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  1. Xproplayer

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    So if a detective is shooting player 1, and you come along and see this, and kill player 1, wouldnt this be rdm unless:

    Player 1 was shooting back at the detective or at other people
    Player 1 was being kosd by the detective while getting shot at
    Player 1 was doing something passively traitorous (standing by unid, in a traitor room etc)

    And then if there was a player 2 standing next to 1 that watched the whole thing go down, they wouldn't be gba unless player 1 was:

    shoot backing
    passively traitorous acts

    Is this right? I see people come along all the time and shoot a player that the detective is shooting or shoot players who didnt help kill someone the detective was shooting at.
  2. In the rules, it says that if someone is KOSed, you can't be GBA unless they are actively doing traitorous acts next to you and you aren't doing anything about it.
    It also says that if a Detective is RDMing, you can only KOS/Kill them if they are attacking you directly, so I'd say I'd just wait for the detective to finish shooting the guy before doing anything else.
    Howver, imo, it would make sense to help kill anyone a detective is killing, that's basically a KOS. If the guy is innocent and the Det is RDMing, that'll be on him, and he'll be punished appropriately.
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  3. Graze

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    You are correct Xpro.
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