There's no reason why we can't keep this ship alive.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by incognito moe, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. Dani

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    It reaaaaally looks like you're passing the blame, though. I mean, you're replying to someone who said that he doubts that it was 100% fault and you're contradicting him. I think that, in principle, blaming Opalium for the crashes isn't even wrong considering they didn't happen before he changed things and now they do happen, but the fact that you keep mentioning that the crashes only started happening when he changed the code while also saying that you're not trying to pass blame seems pretty dishonest. Pass blame or don't, but don't lie about not passing blame.

    If it wasn't your intention to make it sound like it's Opalium's fault (and you're probably going to claim it wasn't your intention whether you are dishonest or not), then you should read all the things you said and think about how outsiders could interpret them. Guess what: Everyone thinks it's Opalium's fault after they read what you wrote. I wonder why! It's not like you are 100% pointing at the fact!

    Maybe it's just a language barrier and "passing the blame" doesn't just mean "blaming someone", but "blaming someone even though you're at fault"? If it's the latter, ignore everything I just said lol

    Principles aren't usually assumptions about what other people think, but okay. One of my principles is that you like vanilla ice-cream.

    No, because it won't change anything and I don't really care either way. If you were willing to listen to what the result of my poll would be, then you'd also be willing to make a poll yourself. I'm not here to convince you to keep the server. You can delete it if you want to because that is your right. I am just saying that some of the reasoning you are giving us makes no sense to me. I'd be happier with a simple "I'm not in the mood to run the server anymore". People would be way more willing to accept that.

    This might as well be a real thing that a person would say on this forum unironically, if it weren't for the last paragraph and the sheeple line.
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  2. Rozboon

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    Were you around for when opal was the co owner? Highwon ran the money side of things, opal ran pretty much everything else, that's why you see his name on almost every post to do with rules and what not because he redid it all. Passing blame would come in if Highwon was working on code with opal and they both missed it or even if highwon worked solely on it and blamed opal for it all. It was opals content, opals code, that ended up causing the servers to crash so there is no blame to pass from highwon.

    Those who are at fault should be blamed for it... If you really want to you could blame highwon for not doing more, for spending too much time on other things that were probably just a little more important (Real life always trump anything internet wise) And whats wrong with people thinking/knowing its opals fault? it is, do not try to deny that, his code, he had the power to fix it, and never did, end of story.

    Passing the blame is when you're at fault for something but instead of owning up to it, you claim someone else who had little to do (Or even equal liability) is the sole reason for it. Which in case Opal is at 100% fault, again, his content, his code was used for the christmas update that started it all. You could pass blame onto highwon by saying he should have stepped in, but again, opal was assigned to that part for the sole reason highwon didn't have the time to do it. I already made a post about it, and I think you need to go read the shutdown post again, you seem to be misunderstanding a lot of things.

    You'd be surprised about how much of it is actually true.
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  3. Highwon

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    Again, I can't say for sure if it was Opals changes or a GMod update since I don't know what is causing it. All the facts I have at this time is that prior to December it wasn't crashing as often, Opal pushed a big update around the time when the crashes began and other servers are running the same GMod version as us and don't seem to be experiencing as many crashes.

    A principle is basically a belief you stand by. My belief is that monthly subscriptions warrant updates. Is that better for your anal retentiveness?

    I have stated many times that I am not "in the mood" to run the server anymore hence the "NO MORE UPDATES". I have other responsibilities and SGM is just not a priority for me at this stage unfortunately. The only reason I would consider keeping these servers up is solely for the players sake. I've wanted out for a while now. And before anyone runs up and screams "BUT WHY DONT YOU GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE?", well I tried letting someone else run it and look at what happened. They assumed they can run a community just as well as I did and went on to start their own behind my back. Now you might say "Just give ACTUAL ownership to someone else", well its not as easy as just giving it over to someone else. There are assets and liabilities with any business, you can't just hand over ownership, you have to hire a business lawyer that would handle all the paperwork and make sure the transfer of ownership is done properly with the state. Now do you have the slightest idea how much something like that costs? It's just not ideal, I rather spend that money on another year of SGM while we prepare everyone for a shutdown.
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  4. Kärl

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    Yall I'm just gonna drop my two cents here, Highwon has said he doesn't want to work on something he's spent 5(?) years on because he has A LIFE. OTHER ISSUES. Like he said, it's a shit ton of work to hand over a business legally and if he doesn't do that he's gonna be the one to blame if there's any illegal activity such as CP, etc. If he wants to quit, let him quit. All communities have to die at some point.
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  5. :love: this is why you're the best owner out there
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  6. .shirt

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    I agree with you so can I get a one time favor and get a like :love:
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  7. Dani

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    Oi, I said to ignore the rest of my post if that's what people mean when they say "passing the blame"! Language barrier, then! I'm dumb.

