Investigating Report against Scuffed Water and Olivia

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  1. Falcor

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    Name of Staff/Player:
    Scuffed Water and Olivia
    Steam ID of Staff/Player:

    Your Steam ID:

    Which Server:
    West 1
    Which Map:
    Inno motel and prior map
    Which Round:
    quite a few
    Time of Occurence:
    around midnight est
    Reason For Report:
    Scuffed and Olivia allowing majority of server to have confusing names for multiple rounds.
    Video shows more than enough in first minute. Continued well after video ends. And was already going on when I joined.
    I questioned this ingame after Scuffed says "If we're going to do this it cant be confusing". When 10+ players already had "Scuffed ____" as their name and KOS scuffed is being called constantly.
    This went on multiple rounds before a general message in all chat said to change names back. Most did, but others kept it until after another map change.​
    Evidence And/Or Witnesses:
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  3. neutral

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    I was present during this so I can give my perspective. Yeah, a couple people said KOS Scuffed as a joke, but my conversation with those at the time showed that nobody was following those and that it was widely understood that this was said as a joke. While it did have the potential to be confusing, it wasn't actually so in server. Regardless of this, Olivia and Scuffed were pretty good about getting people to change their names following so since Falcor seemed to be offended by these actions and it was realized that she was upset that people were having fun in the server. So majority of the server changed their names despite no confusion occurring.
  4. Aluf

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    I was present as well, so I'll give some of my input. Yes, having half of the server with "scuffed" in their name can be seen as confusing, but it was all fun and the majority of the server found it to be so. I agree with neutral/Helix that I never saw anyone just start killing everybody because of a few people saying "kos scuffed" jokingly. I'm glad there's still staff members that can interact and have fun with the player base instead of being mindless robots. But I can see where Falcor is coming from and it does technically break rule #8 from the main rules.
  5. olivia

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    So, picture this: an entire server laughing and having a good time and not making KOS’s confusing with everyone having “scuffed” in their name. A meme, a joke. For no more than three rounds. The vibe was light and funny and literally not one single person complained as the majority of the server were engaging in said meme.

    Falcor joins the server. She is present for MAYBE two rounds of the harmless shenanigans. I, among others, began changing names back to normal. Everything was fine. Not one single report (in game) came out of “confusing name” situations.

    I was expecting this report. Why? Because Falcor has a personal axe to grind with me over something very small and petty that happened a year ago. Either that or she’s being weird towards me because I had a fling with sweer before she did and for some reason that means she has to not like me and treat me some type of way. All I know is, Falcor does not like me. She’s made that pretty clear. So I fully expected her to jump on this opportunity to turn a mountain out of a mole hill. (i hope this gets you a lot of +1s on your lead app).

    Falcor, when you join the server, the whole vibe changes. At least from what I see. The situation we are discussing for example. People saw you were getting on the server and literally said over voice chat that the fun was over now. Yes the rules are here to keep the gameplay enjoyable for all. But it’s a TTT SERVER. Sometimes it’s ok to not take everything so seriously and meme around. I mean, for real, you’ve never engaged in an “illegal” crowbar fight or RDM’d someone purely because you didn’t like them or didn’t like what they were saying to you? I’ve personally seen you do both.

    I’m volunteering my time and energy here to try and make this place fun and enjoyable. Too many staff take staffing way over the top with the “professionalism” and are timid and scared when staffing because one simple mistake could end them being publicly humiliated on the forums by people who come here not to use these reports as intended but to make a scene and an example of someone, in a vicious manner.

    I don’t know why you dislike me so much, I really have no issue with you. But the attitude you carry, that a lot of other regulars have as well, makes it EXTREMELY unenjoyable to be staff. Unfun. Way more work than it should be. I’m so not sorry that my staffing style isn’t up to your standards. I’m here to have fun and be friends with everyone on the server. Not to enforce rules to the point where it’s robotic. Fun should be had. That’s why we’re all here. At least that’s why i’m here.

    This post will probably be my last as staff because people aren’t allowed to stand up for themselves without being told to stop. It’s happened numerous times within staff discord chat when I clapped back at people for talking badly of me in front of everyone, and it’ll probably happen now. But i’ve said my piece. I’m over this. I’m not gonna waste my time putting work in here for ungrateful brats to be treating me this way.
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  6. Falcor

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    I have more than the rounds I posted if the Admins would like them.
    I'm sorry you feel this way still. After you approached me some time ago and i assumed it was cleared up. I don't know why you would mention any of this here in a report even to go as far as saying this is personal. Then to try an mock me with the whole +1 thing. In a report nonetheless.
    If you care to know I have no personal "axe to grind". I play the game and enjoy the trash that is gmod. Sorry you feel that way, about a report being posted.

    I dont feel I have to explain why mods shouldn't ever condone something like this. Even if it was for 1-3 rounds, which it was well longer than that. Even after you left olivia several people still kept the scuffed until after map change.

