Chest Shops. How to fix the server and keep it the same. My experiences.

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    Hello some of you may know me. Some may not. To start off this post I would like to inform you that I have been playing minecraft since 1.4beta. I played on many servers, ran a few of my own, as well as worked as a mod/developer/admin on others. I stoped playing 4-5 years ago, but started playing again. Now the servers I played on were allways. Survival, PVP, Economy servers. I am saying all this so you know that I have experience in these servers. Actully my favorite server ever. Had all the same exact mods as this one minus one very essential mod. Chest Shops.

    Now here the things that should be done to fix the economy and in turn fixing the server population. As well as reasons for adding Chest Shops

    The market listings should be removed.
    the servers market can stay, but only for buying items and those prices should be higher than the average price. Because what the server market does is set the bar. Making the players shops have to be lower than the server shops prices. And that is how shop competition starts. If you have a large selection and stock and lower prices for your personal shops items. Then your shop will be more popular. And in turn you will make more money and have more players visiting you and seeing what you built and make friends.

    Chest Shops adds the biggest level of strategy and fun because you can design you own shops, set up casinos, games, set up grinders, and have enchanting tables for people to use. Anything you can think of doing you can do in order to make people want to use your shop. All this would also fix the problem of people being to hostile. It will make people have friends on the server since their will be more friendly and fun interactions. And in turn it will have people stay on the server because they will have more things to do, more things to be better at, more ways to make money, more reasons to build, more reasons to spend and save money, they will have friends to come on and play with.

    Lastly chest shops can't be taken advantage of. It is glitch free and the only thing that could be taken advantage of is if a player sets up a shop and makes their sell price higher than the buy price. Or if someone finds a shop that has one thing they can buy for a certain price and then go to another shop and sell it for more. But that will only hurt the one player. And once the items from the first shop runs empty. They can not do it anymore. And both of these are not really taking advantage of type of things. They are just examples of poor shop making.

    Now I know that Chest Shops was going to be added to this server from the start, but it was not working with the claims plugin. Now I don't see how those would not work with each other. But the mod called Residence does work with it. I do not know if that mod is still being updated, but if it is. The server should switch to that mod. And do that by letting all players know for a week or two in advance that they need to be on at so and so time to reclaim their land. And just make all forms of greifing illegal for a few days after the switch made.

    Now one problem with the Chest Shops is PVP. That is an easy fix. Just add a rule that makes PVP illegal at Shops.

    Warps will need to be added to the server if Shops are added. You can make it so players can only make one warp. And make it illegal to use warps for PVP means or greifing. Their is also another warp plugin, that uses signs instead of commands. Either one will work fine.

    Also I am a Graphic Designer. Whoever is in charge of advertising message me. I will design a professional advertisement for the server for free. Because this server does need better advertising and a good ad will help tremendously. If Chest Shops are added. I will help pay for the advertising.

    So to end all this. Adding Chest Shops as well as advertising will fix the servers problems.

    Thank You for reading. I highly hope this is taken into consideration and or puts Chest Shops on the fast track to being added.
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  2. Juice Juice™

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    Chest shops aren't going to be some massive fix-all for the server, especially when a large multitude of people have expressed other concerns, from a complete lack of endgame to the massive advantage many players have over others due to early-server exploits or market purchases. Chest shops also does very little to enhance the longevity of the server, since the only aspect they handle is economy. After so many years, vanilla minecraft just doesn't hold the same appeal that it used to to so many people.
    Sure, we can make things more interesting with plugins, but unless the devs create complex things that would be about 20x harder to do through plugins than they would mods, we aren't going to have the server stay for very long.

    If you'll refer to my poll here, you'll notice the number one selections are Fixed Economy, More Endgame, and Factions. Chest Shops would only address one of these things.

    As to removing claims, you might as well reset it. It would be impossible to get every person on at the same time to re-claim their land. People would lose their stuff, or have their claims stolen, and if they can't log in ebcause of any reason, they might not know about it until days after.
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  3. I think chestshops might be a good idea, in my opinion it will give more interaction between players. Maybe we can have plots set up in a designated area and players can purchase them and have them subdivided by a staffmember so they're able to create shops for players without littering the world with chestshops. We had something like this on ClearCraft, a server that was run by @Deathbyrussian back in the day which was really successful and very stable. But it was well developed and up for a long time, giving it a chance to have it stay in that sweet spot that made everyone stick around. I'm not sure if there's been talk about transferring some of the ideas from that server to the current one, to build on its success. But I'm sure a lot of people are up for almost anything atm.

