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  1. Hey, after the experience a few "hot topic", "controversial" threads lately turned out to be, an idea for a rating popped into my head.

    There have been many times where someone posted something that I don't necessarily agree with 100% or in other instances I may not particularly like, but I recognize has a lot of value anyway which I want to let the author know, and I can't always find a good rating for. So, I'm thinking a "Thank" rating might be a good addition to the forums.
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  2. Zuko

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  3. Carned

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    So, something... informative?
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  4. Isn't that the purpose of the Winner rating..?
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  5. Daddy Nexxus

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    Isn't that the purpose of the Creative rating?
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  6. Teroxa

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    I think that's what the useful rating is for.
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  7. Dropper

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    Nah that's what the friendly rating is for though honestly.
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  8. Yeah all of those work, but they imply more emotional involvement than a simple Thank. @Teroxa Useful does come closest tbh I guess.

    I guess I envision something kind of neutral, more of a simple acknowledgement of what was said/the effort, I guess :p
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  9. Also, don't think I didn't notice what ya'll did here, ya just trolled in to amass positive ratings for yourselves; there is a reason none of you said "Isn't that what Dumb is for?" LMAO
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  10. That's not a bad thing, you just made yourself look more stupid
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  11. tylerjoseph(henry)

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    does the like rating not imply "thank" in a way too?
  12. Zikeji

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    It could be argued most positive ratings do. But the point OP makes is for a rating where you could thank someone without implying any sort of agreement with the content of their post. Such like a "thank" rating could let you "thank" someone for good content, even if you disagree with the content.

    Like when you say "thank you" to an enemy.
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  13. Daddy Nexxus

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    This is what the dumb rating is for
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  14. Yeah, but it has the "Like" part of it too lol. I was envisioning something to acknowledge what is said/effort in something I don't particularly like or agree with.

    Yes, it is, it means you're cheap. And I honestly don't know what to say to you. You keep bitching at me and I have yet to see you contribute any useful content. Have a nice life, amigo, I guess will have to do (y)
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  16. Death

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