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Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by [MZK]Lightning, May 17, 2019.

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    MineCraft City
    Which Round:
    Time of Occurence:
    Approximately 2:29AM EDT on 5/16/19
    Reason For Report:

    I'm reporting the user Trollster5 (AKA NoobMaster 69) for actions on 5/16 that mirrored actions that saw him banned late last month by the Mod @8BitF0x .

    During the entire map rotation of MineCraft City that was in progress at 2:29AM that morning, Trollster5 repeatedly called false KOS's on me both pre-round and mid-round. In addition to this, Trollster5 harassed me over voice chat.

    The reason given by Trollster5 for both actions was simply the fact that I was a fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club of the NHL, and that they "got swept by Columbus".

    Unfortunately, I'm unable to provide any recordings of this harassment, but have provided a list of witnesses to these events below.

    Hopefully, with the witnesses' testimony, Trollster5 will receive a longer ban than the one previously issued to him.

    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
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  2. 8Bit

    8Bit furry mod VIP

    Heyo, 8BitF0x here.

    Do you have any proof that @trollster5 harassing you on voice-chat? We'll need more evidence and can't take your word for it.
  3. As I've stated I don't have any proof other than that of the potential testimony of my list of witnesses stated above.

    Sorry If I've wasted anyone's time with this report.

  4. Takagi-san

    Takagi-san Banned Supporter

  5. 8Bit

    8Bit furry mod VIP

    I'll be leaving this report up for a day for the guys you marked as witnesses to maybe put some evidence down.
  6. Senpai Kush

    Senpai Kush New Member


    This is Senpai Kush here to give my recollection of the event. Spanning multiple rounds, Trollster was harassing Lightning based on his interests with Tampa Bay's hockey team. It was quite annoying and get really old quickly over voice chat. The issue further escalated when Trollster had a hand in having Lightning killed for no particular reason. Given his track record, I am not surprised with Trollster's behavior and justice should be administered swiftly.

    Hope this adds more color to the situation I was witness of.

    Senpai Kush
  7. wink

    wink strangers like me Administrator VIP Emerald

  8. Thanks to you both for your input.

    Also I will add that Trollster5 has had to be dealt with 3 previous times. In addition to the times mentioned my myself in the OP and by @Takagi-san in his post, there is this one where Trollster5 was banned by former moderator @Gazzy for Mass RDM. This would make the 3rd different rule (Micspam, Mass RDM, and Harassment) that Trollster5 will have been reported for in less than a month. This screams that Trollster5 doesn't care for the rules of SGM, preferring to deal with people as he pleases.

    In conclusion, with the testimony/evidence provided in this report plus his history of bans/reports, this player should be given a ban that reflects the magnitude of his total combined offenses. I would also suggest that this ban be global, but that would be up to the Staff of SGM to decide.

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  9. 8Bit

    8Bit furry mod VIP

    Heyo, 8BitF0x here.

    Here to give you good news and I'll be banning Trollster5 for this unacceptable behavior. Thanks for reporting and thanks to the people constituting to the report as well.
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