    I agree that the server store/economy is pretty fucked up at the moment with the crazy prices, and most of the items being limited to rare or useless materials for the long run. Possibly a good revamp or reset on the stores and economy to sort those things out?
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  4. Juice Juice™

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    For the record, I'm not saying Chestshops aren't a good idea. They will certainly benefit the server. However, it wouldn't bring anyone back
  5. neutral

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    I agree with @Silent Artemis that this probably isn't going to be a server-saving compromise. However, there is some extreme issues with the market that I think need to be addressed- and I think this fits nicely in to the solution.

    I don't think PvP should be illegal at chest shops. PvP is already disabled during the day. Just do your shopping during the day!

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  6. AngryWild_Mango

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    Yeah, shopping during the day will work. But I have not personally ever seen a server littered with chest shops? They would just be on peoples land claims.
    Also no mod to player interaction would be needed. The best servers I have played on let you have chest shops in your own area. As well as have a designated market square where you could also rent a designated plot and set up a few shops or use it to advertise yours. I personally think having only a Market square is not creative and even ugly because it limits how many chests a player can have and the creativity/atmosphere of the shop.
    If you want to see what it looks like on another server. Just go to any server with the Chest Shop mod with warps. And check it out. I still disagree with you @Silent Artemis. I know from experience that this will fix a large portion of the server problems. People will stay because of it. The reasons why are what I stated above. One of the Developers did tell me that its on the list to add Chest Shops. This post is just to add momentum to fast track it. Because it is all i am waiting for. My house is already set up to be a shop actually. I am already collecting items to sell as well. ha
    But thank you for sharing your opinions on this matter.
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  7. It might limit it, yes. But having a good amount of shops close together instead of all over the world might help with the convenience of it. So you don't have to ask every time when you want to buy or sell something, or wait till they're online etc. And as a reply to what you said before, making warps for player's shops might become too much. I've seen this on other servers where its just endless pages of people's individual shops and it takes wayyy too long to get through all of them. And the more important warps could get mixed up with it as warps are in alphabetical order I believe. It's just too much to track, and people can become inactive and have those shop warps useless if they never restock their shops.

    My main idea for chestshops is we have different sizes of shop plots, not at rediculous prices so anyone can have them to make money. We can have larger ones or smaller ones, all varying prices based on their size and space. And have one main warp to it to make it all the more easier.
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  8. AngryWild_Mango

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    I do not like that idea because what makes Chest Shops fun, is that you can make the store your chest shops are in. Your idea removes almost all the good things I said about adding the plugin. All the friendly interactions, showing off your builds, having non-shop related things like grinders and more be used to attract players to your shop. You also dont have to have the owner of the shop online? It works the same regardless if they are online or offline. The warps don't get cluttered. Especially if you only allow 1-3 warps be player (1 warp per player is all that is needed). I do not know what you are talking about endless pages? I have never seen pages of warps on a server. People are not dumb, they can remember other peoples warps easily. Its not hard to remember the ones you want to remember. You can put up signs in your home with the warps you like or just write it on a piece of paper. Plus what I am saying involves my thought as well as your main thoughts. Chest Shops on your own plot and having a market square so people can go to the square for convince, but they can also go to their favorite shops for various reasons. They have specialty items that are always in stock. They have more money to sell stuff to them, they have a good grinder and enchanting area, even a casino (I have done that with mixing chest shops and red stone machines, its very fun)

    If we are only going to have the market square like you are saying then its pretty much pointless because if only having a market square its more convenient then having shops on your own plot, but then we should just not add any of this and just keep using Market Listings, because you don't have to remember anything and all the items are all right there so its more convenient that way so on and so forth.

    This should not be about convenience. It should be about what is more interesting and fun. Its a game, not a real life business.
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  9. I wasn't saying people are dumb, I'm well aware that anyone can remember which good stores are which. I'm just saying if there is a population boom in the future on the server, and everyone's gets 1 or 2 warps (forgot what you said before) for their shops, it can make it extremely hard to navigate through the warps. I was just saying that I've seen it before where there's about 30+ pages of warps all owned by different players.

    But I recently thought up of something that might be cool, I'm not sure exactly of the name of this plugin, but it's where you can use warps by clicking on a sign. Maybe players can save store warps for easy access in their homes? If it ever becomes a thing. That might take away the clutter I was mentioning before. With an ease of accessing player's stores. Just throwing out ideas here
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  10. Juice Juice™

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    I enjoy the idea of warps/teleportion pads linking specific areas together. It would add a level of fun both for shops and parties, as well as a maryad of other uses that aren't gamebreaking. Done right, and it could remove the /tpa system, which is mildly broken
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  11. AngryWild_Mango

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    Oh, yeah i have used that one before as well. thats a fine plugin. I would be okay with that as well. Just something to make it so players can go to the shops they like when the shop owner isnt their.
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  12. IAmRelapse

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    I agree with the suggestion of adding the capability for players to add /warps into the game. This would easily make those people who want to setup shops near their bases, have more customers rather than asking people in all chat to /tpa to them. Sure we have the /market and sure we have the /auc, but it would be batter to integrate /market and /auc into one system(Have you heard of the Auction House? /ah?) and have players set-up shop for themselves.

