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  1. I've been saying this forever now (to my self XD) that we should implement donator tabs. What are donator tabs you ask? Practically, they're tabs in the point shop that separate the items that default users can buy and what donators can buy. An example would be, there's a tab for "Knives", "Models", "Death Models", "Lottery", and then "Donator" or "VIP": That tab "Donator" or "VIP" will contain all the stuff that donators can buy with their points: In addition, can buy the default ones as well. When I suggested adding new knives people kept saying that we already had an abundance of them and don't need anymore. But if you separate the non-donator knives from the donator ones then you'll see that we are actually lacking on knives.

    Here's an example:

    We don't need to copy that exact pointshop, look, or style, but integrating the donator tab is such a small feature that can have a big effect. How may you ask yourself? Simple. I've been on the server for a long time and I see a constant confusion of new players on what they can and can't buy in the pointshop. As I'm typing this, there are players still gloating about their points and how they've spent so much time just to save up for a good player-model. They assume that they're able to purchase donator items without the need of a donator rank. Now I'm not saying that this is mandatory and it will skyrocket the servers population because it won't. Rather than leaving them in confusion or disappointment that they spent all this time saving up for a brand spanking new "Octodad" model, we can simply separate them in a different tab and just provide more for the default users.

    This references back to my other suggestion tab where I suggested player models and knives be added. Check it out here if you're interested:

    Thanks for reading me!
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