Finished welcome back hyper plus my first giveaway :P

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  1. Gazzy

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    @hyper welcome back long man

    10k points (might add more points)
    No other prizes.

    How to enter
    Tag @Hyper ✿ and say something about him

    You can also enter for others if you want

    End date
    When @Stitch finishes his giveaway, might delay a bit depending on when he will finish his giveaway

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  2. Hyper ✿

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    stop this madness.
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    @Hyper ✿

    What if Obi Wan fought 1000 Anakins but was on top of Mount Everest?

    Well, Mount Everest is approximately 29,000 feet tall. With 1,000 Anakins in play, Obi-Wan has 29 feet of high ground per Anakin.

    In Episode III, we saw Obi-Wan defeat Anakin using the high ground. If Obi-Wan had less than 29 feet of high ground when he defeated Anakin then, we can safely conclude that he could beat 1,000 Anakins with a high-ground advantage of 29,000 feet.

    Judging by footage from Episode III, Obi-Wan appears to be standing approximately two and a half of his own body lengths above the level of the lava. Since Ewan McGregor is 5 feet, 9.5 inches tall, he is approximately 14 feet, 5.75 inches above the level of the lava. Taking into account the fact that Anakin was actually jumping from a little bit above the level of the lava, the fact that Obi-Wan may have been able defeat Anakin from an even lower ground, and the fact that I purposely erred on the side of overestimating Obi-Wan’s elevation, it seems clear that a 29 foot advantage is more than twice what Obi-Wan needs to defeat a single Anakin.

    Thus, I conclude that Obi-Wan would definitely be able to defeat 1,000 Anakins if he was standing atop Mount Everest. In fact, he would probably even defeat 2,000 Anakins. In conclusion, don’t try it.
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  7. Scotty

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    @Hyper ✿ My little brother still thinks youre a chick.
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    these tags are torture
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    @Hyper ✿ said they will give me 50k points as well if I win this
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  17. Cereal KiIler

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    @Hyper ✿ good thing you are no longer a stuff, cause you were hyper
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