You Have Failed this City

Discussion in 'Jihad Sounds' started by Zatanna, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Zatanna

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    Might as well tell them why they are getting jihaded right?
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  2. Kavokan

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    YES YES YES +1
  3. Daddy Nexxus

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    I don't think I've ever replied to one of these... But holy shit god almighty fuck me in my ass backwards and sideways that better be added to the game.
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  4. Carned

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    Man, i can't watch any Arrow after having to deal with shitfest that is the writing from Season 4 onwards, after the writers learned tumblr wanted a specific narrative and they followed, ugh.

    +1 for old memories of a once good show.
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  5. n0blerone

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  6. Kebab

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  7. Scotty

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    Hell yeah
  8. andrewca79

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  9. +1 For the chance to become someone else, to become something else.
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  10. Frost

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    beats what we have now