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Do you agree with me? Thats mods and admins are becoming increasingly abusive of power?

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  1. Yes, I agree that mods/admins are abusing there positions of power

  2. Yes, I agree and wish for the mods/admins to be demoted

  3. Maybe, I've heard others say the mods are abusing but I'm not sure

  4. No, I believe the mods/admins are handling each situation correctly

  5. No, I believe anyone who is saying the mods/admins are abusing is a rule breaker

  1. Pokeben10

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  2. 8BitF0x

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    We found our answer, pack it up boys.
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  3. In reality, its a case by case scenario. You cant blanket all staff as abusive. It should be simple as that. At the same time, even if they ramble with it, members shouldnt feel afraid to speak out, even if they are wrong. If anything it gives staff a chance to prove them wrong
  4. 8BitF0x

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    To be fair, the ONLY abusive staff I heard was PapaCharlie and that's it.
  5. fuck him.

    and then theres the issue, is a member abusive or did they make a bad call? one abusive action, does not make a staff member abusive. we are only human. repeated, consistent acts of abuse of power, creates an abusive staff member.
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  6. 8BitF0x

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    I'm confused, where does this tie with me? I was just calling this thread a joke lmao.
  7. Oh it doesnt im just rambling. I love you fox.
  8. 8BitF0x

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    Fair enough, good talk.
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  9. Panda With a Gun

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    Why are there 11 pages
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  10. 8BitF0x

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    85% are mostly shitposts.
  11. Pike

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    You can just delete his comment, instead of banning him. Christ, No wonder it's called "Serious" Gaming, people take shit way too seriously.

    Anyway, upon review, I don't think staff are abusive of power per se, but some (not all) are too strict with it. Enforcing the rules and handling rdm is fine but I feel like some staff lack the sense of humor that everyone else on gmod has. It's a fucking video game.
    There really is no point in mods misusing their powers, if they know they will just get reported and demoted for doing so. If it actually happens, record and report.
    One problem with this poll is that "abusing powers" is loosely defined (if not defined at all). All mods can do is gag, ban, and slay (almost always via an rdm manager). I don't know if it's even possible to misuse those, but feel free to correct me. This server isn't as bad as other TTT servers i've played on where mods slay the entire server or teleport people out of the map, and get away with it. I'd name those servers if I could, but I don't think I'm allowed to.
    Mods can make mistakes, sure, but abusing their powers isn't really intentional, as far as I can tell.
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  12. Elvis

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    Wtf lmao

    The BIGGEST 180 iver ever seen LOOOOL
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  13. 8BitF0x

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    The poor fella might had a warning point and got another one, but what you are saying that mod is abusing their powers, can you say which mod is abusing their power?
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  14. Nix

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    Kill this thread already, no one cares.
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  15. Pacifist

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    The problem is that whenever we have a sense of humor people get upset. Whenever we relax and act more leniently people get upset. We are damned if we do and damned if we don't. Removing comments when they derail a thread is not something we normally do, we usually just warn and tell the thread to get back on topic. Also he was banned because he exceeded the amount of warnings you can get before the system automatically bans you. What I guess i'm trying to say is that Moderators would be more laid back and have a sense of humor about things if they weren't in constant fear of being reported for not being serious robots.
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  16. Panduh

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    I had lots of fun and messed around with everybody when I was a mod. No one seemed to be mad or upset except when someone made a comment on how I can't do anything right simply because of my age. If they broke a rule and you gave them a punishment that's reasonable then that's their fault their pissed.

    There is times to be serious and there is times when you can be laid back and have fun. If a mod is in a stage of constant fear of being reported, then I believe they need to re-read the rules and ask for help when needed. You shouldn't be afraid as long as you know the rules and you try to make everyone as happy as you can and let them have fun.
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  17. V.A.C MyGuide

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    this has a got a f ton of replies, I remember it only being 1 page of replies..
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    what the feck are u doing dwardu no ffs delet this
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  19. Orion

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    One of the things I don't like about being staff. I like joking around a lot and I got shit a few times for not "being serious" even though I was having a moment.

    This is an example of that. Papa Smurf sprayed over another spray and since I was spraying over Papa's spray for the entire session, the whole thing escalated for no reason.

    Sure, I enjoyed my time as mod but it just upset me that staff are held to such high standard that a simple laugh here and there can mean trouble.
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  20. Nix

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