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Discussion in 'Maps' started by MythMe, Jul 8, 2017.

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  1. MythMe

    MythMe VIP

    So as @EnderChurro101 already mentioned a few of these maps, i'm adding two more and a more detailed version.












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  2. Yatty ☄️

    Yatty ☄️ Yatt'em VIP Silver

    dr_minecraft - 0 - While I do like the map, It's pretty easy to get through, although the same can be said for our other minecraft map.

    Deathrun_stone_extended - +1 - This is one of my favorite maps. This map originally had a problem with Deaths not being able to catch up with bhoppers. However I don't think that will be much of an issue thanks to the increase in deathspeed from a previous update.

    Deathrun_spongebob_finalfix2 - -1 - I do like this map as well. However this map features a rather NSFW trap later on in the map that really doesn't fit well with the type of people that play deathrun.

    Deathrun_southpark_v3 - +1 - This is a classic Deathrun map that has a few hard to beat traps in it. Great add in my opinion.
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  3. -tyler

    -tyler My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. VIP Bronze

    All of these, besides spongebob.
    As said by Yatty, there's an NSFW trap.

    Southpark is always fun to play, and it's fairly long, with some definitely hard to beat traps. +1
    Stone I have not played in a while, but I remember being pretty fun. +1
    Minecraft I agree is very short, and it also used to have a problem with deaths catching up with the runners, but it's also a classic deathrun map in my opinion. +1
    Spongebob, yeah -1.
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  4. Faiith

    Faiith Silver Emerald

    +1, I like the stone extended map, looks like fun.
  5. EnderChurro101

    EnderChurro101 New Member

    I want to say thank you for extending on what I said, and getting it better known.
  6. MythMe

    MythMe VIP

    added 1 more map
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  7. -tyler

    -tyler My trial was filed as a crazy suicidal head case. VIP Bronze

    Have never tried emerald, never even seen that map.
    I'll test it out I'm curious.
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  8. DrkSephy

    DrkSephy VIP Bronze

    +1 on Stone, South Park and Emerald
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  9. MythMe

    MythMe VIP

    Bump. Hasn't been denied yet
  10. MythMe

    MythMe VIP

    Bump. Also @PixeL are yo gonna add sum :rolleyes:
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  11. You

    You Member

    emerald looks interesting, hoping that its being added c:
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  12. CorallocinB

    CorallocinB Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    that spongebob map has a fucking dick on him are you kidding me
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  13. WolfCorona

    WolfCorona New Member

    "NSFW Trap later on"
    (Insert Dirtiest Lenny Here)
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  14. It's never lupus

    It's never lupus Regular Member

    What ever happened to Inception. That map that folded in half.
  15. MythMe

    MythMe VIP

    ching ching ching
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  16. PixeL

    PixeL Man märker andras fel och glömmer sina egna Banned VIP Silver

    Heya, I'm just going to throw this here for the future if anyone looks at this or whatever.

    I have brought up the new maps to Highwon/Opalium a little while ago and they seem like they may add some at some point.
    It appears updates are being delayed a bit for some reason but eventually we'll get some new things up and rolling, don't you worry.

    TLDR; Just waiting on them to update
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  17. Bammaboy

    Bammaboy Bronze

    can we also add a pokemon dr map
  18. Chewie

    Chewie deadrun mod VIP Bronze

    If you would like to post your own suggestion, you can create a thread here.

    Also read this before making one. (y)

    Have a good day!
  19. Fregley

    Fregley ThErE aRe StOrIeS wAiTiNg To Be MaDe VIP Silver

    Can we please get an update pushed out. Literally add the files to the server and restart it. It takes 5 minutes. Every good dr server... *cough* cg *cough* has the sponge bob map. It’s always played and everyone likes it. @Opalium @Highwon .
  20. PixeL

    PixeL Man märker andras fel och glömmer sina egna Banned VIP Silver

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