Slayed for no reason

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nickle, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Nickle

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    I'm having trouble figuring out why I'm getting slayed for this. My binds were messed up and I accidentally kosed Austin, I proceeded to call it off twice in text chat and multiple times in voice chat. Then after the round ended I got slayed and reported for a false kos and I clearly called it off immediately. Also after Toxic Waste was stating I should've been more clear than calling it off several times... Asking for a friend.
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  2. Hi
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  3. Can’t call off a kos man it’s active once called
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  4. littlememe

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    You really can't call off a kos on someone. If you do call it off, some people won't follow it but there's always some toxic people.
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  5. Nickle

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    All I needed nvm abt it
  6. capri sun

    capri sun VIP

    Sorry my dude, once a kos is called, that's that
  7. Shadow™

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    what he said ^ or some people didnt see it also a thing but you cant really call off a kos
  8. Orion

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    Once you call a KOS, it cannot be called off.

    Now it's all based on intention of the player who killed the person, and if the person even got killed.

    What I mean by that is that, if a person is KOSed and it's called off, then that person commits a traitorous act right in front of someone and they're killed for it, and the killer states that they saw them do that traitorous act, it's clear that the person didn't die or got harmed because of the KOS, but rather because they did something else that was wrongful. And if the person never even got harmed because of said KOS, you shall not be slain for it.

    Now on the other hand, say you call the KOS and call it off because it was accidental, and it was not on crossfire. But someone missed you calling it off and kills the person anyway. That's why calling off KOSes is not allowed, because we can't expect everyone to be 100% paying attention to everything around them. You'd get slain in this case, disregarding you calling it off, except on cases where (if proven, which is difficult) someone kills the person exactly because KOSes cannot be called off, which constitutes toxic gameplay.

    Here are the extended rules. I think it's best that you read them a bit more to avoid these kinds of misunderstandings.
  9. danstorm

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    When you spam No. after a false kos a lot of people will stop folliwing the kos, so it's a good practise to do that when you false kos. However, you can't truly call it off, so if someone kills that person based on your kos then it's rdm on your part.
  10. Noctorious

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    It is toxic if someone acknowledges that the kos was called off and then kills for the called off kos anyways. But you have to prove they knew the kos was called off
  11. Jabba the Slut

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    what the fuck @Ted
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  12. j3kawesome

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    @Ted what the nut
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  13. roy

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    @Ted hey just wanted to say great job buddy
  14. Ted

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    Hey there,

    (Video evidence is not available for the public as it has admin only info)
    I thought I had replied to this Earlier, but i had some trouble finding any time to get to my pc the last 2 days.
    When i was online with you didn't mention this either so I went offline with being unaware of this forum post about it.

    You said no no no false in VC and only typed no in chat for the first kos line.
    chat message: Austin is a traitor
    Voice chat: False false false
    Chat message: No

    At the second kos line it went as following:
    kos in chat
    Voice chat; No!
    Chat message: No
    Voice Message: ... My bind

    I deemed the second one as confusing and not as calling off a kos. People Could be confused if you were talking about about something else or if --- "no" --- meant --- "false kos, don't shoot this person"
    Because the No - no - my bind. Could be you talking about your "no" bind.

    I will be talking about this with jabba :) Since he wanted a reaction i see >.<
  15. Adminツ

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