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Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by markeith12345, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. markeith12345

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    So I was prop killed by a traitor. I was told that Prop killing by a traitor is completely acceptable and not slay-able. To me this is unfair as it abuses a glitch in garrys mod with the props causing instant death. I then asked that if therefor swinging props near me is a KOSable act to which I was told no I am not allowed to kill anyone for swinging props. Can I get a general confirmation that this is the way it is or were the admins mistaken? I als
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  2. Fear☠

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  3. markeith12345

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    So then anyone swinging a prop or intentonally pushing me is KOS able. Admins told me that I couldnt kos them for swinging and hitting me with a prop. Nice to know they dont know the rules
  4. Fear☠

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    Swinging props with high speed towards players is KOSable, just simpel swinging at you or pushing you is not.
  5. Fear☠

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    Oh and if someone is trying to push you off a cliff or another drop where you can lose damage or die, it is also KOSable
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    If this is the case, then report the staff members on the forums with any kind of evidence you have.

    As Fear has stated, if there is no potential to cause damage it is not traitorous.
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    @Fear☠ thank you for clarification. and @MangoTango not a big deal i spoke with him all good.
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    That said, prop physics are weird in GMod. Even a light barrel drop can sometimes take a third of someone's HP ,etc. Meanwhile, a full barrel prop kill attempt may not do anything . .