    This is also extremely beneficial because the "server shop" would be just a place to get stuff that most people won't easily get and also be a basis for shop prices. This means you wouldn't HAVE TO WORRY about dealing with the UNBALANCED and very STUPID ECONOMY that the server has right now.
  13. Juice Juice™

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    I entirely disagree with having a basis for shop prices set by the server. That's part of the reason we are in the mess we are in to begin with. A server shop should be reserved exclusively for items that cannot be obtained through normal means, or are extremely limited in quantity, such as Dragon Eggs, Totems, Sea-Lanterns, or beacons.
  14. AngryWild_Mango

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    Silent, I don't think you get how MC economies work. The Server Market would be in place to regulate the prices. Kind of the same way gold regulated paper money (I know it doesn't anymore).
    It says. Hey diamonds are $40. Then player A. will say okay I will sell them for $39 so people will come to my shop instead of the server market. Then player B. will say I am going to sell diamond for $38 so people will come to my shop over players A's and the server market.
    If the server Market wasnt there then prices would be crazy and off balanced.
    When making a server market, all the prices need to be taken into consideration. Basically you set the price of diamond and then you judge the other prices by how many diamonds they are worth. Making all the server prices balanced.
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  15. IAmRelapse

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    What i meant by "a basis" is to say that this shop will show how much an item shouldn't be priced with. It would be a basis to other people who want to set up shop for like 50% of the shop price, then as time goes by people will make more shops with cheaper prices than the other shops and so on. This is how most Survival Economy work, it should be like this if they somehow implement the suggestion at the top of this page.
  16. Juice Juice™

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    Except this will happen naturally once a consistent player base is introduced, and it won't be arbitrarily decided by devs and staff who don't or rarely seem to play the game. Player X will sell diamonds at 40 a piece just normally, or higher, or lower, depending on supply and demand. From a common item like diamonds, we will get our standard, except it will be player-induced rather than powers-to-be.

    With the comparison to gold and paper money, this only proves my point more. The government didn't decide the value of gold and paper. The people did. They traded it and as the economy grew, so did a standardized value.

    Your scenario is exactly the same, with player A and B. Except that Player A was able to choose the starting price, and player B chose to go lower, leaving Player C D or E to determine the minimum.
  17. IAmRelapse

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    Capitalism in a nutshell. Also, players wont keep decreasing the value of an item if its already at its threshold. Say Player A sells diamonds for 50$ a piece, Player B then sells its for 45$. Player A will try to resell at 40$ if he wants to get more sales out than that of Player B, Player C will join the competition and probably mark it down to atleast 35-40$. Any other players who would like to sell diamonds would probably stick to the low-mid ranged prices. Since players know that Diamonds arent worth 30$ and below.
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  18. Juice Juice™

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    Its a supply and demand thing, really. If people are buying diamonds at 35 consistently, but rarely any higher, then the standedized price becomes 35. People selling lower than that will usually quickly run out of stock, and people selling higher wont sell much, if any
  19. IAmRelapse

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    Exactly. In Capitalism, YOU(players) control the supply and manipulate the demand. People want these kinds of necessities, you make them available for a "decent" price, and people will come buying your merchandise. If the supply is low and the demand is high, set the price a bit higher than your average and people will still buy them. The Sellers control the economy, which is controlled by the supply and demand, and that supply and demand depends on the players of the game.
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  20. AngryWild_Mango

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    We all pretty much saying the same thing with slight changes. All and All it doesn't really matter. what does matter is we want and need Chest Shops. Some of you don't agree it will impact as much as I said, but From experience. It will and a lot of others agree. But it doesn't matter as long as you agree that we should have it at the very least. Which I think is all agreed on. That we all want this plugin. Once chest shops is added then players make the general price regardless to what the Market Square we are talking about says. The only reason its their is to make it so diamonds are $300 or $30. as in do we want more zeros are not. and its their so that if someone cant find anything at a player show they can always buy it thee. Like basic material. Cobble or whatever. Also Selling will not be an option at this Market Square.

    All and All. We need this plugin ASAP.