated. If you wish to have your creation added, feel free to contact one of the Lead Admins.

    Hitbox Editing Guide - by @Xproplayer
    Spray Instructions - by @Trevor ッ
    Best C4 spots in the most popular maps - by @RaYm0nD
    Map secrets - by @BeautifulButterfly
    Weapon stats - Updated - by @Will-e

    STTT Pointshop Prices 2.0 - by @Kostaslgr7

    Tips and Tricks
    "If you close the map vote menu, you can reopen it by typing !rtv" -Xproplayer

    "When you buy a Traitor/Detective round, you will be notified in the chat - IMAGE" -Xproplayer
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    This concludes SGM's TTT Information Master Thread.

    If you believe any of the information in this thread is incorrect or would like to suggest additions and changes, feel free to contact one of the staff members.

    Thanks to the following people for their contribution to the guide:
    @CDriscoll @Sinz @Carned @MangoTango @Opii @Chris.

    ~Mr. Serious
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