why do people hate airship

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  1. KRUS


    ^ THIS!

    Being T on Airship is hard, but there's way to be sneaky. Those who don't like the map are mostly people who are not able to get gud and gets mad because they can't delay their T rounds for hours like they normally do on other maps. I like the map because it's a challenge and like Nell said; I LMAO too much playing the map
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  2. Carnage

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    the map is small so a simple discomb would literally kill a lot of innocents and traitors which is good and bad depending on what role you have and its a bit difficult to kill someone and hide as theres not a lot of hiding spots. Most of the time its discomb, AK's and overpowered weapons useful to slaughter a bunch of ppl at once or one C4 can kill half of the people in the map.

    Although i love the map cause i can RDM and do funny things such as crowbarring someone off the edge so its not that bad. @dazza loves the map XD