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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by n0blerone, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. n0blerone

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    This is a great TTT Detective weapon that lets you can other players and find out what they are carrying but be aware if they move the scan stops and the time it takes to scan is random

    this may be a bad idea.

    This is only for D, and more d weapons will come because D has a low amount of weapons (In the c shop)
  2. DocFox

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  3. n0blerone

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    But if the target moves it begins from new. I think its pretty equal
  4. Lone Wanderer

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    I don't think this is too useful of a weapon, because you can't kill anyone based off the weapon they have unless it's a traitor weapon. So really, the only thing you could get from this would be to suspect someone based off a weapon they were carrying.
  5. n0blerone

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    It could see if they carry a t weapon though.
  6. n0blerone

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    Yeah this suggestion wasnt my best.
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  7. Elvis

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    Wait are you talking about being able to see their active inventory? If so, then -1. If not, then -1. Either way, its not good. Id rather not lose my T round to some detective who bought this and then found out that I bought a T weapon. Even tho it stops when i move, what if you are camping in one spot?
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  8. Owned

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    now I can check my enemy's power level before I make a move
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