What's a song you guys love

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  1. stevenisjusthere

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    Very noice, shame it didnt get on the original album
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  2. ori with a gun

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    My music taste is absolute garbage! (y) It's mainly rooted in 2010's rock/pop, but I'm experimenting some more and finding some new genres and artists, my favorite song changes weekly. Here are some highlights:

    I'm startin to listen to more Tally Hall, Ruler of Everything despite the meme slaps.
    I'm a pleb who likes Imagine Dragons and Origins is my favorite album from them
    Marg's EP is super good
    SYOD is great, nothing new. The latest Protect the Land is fantastic.
    and theres a lot more
    idk if you really wanna see my Spotify playlist DM me
    i'll add links when i feel like it
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  3. Bruno

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  4. Wojack

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    Gonna post my top shit:
    After the love has gone, Earth Wind and Fire
    Reasons, Earth Wind and Fire
    Twelve thirty, the mamas and the papas
    Footprints on my ceiling, social distortion
    Early summer, ryo fukui
    Time, Pink Floyd
    Dogs, Pink Floyd
    If not now, then when, King gizzard and the lizard wizard
    Truth, Kamasi Washington

    fuck there’s a lot of simpy shit in here
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  5. waffle

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  6. My Dime Is Up

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    I literally like almost every single type of music. I'll use spoilers to keep it nicer since I picked favorites of each genre I could think of since I have no favorite music.

    Since its currently sunny, doo-wop and classic rock while driving around

    Orchestra. A lot that I like. Since this is a gaming community tho, I won't throw old ass composers. Instead we'll do one of my favorite childhood games (besides Maro Kart Wii)

    Wintertime we switch over to rap. Seasons dictate which music I listen to. These are a few bangers

    When I'm working or more often writing agreements/reading legal stuff (yes I enjoy that actually), listen to some Harvey Specter beats

    Jazz during the summer but also any season just to get the mood up when its snowy and cold.

    I also like military/Russian folk music (yes I said I like almost all types of music). Russia has some bangers, the U.S. only really two songs.

    I'm not a simple man. Give me music I'll probably like it.
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  7. Pierre Boulez - Structures really helps me with my anxiety

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