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  1. Ichu

    Ichu Vous avez changé VIP Iron

    I've changed.

    Not really. But it's been quite an adventure. Unfortunately, I will be resigning from my staff position because of school, work, lack of motivation to continue staffing, a combination of all of these things, or a combination of none of these things. I am grateful for the opportunity that was given to me and all the wonderful people I've met along the way. I will likely stick around as a regular and likely hop on TeamSpeak from time to time.

    @Aco Maaaaaahhhhh maaaaaaaaaan. You gave me the opportunity to staff these servers and I will always be thankful for you giving me that chance. We need to hang out one day.

    @Steve Mason My fellow musketeer. My admin, dadmin, and a true madmin. All the conversations we had, all the laughs and fun times all these months, I'm glad you stuck around for as long as you did. Someday I'll get a gun game win :/

    @LegitCake Leg it. You didn't make me, but you gave me a bit of a nudge to what I am today. It took you a long time to come back to the community, I wasn't even sure if you were coming back. But when you did, I was pretty happy.

    @Giraffe Godraffe, Grrraffe, Giraffael. My cuddy cuddy. Whenever you joined TeamSpeak, I was always expecting something entertaining to come from you. That one night we staffed together will always be one of the funnier memories we shared. Hope things go well for you

    Wow @Kyogre you've ch, ch, ch -coughs hysterically-. All those talks you had with us at night, I always held them close to my heart. I'm glad you did your best to interact with as much of the staff team as possible and I'm grateful for all the sacrifices and hard work you've put it in these months.

    @Machinekiller00 and @ryan4win the duo. Can't find one without the other. You were the first few staff members I recall meeting on TeamSpeak and each of you made TeamSpeak really entertaining in your own way.

    @Jaysu :^) Also one of the first few people I met on TeamSpeak, the conversations, jokes, and insults always kept TeamSpeak lively. You have quite a future ahead of you and if it ever weighs down on you, there's more than enough people you can come to for guidance.

    @GunAndBomb To be honest, I feel like, had I not won that giveaway that first week I joined, I wouldn't have stayed for as long as I did. Things were a bit rocky for you when I joined, but I'm glad things have, for the most part, worked out. kappa123

    @Sir Clutch DISSSSSSSSSS FOOOOOOOOOOO The homie from vanilla, I'm glad you got mod. All the times we've spent on TeamSpeak messing around and making wagers, having you around was always great.

    @Guardia Changes. You nearly took my title but I don't care you were an awesome guy and it was sad to see you go, you know until all this happened. Hopefully, we'll still be able to chat and hang out with the squad.

    In case I missed anyone else, I apologize. Whatever interactions we had whether on TeamSpeak, the forums, or in game, I'm truly grateful for the experiences I've shared with each and everyone of you.

    - Ichi
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  2. GunAndBomb

    GunAndBomb Explosive Banned MVP

    See ya around pal, I'm proud of you.
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  3. Rose♥

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    I can finally play on vanilla without this hawk watching me :p
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  4. Mr. Disco

    Mr. Disco Jeff Lynne is a musical genius. VIP

    Good staff member. See ya around bud. Wish I got to play with you longer.
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  5. wink

    wink my time? your time. Mod VIP Emerald

    You were a blast to staff with man, you will be missed along with the various misspellings of your name .
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  6. Yuuki

    Yuuki SGM Librarian Legendary

    Thank you for everything you did. You were fun to play and staff with. You'll be missed, and good luck on your future endeavors.
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  7. Machinekiller00

    Machinekiller00 I <3 Gunter Banned Elite

    wow you've
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  8. LegitCake

    LegitCake Loyalty VIP

    I love you ichi, I'm very thankful I got to be in your team. I don't regret coming back one bit.
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  9. Pandora?

    Pandora? Alcoholic in Training VIP Silver


    you were a great guy ichi, take care!
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  10. Pacifist

    Pacifist that's pretty good Mod VIP+ Bronze

    Not even a tag? Ok ichi I see how it is.

    seeya later alligator.
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  11. Take a care you were awsome
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  12. Graze

    Graze Smash that Motherf*in' Snooze Button. Admin VIP Silver

    Feels bad man for the no tag life.

    Take care Ichi.
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  13. Lone Wanderer

    Lone Wanderer The One and Only VIP

    I didn't ever really get to know you that well, and we didn't ever really interact that much, but thanks for your time as a staff member here at SGM. Hope that you're able to maintain your connections with your friends here at the community, within its servers/forums or otherwise, and that things turn out well for you!
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  14. ryan4win

    ryan4win I was supposed to do great things Banned VIP+ Silver

    idk who supported you to become mod, but they were wrong.

    jk, good mod man. you did well.

    Cya on css
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  15. Kaggmaster

    Kaggmaster Supporter

    Gg man it was fun playing with you, thanks for the good times with the epic gun fights we've had past the few months, and I wish you good luck with your job! Much love and thanks!
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  16. Cya later man, I wish you the best.
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  17. French Toast

    French Toast That's how the toast crumbles Mod Elite

    No more ice cream >.<

    Take care, ichi
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  18. Lightning

    Lightning Bringing the Thunder VIP

    See ya later mah man.
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  19. Rᴇɴᴋᴏ

    Rᴇɴᴋᴏ VIP Iron

    No tag
    jk no one likes to tagged me but Sad to see you go mang same with @LegitCake :(
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    I didn't get tagged :(
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