What's your HS%

Discussion in 'TTT Discussion' started by Rambo, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. Rambo

    Rambo Shoot first, ask later. VIP

    Lets see who has the most consistent hs in the community!
    I have 50.8 which rounds up to 51%. Post Screenshots if you want.

    Just divide your total Hs with total kills.
  2. DocFox

    DocFox The Best Is Yet To Come VIP Silver Emerald

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  3. Turquoise

    Turquoise Princess of Vanilla VIP

    Mine dropped to 41%, still decent I guess.
  4. Robokiller87

    Robokiller87 Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald

    If someone could not calculate their HS% then they shouldn't be on the internet.

    As for me, It's ~25%
  5. Rambo

    Rambo Shoot first, ask later. VIP

    Well you would be suprised by the internet
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  6. tz-

    tz- feelin it Moderator VIP Emerald

    I sit around 70% now ayy lmao
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  7. Mr. Disco

    Mr. Disco Jeff Lynne is a musical genius. VIP

    .55 rounded.
  8. Joker

    Joker The Clown Prince of Crime VIP

    For me it's 54%.
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  9. hnnnnnnng

    hnnnnnnng VIP

    like 2% lol
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  10. GimcSnooper

    GimcSnooper ♫ Maybe In Another Life I can find you there ♫ VIP

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  11. Lone Wanderer

    Lone Wanderer The One and Only VIP

    I have an abysmal 38.8% headshot percentage.

    Doesn't mean I don't get kills though :sneaky:
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  12. hnnnnnnng

    hnnnnnnng VIP

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  13. Agent A

    Agent A Veni, vidi, vici VIP Silver Emerald

    I have 40% headshot rate. Not bad considering that I have tendency to go for body, rather than for the head.
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  14. ifavila

    ifavila Active Member

  15. Zikeji

    Zikeji Repoleved VIP Emerald

  16. Rhienor

    Rhienor Integrity VIP

    Mine sits around 75% but you have to bear in mind I don't have many kills xD
  17. Koanga

    Koanga gr8 b8 m8, i r8 8/8 VIP

    I have a 103% HS rate, worse than the last time I posted this by 2% but oh well.

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  18. Amr

    Amr Benevolently Committed VIP Iron

    Where is the sad rating?
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  19. Togo

    Togo Nobody Gets it Banned VIP Silver

    like 70%
  20. 65% lol