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    Name of Staff/Player:
    Miss Alice
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:

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    Time of Occurence:
    Reason For Report:
    I would like to bring up a report that happened last week in which I was tagged in by the following player @Alice Lumenia in which I was accused Toxicity, spamming, group trolling by players, lack of action by the staff." which in my defense of which I copy and pasted, would like to be handled as, as stated as a form of harassment for a false report against me. Below are my following counter arguments of which I stated in the report against me. For following screenshots I would like staff to look at the following link. "" and down where I was tagged at for my defense. Thank you :)
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
    The following is my response copy and pasted from the forum in where I was reported.

    I was tagged in this forum post, so I have the need to defend myself on accusations that I have been accused of in this current report.

    As you can see I was reported for the reasons of "Toxicity, spamming, group trolling by players, lack of action by the staff."

    For the Toxicity allegation in the following screenshots you can see that I was not showing any form of Toxicity and if so would like to be shown where?

    For spamming, There is literally not a single 2nd line of text of me in a row. So not spamming

    For group trolling, yet again you can see by any of my sentences that I was not group trolling or joining in on what ever "Harassment you've seen to come up with" Strictly just talking with others and stating different facts about myself.

    And for lack of action by staff: Doesn't apply to me ofcourse.

    As for the false report and my reasoning's above, if you can't dispute any of my claims against yours I will have to consider this a act of targeting, especially due to past relationships and your bias towards me, and would like this to be handled with for this isn't the first time that you've tried to get me in trouble for actions that simply did not happen.​

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    Hello Pikachu,

    I'm afraid making one report against you is not deemed harassment as reports are meant to educate and to discipline offenders. Also, as it was only one report and not done in excess, it cannot be deemed as a form of harassment in this regard. Alice's report, while deemed invalid, was done in the proper manner and exhibited valid concern.

    Another point is, Alice reported a collective group, which you so happened to be apart of, for a potential legitimate offense. Being as it was a report against multiple players, and not just you, it will also not be deemed targeting you specifically for now. If you feel Alice might be targeting you or is speaking of you in an ill manner in the future, you are free to make another report. Please try to include all evidence via screenshots or video if this is the case.

    None-the-less I apologize for the discomfort you might have felt, but unfortunately I will be deeming this report invalid.

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    lock this shit up BOIIIIIIIII
    the harrassment is real tbh ill report anyone who doesnt call me woody from now on.
    i believe im woody from toy story. everyone who might forget and call me anything other than woody, its harrassment.
    everyone should go with my mental issues and call me woody and tell me they believe that im woody.
    anyone who has any doubt about me being woody from toystory i will deem it as harrassment.
    ill report as many people as i want. its not harrassment to report someone everyday because i want the best for this server and for buzz.

    thank you all
    peace out
    you got a friend in you.
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