why u guys hate me

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well for those that cant roast me here

  1. ur ugy and poopy

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  2. u smell like a flower

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  1. BagelRama

    BagelRama Regular Member

    through the time ive been in this community my rep has gone up and down and i decided to make this post so this can be Ur go to page to criticize me so it can be racial, harassment, anything nothings off the table admins if Ur seeing i really do not care anymore they can hate on me if they want i just want to have u know if u guys hit me down i will always get back up

    P.S Forgive my grammar please

    doesn't apply to those that either do not know me or those that like me
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  2. john redcorn

    john redcorn strangers like me VIP Emerald

    Sometimes we do silly things in life. These things can vary, anything from burning a pot of Alfredo sauce or getting banned for having the name "nuckfiggers". All we can do is learn from our failures and how to be better for the next go around, such as learning to stir the pot constantly or choosing a less borderline name.

    Don't sweat it, grow from it. The community doesn't hate you, you just did some silly things.
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  3. Good Noodle

    Good Noodle VIP Silver

    I don't think you're hated in this community, I just don't think you've found your place quite yet.

    I mean, there's a lot of us, and not everyone gets along with one another and I'm sure you just need to find people that like your company as oppose to others.
    I'm pretty chill with everyone (except one certain person), and if you ever want to start a conversation, I'm here.

    And like Wink said, grow from it and learn from your mistakes.
  4. CorallocinB

    CorallocinB Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    Dont lump everyone else into my hating of you (y)
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  5. Noctorious

    Noctorious Your Best Nightmare VIP Emerald

    Jun 18, 2017
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  6. BagelRama

    BagelRama Regular Member

    You are correct about that
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  7. Silent Rebel

    Silent Rebel Lead Shitposter VIP

    I don't know you and I already hate you
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  8. You

    You Member

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  9. Scotty

    Scotty Heroes come and go, but legends are forever. VIP Bronze

    Dude, I agree with Robo here. Don't group us all together and saying we all hate you. You probably have been dealing with trolls and people who have fun making people's lives miserable. By making this post you are just allowing them to ravel in the satisfaction of seeing they got to you. Just roll them off your shoulder and just smile and laugh. If you don't let them get to you they will most likely just let it be and move on to someone else that they will try and get a reaction out of them.
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  10. Silly

    Silly Fantasy VIP Silver

    Ah man you just need to learn how to ignore the trolls, you take everything they say seriously and that brings you down. While all you have to do is ignore them, quite simple.
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  11. Adminツ

    Adminツ VIP

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  12. MythMe

    MythMe VIP

    Duds you're a good bagel (y)
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