World Cup

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by .shirt, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. Togo

    Togo Nobody Gets it VIP Silver

    England vs Belgium don't @ at me
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  2. fOoTbAlLs CoMiNg HoMe
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  3. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    As my main team got eliminated by Belgium, let’s go France!
  4. danstorm

    danstorm VIP

    I still want to think that Croatia has a chance to win :)
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  5. Stitch

    Stitch Forever the friendly blue alien koala VIP

    I’d say they have as much chance as England, both have good teams and since England didn’t really have any difficult opponents yet they might not expect Croatia’s power, or they might but we’ll know that wednesday. All I know for my country is that it’s gonna be very difficult to win.
  6. The way the Croatians played last night, I think they have a good chance to win this World Cup
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  7. Wex

    Wex The enemy of art is the absence of limitations VIP Bronze

    Well you did think France was gonna win the World Cup when Croatia had a better game against Argentina.
  8. Stitch

    Stitch Forever the friendly blue alien koala VIP

    Don’t take me wrong I still think France is gonna win the world cup, their team is amazing. On paper better than England and Croatia but in reality I feel like they’re better as a team than Belgium too. So it really just depends on how good we play.
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  9. My ranking for the remaining teams’ goalkeepers is:
    1)Courtois (Belgium)
    2) Subasic (Croatia)
    3)Pickford (England)
    4)Lloris (France)
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  11. Solar

    Solar El Dorado VIP

    Budget Russia did a good job winning vs Kalashnikov Russia.

    Also, my money is on France.
  12. danstorm

    danstorm VIP

    I like how I was in a club yesterday during the game, and after Croatia won the match, everyone was like "We won!" even though we got eliminated in the groups, but whateves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  13. The Cuddle Team Leader

    The Cuddle Team Leader Banned Elite

    I am betting 7k on Uruguay losing.

    oh wait.
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  14. Bruno

    Bruno Bronze


    We definitely deserved that win
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  15. Kaggmaster

    Kaggmaster I'll remember you, if you remember me. <3 VIP

    Serbia may have lost but Croatia got into the finals above the 3 lions...

    There is kind of a beef between the Croats and Serbs but I'm still happy that they won rather than England.

    I say that they have a shot at winning the whole thing since they have lots of hidden potential many teams underestimate.

    can't wait for the finals!
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  16. Solar

    Solar El Dorado VIP

    England is... going home.
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  17. .shirt

    .shirt VIP

    @Carned football isn’t coming home
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  18. tay

    tay VIP

    lets go croatia (y)
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  19. i refer to my previous comment: FoOtBaLlS cOmInG hOmE
  20. TrinityBlade⚔️

    TrinityBlade⚔️ When I go, I'm never coming back. Moderator VIP

    3rd place ain't so bad