    Okay, I might have not made my intentions clear enough. I didn't say that to be anally retentive about the exact meaning of certain words and to force you to make slight corrections to a sentence just to be a dick or anything. I was just using that to emphasize the point of my previous post: That I get the impression you may have the wrong assumptions of what other people want. ;)

    look i even added a winky face to seem endearing

    Again, you can obviously close the server whenever and however you want to, and I have no problem with that (except the egotistical "oh man, now I have to look for a new server"-problem). Just reminding you that, if that principle you have were the only reason why you're closing the server - which it's not - then you would have to rethink that decision. Like, the whole "no content updates" thing really shouldn't be a factor in my opinion.

    I basically only read the original shutdown post in which that didn't really get across. I thought that the reasons were more, uh, I'm gonna say "extrinsic"? I did ask many people why it's shutting down and some of the reasons I was given made no sense to me, which is why I'm pressing you on it just so I can understand what's happening.

    I'd rather just think everyone who thinks like that is trolling! It's a lot healthier.
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  8. Highwon

    Highwon Owner VIP Silver

    I didn't write that post, Opal did and he was supposed to post it but asked me to last minute (which makes sense now as to why). The decision to shut down was mine but the post was written by him like most announcement posts I've made in the past (written by either Darktooth, Disruptionz and maybe Sniz?).

    My honest opinion is I liked SGM way better when it was just a few servers and the ruleset was small and simple. Not this big behemoth of extended rules where you feel like you deserve a degree of some sort after you're done reading it (I've never read it by the way). I've been toying with the idea of taking SGM back to what it was when it first started: Simple and small. We literally only had the MOTD rules, super easy to remember and follow. I do see the purpose of the extended rules as we got a lot of trolls and loopholers over time.

    But the main issue of me not having time and not being able to provide content updates is still a blocker so that idea is useless at this time until I figure something out.

    As far as reverting the content to pre-December, it's not that it is hard, it's just a time consuming task. It is something I would like to do but would need to dedicate a solid chunk of time to and if I see an opening like that in the future, I will definitely do it just to try to remedy these crashes so the last year will be less painful.
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  9. Dani

    Dani Impersonating Staff VIP

    You know, I did feel like that post was really impersonal and..."clean"? Like it's one of those cookie cutter formal letters that someone just filled in with relevant information. Makes sense if the "author" isn't even the author of the post explaining why "he" is doing what he's doing. Do you even agree with how the OP of that thread is worded?

    Oh, legitimately didn't expect that. Yeah, that might be cool, but don't feel like you have to do that or anything if you have too much to do. I have absolutely no idea how a rollback works so I can't really picture the workload here.
  10. Highwon

    Highwon Owner VIP Silver

    Not entirely.

    Well for one, I don't have these models from before they were upgraded/fixed:

    And I do not wanna go hunting down the pre-upgrade/pre-fix versions.
  11. Dani

    Dani Impersonating Staff VIP

    Okay, so I always imagined to to be like a Windows rollback or something that automatically puts everything back to how it was...?

    But apparently that's not the case here, right? With a Windows rollback, the relevant files are saved somewhere, but in this case, some are missing and you can't go back to that state as a result? Am I understanding this correctly?
  12. Floof

    Floof Just a ball of Floof Moderator MVP Silver

    Well... are we allowed to help out with this? If it means making the servers more enjoyable then I’d be glad to find the old models. Or why not just remove those models?
  13. Spooky Manbaby

    Spooky Manbaby VIP Bronze

    this is my home pls no i love this place and also i have no clue wtf is goin on i just wanna play ttt without drama
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  14. Bacon Bombs

    Bacon Bombs VIP Bronze

    If you did this, and the crashes were fixed, where would we be then? Would we be back to the simple Serious TTT that we once were?
  15. AnarkisT

    AnarkisT ★ No Gods, No Masters. ★ VIP Silver Emerald

    To be honest, I've been in communities where the owners were too prideful to let it die, and just slowly but surely let the community fall apart, meanwhile all the staff and loyal players are caught in the middle trying to fix the problems.

    Nah, let her go with dignity. I don't think SGM would ever reach the point of almost 0 players if it were to remain open, but it's going downhill, and I think it would be better to put it to rest before we hit the bottom.
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  16. panzerscrimp

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