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Alliance or Horde?

  1. Alliance

  2. Horde

  3. Both

  4. Brb gonna go play League

  1. LadyLag

    LadyLag Creator of lag. Silver

    In regards to BFA... I have so many mixed feelings.

    I have a lot of Horde pride, and have adored my blood elf protection paladin since the day I made her. But...I'm not a fan of the Horde quest lines. Don't get me wrong, I've heard good things and I have only gotten her to lv112 before giving up, but I just can't make myself power through it. The quests are just...okay. There's no profound meaning right off the bat and I don't have any feelings towards them. It kind of makes leveling even more mundane and disappointing than it already is. And that has made me feel pretty awful because of how much I love my main, and how she has definitely taken on a personality of her own over the years.

    On release day, after leveling twice on Horde, I gave my worgen balance druid a shot. The Alliance quest lines were RIGHT up my alley. Some fun and hilarious, others grim, and some downright disturbing. I had so much fun, I didn't care about leveling at all. In fact when I hit 120 on her, I was surprised. In my mind I was still a low level enjoying the new content lol. All three zones were so incredible and perfect. I did Tiragarde first, then Drustvar, then Stormsong, and I'm SO glad I did them in that order. It was definitely interesting to go from breaking out of jail and being a pirate, leading around a drunk guy attempting to fondle vicious lizards to...well, no spoilers on the darker stuff. There were some points that it got dark enough for me to log out for the night and contemplate exactly what the hell happened. Plus, they added a druid glyph that makes your aquatic form a dolphin. Highlight of the expansion 10/10


    If anyone has been able to get through and enjoy the Horde quest lines, by all means let me know your secrets. What zone you liked the best, what order you would recommend them in, and please give me reassurance that it gets more enjoyable!! Besides the drums tavern. That place is awesome.

    Edit: War Mode is by far my favorite update in the history of this game. Right before the expansion released, I got to enjoy Stranglethorn Vale PvP how it used to be. I made a LOT of friends just by teaming up and having fun engaging in some bloodshed, and even befriended some of the Alliance I was killing (thank you void elf - blood elf communications). I feel like it has revived a lot of the qualities that made PvP so wonderful to begin with, and considering that's my favorite part of the game (played on PvP servers since vanilla), I think it's really cool!
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  2. Rauno

    Rauno   VIP

    You're definitely right about there not being any feeling for the Zandalari trolls in the beginning, but it ramps up pretty quick if you follow the story. Obviously it can't beat Jaina, I followed her story even though I've always played Horde and it was amazing. The Horde storyline gives all of the background information for Uldir, so if you care about why there's what in the raid you should do it. Plus the cinematics are great on both sides and you're missing out on helping dinosaurs have sex if you don't do Zuldazar.

    I did them in the order: Zuldazar -> Nazmir -> Voldun. I hit 120 just doing the first two zones and their stories were pretty good. Voldun I disliked because I felt more forced to do it than the other ones, because I wanted to just unlock the mythic only dungeon (and it felt the longest cause I kept on doing sidequests instead of the story ones).
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  3. Carned

    Carned ✘o ✘o VIP Silver Emerald

    I only started the horde BFA yesterday on my 110 boost yesterday but visually the zone is great imo, the Mayan/Aztec style is gorgeous and everyone has a Jamaican accent, it’s glorious!
  4. Ruki

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    I'm just slowly getting getting rep and stuff since I can't be bothered to gear for raids if I can't even do them and waiting on Kul Tiran humans to release to grind for them and their great druid forms
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  5. AnarkisT

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    I don't remember when I chose to vote "Horde" over "brb gonna go play league" but w/e

    anyway, my boy @irritatingness picked up the expansion for me last night, First impressions are, well, meh.

    As always, Blizzard is on point with its cinematics, no complaints there, and visually, the areas look fucking awesome, clearly a lot of careful map design and detail went in to these new areas.

    I'm playing through the Horde side, which I've heard from multiple people is way less interesting than the alliance But I refuse to join those filthy alliance bastards and so far, I've really not experienced a quest that had more depth than "Go here, kill this", "Go here, kill a couple of this creature" or "Go here, collect this".

    And, I haven't experienced this for myself yet, but I've heard several of my friends complaining about it, but good lord can they please come up with more content other than "grind reputation for exalted with X faction"
    Apparently irritating told me last night that he played through the main questline twice but still wasn't even close to making any reputation progress.

    I will say, its been a welcome change of pace for me, I've been playing a lot of league and CS lately, some pretty competitive games, so it is nice to just kick back and slaughter those filthy alliance pigs have some fun.
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  6. Alright so I played both sides for this expansion, a void elf priest and a blood elf hunter, both of the sides are pretty awesome as a whole, I think Drustvar is the best area while Zandalazar is the worst. But that said I think that overall the storyline for the Horde is better than the storyline for the Alliance.
  7. LadyLag

    LadyLag Creator of lag. Silver

    Horde toon has officially made it to lv119! Mostly done with Voldun storyline, haven't even started Nazmir.
    Zuldazar wasn't my cup of tea at all. So far I still stand by my opinion of the Alliance quests being more enjoyable, BUT oh my goodness I laughed my ass off doing the Goldentusk Inn quests in Voldun. Truly, I laughed until there were tears in my eyes and my sides hurt, especially since it completely caught me off guard. It's a side quest line, but I would highly recommend doing it. Also the Dot and Dolly song was the cutest thing in the world.
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