    Any RDM's intentional or otherwise I have always gladly taken and asked for my punishment. As should anyone who breaks a rule even if seemingly minor or for fun.
    I'm sorry you feel this way about my presence.
    But maybe you should resign if you feel its okay to allow the vocal majority and friends do so called "minor" infractions, that cause no real harm to the server in your eyes.
    I'm not gonna waste time responding to every little thing, no point. The report speaks for itself. Unless an Admin would like to discuss it.
  7. scuffed water

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    Hello Falcor. Now bear with me here, the round references I make are not going to be completely accurate, but lets get right into it. There was around 10-11 people with the beginning of their name as Scuffed when you joined. The server was stock full of regulars that Olivia and I are familiar with and we were all just having some fun that lasted maybe 1-3 rounds before people started changing their names back. Take note, that the round after your video, 3 rounds until map change I believe is when people started changing their names back, and roughly a round or so later (I'm not sure when) I messaged everyone to begin changing their names back officially. You say this continued well after the video ends, but by the last round there was only 1 person that had scuffed in their name, with the majority of people changing it back a round or two beforehand after I had messaged to do so. There is another point to be made, that there were only a TOTAL of 2 reports created throughout the entire duration of the map, both coming before a majority of the players had even changed their name to include scuffed in it, which shows that there was not a SINGLE report made that was related to confusion about the names at the time, proving it was harmless fun. Two staff members, interacting with the regulars of this server that we are familiar with in a completely harm-free manor.

    This statement here is also quite false. I have a screenshot of the tab list at map change, and it clearly shows that there is only one person who has Scuffed in their name; me.

    So just so we are all on the same page here, had people changed their names to mimic the first part of mine? Yes. Did it cause any confusion to the server? No. Was there any, ANY harm done because of it? No.
  8. Falcor

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    Majority of players didn't change names until map change. Looking at the rest of my video, my bad only two kept it ion there name once we were on portals. Jabba(not that big of a deal its in the middle) But also Wolf.
    It was still not being enforced. And obviously not from when it started.
    I have video of the rest of the map(inno motel) where it is still continuing. But this is besides the point. If an Admin would like to see it, i'll clip it and upload.

    The game was not being played as intended. You couldn't play the game as intended when it was like that, or else youre just committing toxic gameplay. I get that it was fun for everyone who joined along. But there are those on the server not joining along trying to play. It was impossible to follow koses without hurting your own karma.

    I see no reason why a Mod would even condone it 3-4 rounds until a general message is sent out. Only reason I'm getting it was fun.
  9. olivia

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    Both Scuffed and myself have already pointed out that the name thing caused ZERO reports in game. So tell me again about all the chaos and confusion that ensued? Didn’t have a single person say they were bothered to us in admin chat (including you. you decided to run to the forums instead of maybe trying to talk to us first. why communicate when you can just make a scene of things?)

    Bottom line is that it didn’t effect any of the game play in a dramatic way, if even in the SLIGHTEST way. Because the names were like these- scuffed helix, scuffed olivia, beta scuffed, scuffed jake, etc etc. And people were KOSing with the full names. So, if you have a specific example of it causing confusing or detrimental situations in game directly as a result of the names, I would love to see it. Otherwise, all i’m hearing from you is a bunch of vague accusations with no real backing.
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  10. scuffed water

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    Okay, again, Wolf had only changed his name after everyone had changed theirs back, on a completely separate map, and I pm'd him that we had all changed it and that it was done as shown here. So, just like your second post, you claiming that Wolf still had the name after map change is completely false, since he had changed it THAT map, and changed it back when I pm'd him to do so.
  11. Falcor

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    I personally didn't say anything since you are the moderator and you were doing it yourself. It seemed pretty futile to ask. If an admin would like the full map, they can see I even went to send it and changed my mind. My only option was to come to the forums after the fact. Which wouldn't be a factor either way.

    I'll say this in another way on how it effected the game. Even though you and others do not see that right now due to your own enjoyment. Many people come on gmod for all different types of fun, the conversation, the messing around drawing, prop surfing etc. But all of us know these times on why we feel like playing. Some people join to actually play the game, do a great job in their role, killing a lot of inno or trying to kill a lot of T's. When an overwhelming amount of people have names like that it makes it impossible to play accordingly.

    Scuffed, I clicked through my full vid and the ss shows that was clearly on portals, after map change. Thanks for asking him though. It's not a false claim. It's me making this report the next day and miss recalling. And as you said he did change it.. after map change, after you asked him again. So not sure what youre disputing... To note I have no reason to lie, I'll happily send an admin my full game play vid from lastnight, its over an hr though, but I can cut it down
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  12. Posting because I was present and wish go give my impression of events.

    I joined because of this going on. I enjoyed it. My impression was that the server was enjoying it as well. From the sounds of this thread, no complaints were given during the event. I did not hear any myself either.

    At the end of the day the server had fun. It was something different that people had fun with. Were here to have fun. Why else would we play?

    Not everyone's idea of fun will always match up. Was this against the written rules, yes. Did it cause a major incident, no. It was something that happened for a map or so that the community enjoyed. Just because it is different does not mean it was wrong. I hate fun rounds. It takes away from TTT in my opinion. But people like it. And I understand.

