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Discussion in 'TTT Staff/Player Reports' started by Canceled Fish, Jul 12, 2019.

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    False Mass RDM ban based upon little/no evidence.

    Gave me this ban despite the proof of Boulja committing revenge RDM to SEVERAL players. Using just a screenshot of a couple rounds, decided I deserved a mass RDM ban based upon 4 kills, where two can definitely be considered not to be RDM.

    I have no hard feelings, but I genuinely believe this to be favoritism/neglect since I never mass RDMed. Nigerian, as well as the "false KOS" I called aren't proven to be RDM anyway, which should make the whole entire ban go away. Despite that, Elvis automatically took Boulja's side, despite proof of Boulja freely breaking the rules (and killing several people at 0 seconds into the round), and gave me a ban without any definite proof.​
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  2. Elvis

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  3. Elvis

    Elvis Resurrected. VIP

    Ill first be commenting on this report, and letting everything I say, be the same for the appeal. I will not be deciding the verdict on the appeal, until cupcake has concluded this report to be valid or invalid.

    Ill start with the first kill made by you.

    You damaged Boulja with a prop. I think however, since damage info does not show you "shooting" with a magneto stick, as it would, I think this was you falling on him, i.e. goomba stomping. Damage info shows he did not t-bait you, like you claimed he did. In your PM to me, you never explicitly state that he did anything. You merely say "this could have easily been explained by me being shot at or KOS'd by him."

    This is the KOS on Jewicide.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    "The second RDM includes me calling a KOS which definitely isn't uncalled for during a firefight. This could have easily been crossfire radio from me trying to call out another person or just me calling out a KOS on this guy for t baiting or trying to kill me for killing Boulja." Quoted from our PM's, you again, never explicitly say a reason for the KOS. You instead list four "maybe" reasons. Regardless, ill run through each one.

    "during a firefight." - at 25 seconds, you killed Boulja. At 39 seconds, you KOSed Jew. 12 seconds took place without any combat.

    "Crossfire radio from me trying to call out another person" - There were no other radio KOSes done by you to correct the "crossfire" KOS. Had there been another one, this would be a plausible argument, but there wasnt.

    "me calling out a KOS on the guy for t baiting" - I can not view shot logs on rounds in old logs. There is no way for me to validate this or not.

    "trying to kill me for killing Boulja" - looping back to my first point. There was 12 seconds between you killing Boulja and you KOSing Jew. There is no damage done by either party, as shown by both screenshots.

    You called a false KOS that resulted in Jew being killed 5 seconds later for it.

    This is the kill on Nigerian/kill on Boulja.


    You shoot Boulja at 12 seconds, and then kill Nigerian. You say that this is crossfire, and it would be, if you had a valid reason to start shooting in the first place. You can see in the damage info, Boulja didnt shoot, making the damage done to Boulja RDM, and making the kill on Nigerian RDM as well.

    "As for Nigerian, I know that was just crossfire. That instance took place on 67th way and IIRC I killed Boulja for t-baiting and Nigerian happened to jump in front of my shot at the same time." quoted from PM's. Boulja did not shoot, and to solidify my statement, in case you argue that the damageinfo does not go back far enough, heres a screenshot from when Boulja killed you.

    You can see that damageinfo logs back a total of 10 seconds.

    "Since the Mass RDM ban pretty much relies on whether or not I was RDMing Boulja, I feel that I am innocent in the fact that the logs do not show true evidence of my intent, given that the kills were taken place 45+ seconds into the rounds (when you add the setup timer), and in 45+ seconds, there are many different scenarios that can occur that could possibly result in my committing the acts that I did." quoted from your appeal. Actions done in pre-round do not take effect when the round starts. If I kosed myself even at 1 second left on the round timer, it would not be a valid kos.

    Im sorry I did not post more in depth when handling the report against you, evidence wise. I know from now on, to include all evidence in things like this.
  4. Cupcake Mayhem

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    Hey Canceled, sorry about the delay to this report I’ve been busy with irl stuff recently. I’m also writing this on my phone so I apologize in advance for any weird typos. Elvis went in depth in each situation about all your counts of rdm, explaining why they were rdm after you claimed they were false. I’m gonna be marking this report invalid, These results will also most likely translate into your appeal since so much information was given here.

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