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  1. PixeL

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    Welcome to SGM's DR Patch Notes thread!
    In this thread, SGM's developers will list the patch notes for our DR servers. These include changes, additions, and bug fixes. Be sure to check this thread often to see if there's anything new!

    Don't forget: you can watch this thread by clicking here, or at the "Watch Thread" button above this post. This will alert you whenever we post new patch notes.
    You can find a link to the old patch notes here

    Opalium and the Developers
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  2. PixeL

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    July 10th, 2018

    Fun Rounds :eek:
    Yes you read that right, I hope. Fun Rounds are here! It's coming with one round at the start, and more coming very soon, but for now you'll just have to be happy with

    Slippery Floors
    Imagine a world of ice, and no autohop :eek:.
    The world has been iceifed and you must make it to the end before everyone else without falling off, or bhopping. And you've still got to deal with that pesky death!

    Map Patches
    Patches for Deathrun?! WHAT?
    A bunch of exploits, from big to small have been patched on a variety of maps with more to come.

    Pains Facility Beta
    • It's been a fun run with the speedruns on this map but unfortunately it's time is up. The spike surf exploit has been fixed so now the deaths have at least a little bit of a chance to try and kill you.
    • Deaths can no longer drown themselves in the pool of water.
    • Added a kill box to the top of the trap that you could bypass by sitting in the corner, nice try.
    Atomic Warfare
    • You can no longer bypass the super deadly blade trap by jumping on the side, woops.
    Castlerun Fixed
    • You remember that super easy jump to the end right at the start? No? Neither do I :whistle:
    • Fixed the exploit on the very first trap where you could bypass it and not be affected by the totally not so deadly lava.
    Prison Break
    • You can no longer jump over the wall in the end area to bypass the lasers.
    Simpsons FinalFix
    • The easy ending has been disabled for now since you aren't able to shoot through the THICK glass.
    • There is now a deadly kill box right below the spinning laser trap, have fun trying to surf that ;)
    Zombie Survival
    • Added a nice little wall at the 'tight rope' trap so you can no longer skip it
    Now that I've disappointed you with all the exploits you can no longer do, let's cheer you up with some NEW MAPS!

    Emerald A3

    A bhop type of map with low poly graphics and simplicity in mind makes this map look awesome. But don't let its aesthetically pleasing graphics distract you from the deadly traps that lie ahead.

    Stone Extended

    A map that is completely made of stone (for the most part) with some hidden secrets lying around. Can you find them?


    A 'snowy' map featuring your beloved characters from southpark. Who wouldn't love a map like this?
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  3. PixeL

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    July 29th, 2018
    Time for some more fixes, another patch to come real soon™
    For the live things now, though

    A spicy new, totally not copied, TAB MENU!
    As you know, or don't, the tab menu was cumbersome and kinda stupid imo.
    Now, it's completely redone and TOTALLY custom and not copied from TTT ;)


    A brand new funround has been added called 'Jumbled Keys'.
    It takes all your keys, and throws them everywhere so you can't move correctly.

    Map Patches

    Pains Facility Beta
    • Added yet another floor in the death water area to prevent you from taking an easy way out.
    Atomic Warfare
    • Threw up 2 giant walls on the sides of the crusher trap so you can't skip it.
    • You can no longer jump around the color doors.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed you to skip multiple traps.
    • Added a friendly killbox to the bottom of the first trap so it doesn't kill you :)
    Tropical Island
    • Added a wall so you can't bypass the oranges
    Parking Garage
    • You can no longer bypass half the map by jumping to the top level immediately.
    • You can no longer launch yourself up past 2 traps on the ramp.
    • You can no longer survive the fan trap by going back to spawn.

    I think that's everything for now, stay tuned for more
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  4. PixeL

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    August 8th, 2018

    Sprays are now added to Deathrun!
    We tinkered with the TTT spray system and made it standalone, meaning we can have it on both servers now and your spray should carry over from both.
    Happy spraying!

    Another new funround?
    That's right, there's yet another fun round. I hope to bring you a new funround every patch, for a while at least :)
    This snazzy new funround is Low Gravity. You take on the role of an astronaut and have to make it to.. the ending? while floating about.
    Don't get lost in space, we can't save you!

    MORE Map Patches

    • Threw up some walls at the second trap to prevent people from getting on top.
    • Added a nice little cozy killbox below the first trap to prevent players from surfing to get away from afk killer.
    • Added a few walls around the exploding barrels trap to prevent players from flying places they shouldn't be with the fan.
    • Added a wall above the bones trap to prevent players from bypassing traps.
    • Added several more walls to the map to fix numerous exploits, like the theatre
    • Added a few walls on both sides of the lazer traps to prevent players from using the ladder and killing deaths!
    • Added 2 walls by the breakable board to prevent you from jumping around it.
    Pains Facility
    • Added a toasty kill box above the second trap to prevent you from getting by it.
    • Added a few more walls around the map to prevent some naughty things.

    Might update this a little later if I forgot some things, for now, enjoy the patch!
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