Finished Yet Another Giveaway By Scotty!

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Scotty, Apr 3, 2017.

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  1. i was going to do that
  2. dis will win
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  3. JackThePumpkin

    JackThePumpkin VIP Bronze

    An oldie but a goodie.
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  4. Dr.Death

    Dr.Death VIP Silver

  5. Skyrossm

    Skyrossm Ideal Female Moderator? VIP Emerald Bronze

    Of course
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  6. Phalantos

    Phalantos Member

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  7. TheDoctor094

    TheDoctor094 Daddy Doctor Banned VIP+

    (Entering for @ChemicalWater) (It's merely comedy, I do not believe any of this, however I do find it quite funny)
  8. Valedict

    Valedict VIP

  9. beyblade informant

    beyblade informant Banned VIP

  10. AnarkisT

    AnarkisT ★ No Gods, No Masters. ★ VIP Silver Emerald

    im taking my blade back if this isnt rigged for me

    Choose wisely Scotty
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  11. Tetrium

    Tetrium VIP

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  12. Boomshakalaka

    Boomshakalaka VIP Bronze

  13. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    Cant decide, so ill drop the bomb.

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  14. Salem

    Salem VIP

    I can't help it, this man's laugh makes me laugh.

  16. Mr. 7-Minute Wonder

    Mr. 7-Minute Wonder Regular Member

    Alright, I couldn't decide, so here's two out my list.

  17. s1rcool

    s1rcool Active Member VIP

  18. Togo ✿

    Togo ✿ Nobody Gets it VIP Silver

  19. Giraffe

    Giraffe We take the small victories VIP Silver Emerald

    Thanks for the giveaway Scotty!
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  20. Mr. Disco

    Mr. Disco Jeff Lynne is a musical genius. VIP

    I just made it. I think it's funny.
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