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Discussion in 'TTT Ban Appeals' started by shelf, Dec 24, 2020.

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  1. shelf

    shelf New Member

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    Hi, I believe I was banned for RDM and leave, that is my suspicion, I may have been reported whilst AFK or disconnected before getting punished. I usually take my punishments a lot and this was not intentional. I think 58 days is an excessive amount for this sort of infraction.

    I am usually a pretty sane individual.​
    Evidence of Innocence:

  2. danstorm

    danstorm Caaaaaaaarl, that kills people! Moderator VIP

    You were banned by @Ahalan for rdm and leave 4th offense
    Your ban was also approved by @Voca
  3. shelf

    shelf New Member

    I didn't intentionally leave because of RDM. Could I have the sentence commuted or take more slays because of it please?
  4. dazza

    dazza Banned VIP Bronze

    only ahalan will have any real input on the outcome of this appeal but im just gonna help speed this process along
    considering your history of RDM related offences how can we really believe you that it wasnt your intention to leave? you must know by now how our protocol with rdm and leave works, so how do you KEEP leaving when you rdm? you also have a LOT of mass rdm bans, clearly you do not know our rules
    how can we be sure you wont rdm and leave again if you are given another chance or when your ban expires? you really need to step it up here because its not looking good

    while you wait for ahalan i highly suggest you read, re-read and get to grips with our RULES and EXTENDED RULES (capitalised words are links)
  5. Ahalan

    Ahalan Costa este, mejor costa. VIP

    @shelf So I banned you for RDM and leave 4th offense, following you leaving while slain.

    Now I purposely cropped the 2nd image that way to show that these screenshots were taken one after the other, both on MC Terminal. As you can see in the 2nd image, the RDM was valid based on a kill you made with an incendiary, as a detective. Usually we give players a round or two to rejoin when this happen, although as dazza mentions you had an extensive history, which is why I went ahead and banned you right then.

    As for you claim that you were reported while afk, or disconnected before being punished, there's this:
    This is you playing on the first round of the new map, while the report against you was in progress, so you hadn't gone afk. It also shows you rdming two more players, a detective and myself (who was standing still in a menu finishing this same report, and giving you a slay.)

    Finally, this is you being slain the next round, after which you leave and get banned.
    So you weren't afk when the report was made, and didn't disconnect before the punishment was given. Your 3rd Offense of RDM and leave was very recent, on 11/16/20. meaning the ban expired on the 14th of this month. In just over a week you broke the same rule again, and someone who's been with SGM since 2014 should know our policy by now. I'll tag @Voca since they were also involved in the ban, but I don't think there's anymore to add in favor of reducing it, I'll also leave this open in-case you @shelf want to respond further.
  6. shelf

    shelf New Member

    Well, the terminal incident I can remember now it was a T baiter honestly so I shot them once or twice with an m16 and stopped when it was clear they weren't engaging me, I wasn't reported for that "RDM" since they didn't engage the firefight.
    I was under the assumption leaving after punishment is not considered RDM and leave, only when the report is pending. I usually step away from my PC and go AFK to serve slays and in this case I am not sure why I would have left unless my VPN reset and it then made me leave the server unintentionally. I usually try not to disconnect.
  7. Ahalan

    Ahalan Costa este, mejor costa. VIP

    Shelf I'm not sure what to tell you other than I think you're being dishonest. In this reply, you say that you're unaware leaving after a slay is RDM & leave, but then say how you afk specifically to serve slays, so clearly you know that you're not meant to disconnect on the round you're slain.

    This is besides the point, but I mentioned the 2 additional unreported RDMs because you also have a history with mass rdm, and moreover you RDM'd a staff member immediately after they handled a report involving you; revenge RDM is also against our rules.

    I don't see any reason to unban you or reduce the ban, its a clearcut case of RDM & leave 4th offense. Considering the ban was given yesterday evening and you hadn't realized you were banned until this morning, when you made this appeal, that further indicates to me that you didn't attempt to re-connect after an accidental reset.

    Because of all this, I'm closing this thread and denying your appeal.
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