Mod/Admin abuse

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Do you agree with me? Thats mods and admins are becoming increasingly abusive of power?

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  1. Yes, I agree that mods/admins are abusing there positions of power

  2. Yes, I agree and wish for the mods/admins to be demoted

  3. Maybe, I've heard others say the mods are abusing but I'm not sure

  4. No, I believe the mods/admins are handling each situation correctly

  5. No, I believe anyone who is saying the mods/admins are abusing is a rule breaker

  1. UncleBee

    UncleBee VIP

    today i decided to get on eu2 as i saw some familiar faces on it, and right away i get targetted for having a high pitched voice
    "I explained it, the fake voice is mic spammy, its making it difficult to play the game same as being loud/reptitive"
    its retarded how absurd this is

    @pekka26 as my witness
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  2. Nagisa

    Nagisa Trial Moderator Elite

    Uncle, Sadly I asked for them to get you to stop, I know you real voice and it's not at all that high Sorry but it was really really annoying .-.
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  3. UncleBee

    UncleBee VIP

    just because u find someones voice annoying doesnt mean he is no longer allowed to speak smh, if i hear @pekka26 's voice im going nuts, that doesnt mean im gonna make him shut up
  4. Nagisa

    Nagisa Trial Moderator Elite

    that isn't the issue, the issue is you were faking it..... If I didn't know your real voice I would've let it go.
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  5. UncleBee

    UncleBee VIP

    how can my voice be fake? im using my own voice "if i didnt know your real voice i wouldve let it go" so essentially u reported for what reason again?
  6. Nagisa

    Nagisa Trial Moderator Elite

    I don't want to invoke any arguments so, I'll finish with this.

    Your real voice is a lot deeper, and not at all that high pitched I've talked to you even in private before you were purposely making it a lot higher. Thats why i asked them to see if you could stop it.
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  7. Jabba the Slut

    Jabba the Slut That's Kinky! Moderator VIP

    Unfortunately, it isn't always so simple. For example,

    It might not happen too horribly often, but sometimes the fun police aren't the staff.
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  8. Noccam :^)

    Noccam :^) Active Member

    Yeah get caught you faker, expooooosed
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  9. Panduh

    Panduh VIP

  10. I take back my previous post. The staff are oppressors who take and do not give. We should all start a riot and protest. We shall march down to where Highwon hosts the server (as well as his house if anyone can find it), and chant "Serious Gmod is unfair! Highwon's staff are in there; standing at the concession, plotting oppression!" We should also take to the streets and start mass rdming people with gmod-related weapons-- the staff wont be able to stop us!

    That'll be the day...
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