Answered When are we gonna get unrolled back?

Discussion in 'Questions & Answers' started by Birddog6, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Birddog6

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    A lot of improvements that made the server were made.




    plz fix

    I want my nerfs back
  2. Elvis

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    I think the weapons do need to be balanced, but not to the extent that Opalium brought.
  3. dazza

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    The point of a rollback isn't then to "unroll back"

    the roll back was am attempt at taking the servers back to a more stable version, and so far this has been working, sure theres still crashes but most of them have been attributed to gmod physics crashes or map specific crashes, so an "un roll back" most likely wont be on the table

    However, it always was the plan to add some features back one at a time making sure we don't bring the crashes back with a specific piece of content, unfortunately highwon the big red man is the ONLY person who can do this currently and right now he just doesn't have the time, he does what he can and what he has to do to keep our platforms running but as far as this measly little mod knows : there isn't really a set date or time for content to be re-added, the servers are still being monitored and crashes being logged and investigated then highwon when he has time (it does take quite a lot of time , he would have to do it 1 server at a time, when they are empty, announce it, shut down, introduce content 1 at a time, restart and then monitor the server for a while) will probably start the process

    I will leave this unanswered incase of the big bois ( @Pacifist @Teroxa ) know more and can/want to share what they know, but for now that's just info that's already been made available to us all and a bit of my own knowledge
  4. Pacifist

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    The idea, and this is something Teroxa has touched on in other posts, is that part of the compromise in not shutting down is that we would take the servers back to a time when they were much smaller in scope. Think of it as a classic version of our servers. For this, I can't say for certain whether or not we will ever get to a state of pre-shutdown SGM. It doesn't help that we lack a developer ATM. I'm afraid there is nothing concrete I can give you regarding this question. Just know that me and Teroxa are working on implementing changes, but the community will see more of that in the coming weeks. Thank you!
  5. Teroxa

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    @dazza and @Pacifist already answered the majority of this question, I'd just like to add a bit.
    We don't have a set date or an exact time how long it'll take for us to bring back some content and what exactly it'll be.
    Things we definitely want to bring back are any relevant fixes or patches to maps, models, possibly guns and balancing, and a few staff features we lost with the rollbacks.
    Feel free to let us know if there's any other content you definitely want to see added back, and we'll see if we can make it happen.
    Highwon is still actively working on examining/fixing the code, but as dazza mentioned this is a very time-consuming process, especially for a single person.

    And please note, that while there are some things that'll be added back, it's not the plan to go back to where we were at before.
    While the main reason for the rollbacks are to fix the performance/stability issues we've been experiencing, we are also purposefully going back to a older version of the servers.

    Again, if there's anything you really want to see added back, let us know. Feel free to open a thread to discuss this further if you'd like.
    I can't guarantee that it'll be possible though, but we'll see what we can do.
    And this is something I've mentioned before, but I definitely want to try and bring back some of the most wanted features by the community.