    The whole purpose of the rules is to make a workable set of "laws" that the moderators can work within to promote an enjoyable atmosphere. The atmosphere was certainly enjoyable, even if we broke the "law". Not everything in the world needs to be rigid. I see no need for this to be a report.

    As a former lead, I'm sure that you had plenty of ways to get this resolved in the server while it was occuring. You've got plenty of higher up staff members that could have nipped this in the bud. From what I understand from this thread, you chose not to do anything. So what has changed from then to now for you to wish these moderators punished?
  13. Falcor

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    Oh There were many times players would start changing their names, I was just recalling this to someone, actually. Once, a group on the server started doing "sad falcor, happy falcor etc." As a staff member I also would say something the first round it started. something similar to "Hey guys you gotta change your names after the round is over" So no one would get kicked. If anyone was to late to do so I would ask again and give them until post round. But it would never go on for a full map.

    I'm not to sure what you mean by I have plenty of higher up staff, but this wasn't something I was going to message Highwon about. I can see how some may say, oh this report is more of private report type of thing. Maybe at a time you.
    I saw no reason for this not to be a public report. Just like I see no real justification or reason for this to be allowed. "The atmosphere is enjoyable" is subjective. Nothing has changed. I wouldn't condone people changing to similar names. And then to be making jokes about it in game. Laughing about how fun and chaos it is saying/hearing the KOS and half the server being validly KOSed. Even though majority isn't acting upon it.Because I know even though it appears everyone is having a good time, that is only the vocal majority. Especially in instances like this.
  14. You're a former lead. I'm sure you have plenty of the admin staff on steam and discord. If this was truly round destroying and causing a major problem for the server like you're insinuating, why did you not attempt to nip it in the bud?

    You waited until today to write the report which gives me the feeling that is is no where as big a deal as you're insinuating. For someone such as yourself who has invested so much time and energy into this community, I'm disheartened to think that you wouldn't attempt to resolve the problem immediately that you believed was making the server unplayable. Instead you made a report the next day, which is certainly your right.

    Also, no evidence has been presented to my knowledge that a confused KOS has injured or killed a player.
  15. neutral

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    There are several things I want to reiterate here from my response.

    Firstly, no one was confused in the server, and from what I've asked of the mods, there was no one that reported being confused to the moderators. This has been dealt with in similar instances in the past in where if someone decides to have a similar name to someone else, you're just going to have to accept the false KOS if someone killed you for it. Despite this, this did not even occur. Everyone who was present in the server realized that having "scuffed" appended to their name was simply a meme. Just that. A meme.

    There were mentions that the game was not being played as intended. This is not true. This is a video game, people are meant to have fun while playing a video game, and people were doing just this. Having fun. Rules are created in the server to help create a fun atmosphere in the server, and, in this case, all of the rules were being followed. If no one is confused, then the names are not confusing. In the same since that "Detective Rulebot" is allowed on the servers since the name contains "Rulebot" that may be facilitated in a KOS-- this was actually written in to the original extended rules and Opalium's extended rules as well. The only person I think that may be able to argue that they are confused-- since no one else has who has come forward, is Falcor. Falcor mentioned the names early on when connecting to the server, so unless she lacks the mental capacity to realize that this was a joke- I don't see how this would be a plausable outcome. And I do trust that she does have the mental capacity for this despite making this report.

    It's interesting. Toxic ex-staff is a pretty common meme here and it kinda makes sense. Once you resign, it seems that you tend to become the people you hated the most. I can't deny that some of my recent reports have some familiaratitry to something that Humancowcakes and Xproplayer would have posted in the past (fuck. They're never going to let me live this down). Someone mentioned something to me that is actually a pretty good point. Congratulations Falcor, you have seemed to embody Zomborg pretty well in putting an honest foot forward in trying to suck any least bit of fun that there is left in this community.

    Since there was no confusion in the server at the time of this occurrence, no rule was ever broken. Did it have the potential to become confusing? Sure. But it wasn't. People were just flat out having fun. There's no need to come over here in golf carts with the fun police over here to scream at everyone having fun. This is the epitome of sad.

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    I'm going to go ahead and lock this for now until this can get finished up.
    If anyone has anything of value to add, please feel free to DM an Administrator/Staff to have it unlocked for your post.
  17. Fear☠

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    I'll tag @Teroxa to handle Olivias part, since I'm on vaycay and he's supervising my team atm^^
  18. scuffed water

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    Sorry that this has come a lot later but I’m restricted access to my computer at the moment. I’m disputing the fact that you claim that he is an example of people carrying the scuffed name into Portals from Motel, which he didn’t. I’m currently typing this out on my phone, but my screenshot above shows that Wolf had just changed his name to scuffed wolf for the first time on portals, which was met with a pm about it. This would then exclude him from being an example for any claim you are making that players had kept scuffed in their name through map change from motel to portals. I also believe we both agree that Jabbas name was not very problematic, since the scuffed that was in it was 3 words into his 4 word name.
  19. Teroxa

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    Quick update: I'm currently still talking to both @olivia and @Falcor

    Hang tight, I'll update this thread when I have any news.