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  1. Elvis

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    Hey there everyone, it's your neighborhood friendly aimbotter, Elvis! With this guide, I will be running you through how to BHop on the deathrun server. This guide will go through the very basics, the different ways to BHop, and the best way to gain speed. Before this guide begins, make sure you have autohop enabled in the F1 menu. All BHop methods will use a different combination of the keys: "W", "A", "S", "D", "Space", "Shift", and your mouse movements.


    Alright to start, we are going to go over the keys you will need to use while BHopping. During the basics I will go over the "Standard" BHopping method, commonly known as forward hopping.
    To start BHopping in the standard way, you will start off by holding "W" to get that initial speed. You only need to hold "W" for about half a second before you are at max walking speed. Once you get there, you will begin to hold "Space" and LET GO of "W". At this point you are just jumping forward with no other inputs. You can look around with your mouse and nothing happens. Get used to this feeling of letting go of "W". You will do this throughout your journey to learn how to BHop.

    Now is the part where things can get tricky for you. After letting go of "W", you want to start encorporating the use of "A" and "D". When you press either "A" or "D", you will also move your mouse either left or right. "A" means you move your mouse left and "D" means you move your mouse right. This is called air strafing. You will use this action to gain speed. A key note to make when strafing, you want to get your "sync rate" as high as you can while keeping it consistent. What is sync rate? Sync rate is when you sync up the actions of pressing "A" or "D" and its respective mouse movement. For example, you want to be pressing "A" and moving your mouse to the left at the exactly same time to get the best sync rate.
    From here on out, you just want to get used to the feeling of strafing. Take your time with it. Start off with wide smooth strafes, making your way up to the more advanced methods of bhopping.

    Go to :13

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  2. Elvis

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    There are quite a few ways to BHop, all having very unique movements. We already talked about Standard Hopping, AKA Forward Hopping.
    Half Side-ways BHopping - Remember how I told you to stop holding down "W" earlier? Well guess what? You're going to be using the "W" key when you Half Side-ways BHop. The strafes will be very similar, however the strafes will be much longer and wider so be expecting to have to move your mouse further than before to actually get into the "strafing zone".

    Go to 1:02

    Side-ways Bhopping - With this you are going to want to throw away the use of "A" and "D". You will only be using "W" and "S" while sidways hopping. Your mouse movements will stay the same. Think of the "S" key as your "A", and the "W" key as your "D".

    Go to 1:16

    W, S, A, D-only hopping - Did you know you can BHop by only pressing 1 key? All you have to do is hold down any of the listed buttons while BHopping around. Your mouse movement will be increased dramatically compared to the Standard or even Half Side-ways BHopping methods.

    Go to 1:35

    Backwards BHopping - With this one we are looping back to using "A" and "D", except with Backwards Hopping, you will be inverting your mouse movements. This one will probably take you some time to get used to if you already have the Standard way drilled into your muscle memory.

    Go to 1:29
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  3. Elvis

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    Figure 8's

    Go to :21

    Small Circle's

    Go to :42

    Large Circle's

    Go to :42

    The Wiggle

    Go to :50
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