We NEED a balance reset

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Balance Reset?

  1. Yes. Do it quickly! (But with warning so we can spend it all!)

  2. No. Never.

  3. What the hell is Minecraft?

  4. My response is a comment!

  5. Indifference is Me!

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  1. Kyül

    Kyül Caged Bird VIP Bronze

    I try to be a bit mature and not deviate the discussion of this thread (that might not be important to you, but to everybody else it is) to continue a pointless argument with you. If you wanna think im trying to stop it because I feel like im loosing, you have the right to do so. I frankly DONT care. Good day.
  2. The Law

    The Law You fought the law and the law won. VIP Silver Emerald

    There seems to be a misconception regarding jobs. Statements like these show a lack of understanding for how the jobs plugin currently functions on the server.

    Allow me explain how jobs work with a little story about a man named bob:
    Bob is a strapping young lad who doesn't mind getting dirty to make money. So Bob decides to take on a digger job at a local excavation company. Bob is given a daunting task to excavate out an entire sand biome. Bob starts out at the bottom of the pay scale as a level 1 digger with a starting salary of $0.13 per sand block he mines. Early on, Bob is finding it difficult to make ends meet with this low salary, and often experiences having to choose between keeping food on the table for his family or paying for rent. Bob is worried about loosing his home, not being able to provide for his family, and is feeling a bit down in life. But luckily for bob, his persistence pays off, and his boss gives him a raise. Bob was promoted to a level 2 digger and now makes $0.16 per sand block he mines. The extra spending money allows Bob to buy a cake at the local market for his 3 year old son- Bob had not been able to afford a cake for his sons previous birthdays, and so this meant a lot to him. Bob has began to realize the opportunities available to him and the potential for earning better money with each promotion. Over the next few weeks Bob works very hard, putting in hours upon hours of digging. Looking at bob now, a lot has changed for him; with all the hard work he's put in, he is now a level 80 digger earning $1.17 for every sand block he mines. Bob is now one of the richest men in town, sweeping in $50,000 for every hour he's out excavating. The family eats well, and they live in a large 8000 square foot home with a swimming pool and a private tennis court. And Bob has plenty of additional money to spend on himself; including golf, jet skiing, new cars, cocaine, jewelry, and the latest electronic gizmos; you name it, bob has it. Bob keeps this up for another 14 hours of digging, amassing a total of $700,000, making him the richest man in town. However, rather unfortunately, Bob develops a cocaine addiction and losses everything. He losses his good paying job, and his wife leaves him with the kids. Nowadays, you can find Bob off the corner of Hastings st. lying behind a dumpster with a litter of used heroin syringes beside him...

    Here is the Formula used by the Jobs plugin:
    ((Starting Salary x Number of Promotions) x 0.1) + Starting Salary= $$$ [dollar amount for each action (ie. each sand block mined).]
    As you can see it is in fact very possible to surpass the top balance holders, providing you put in the time and effort, and take time studying jobs to determine for yourself the job that will best make you money. Now can we put this balance reset to rest?
    1. Currently, you can have up to two jobs; however, having a second job will result in a reduction in the total money you can earn per action (ie. mined sand block). I've heard reports that the deduction is by half. This information has not been tested and therefore may not be accurate due to possible tweaks to the algorithm.
    2. These values have the potential to change at anytime as the economy is continued to be tweaked and tested.
    3. I used the digger job as an example because it is one of the simpler and more prosperous ways of making money. But, I encourage you to look into other jobs as well; you might be surprised by the opportunities available.
    4. EDIT: Another important aspect that I neglected to mention is considering the amount of xp earned per action (ie. xp per sand block mined). The higher the xp earned per action, the sooner you can reach the higher levels where money is earned quickly; and so you may want to consider this when selecting your job...
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  3. Graze

    Graze Zzz... VIP Silver

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you factor in how long it takes to rank up levels or the curve of cash income as the levels come in. I'd do the math myself, but after only skimming over it, I didn't notice you account for this, and the numbers assume that bob is already level 80, which takes a long, long, long time to achieve.

    Note that I'm not against your point, just pointing out that your point is a little misleading since you don't mention that it takes a lot of time to get to this level of productivity in the first place.
  4. The Law

    The Law You fought the law and the law won. VIP Silver Emerald

    Yes, something you will want to look into is not only the starting salary, but also the xp you earn per action. The higher the xp the faster you will get to 50-80 levels where the money is best.
  5. neutral

    neutral Banned VIP

    It doesn't look like so. But regardless- the recent jobs tweak make jobs a very viable option. I don't have a very high level in my digging job, but with two jobs and around 10-15 in levels I can make appx 1k/5 min with an Eff V shovel. This of course would be slowed down with a weaker shovel- but it still goes to show that it is a VERY viable option.

    (I don't think the equation he used is accurate- it is the one that the jobs plugin uses by default, but I believe this is the same equation that was recently changed. Someone may be able to correct me on this.)
  6. ifavila

    ifavila Active Member

    whachu mean you're disliking all my posts and calling them dumb
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  7. CorallocinB

    CorallocinB Animeme lord VIP Silver Emerald


    Please take your argument elsewhere you were warned earlier by Milo. Stop trying to derail the thread it's not your place to trash people, argue with them, and move away from the topic at hand. I don't care whom you're arguing with and what they said; you can take it elsewhere and continue it there. If they continue in the thread they shall be warned like you are right now so do not be instigated by them and continue. If you happen to continue down this road you'll be subject to punishment.
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  8. The Law

    The Law You fought the law and the law won. VIP Silver Emerald

    I have confirmed that the formula was changed; however, it does not change my results above, and let me explain why:
    This is the current equation being used (current as of today): baseincome+(baseincome*(joblevel-1)*0.1)-((baseincome+(joblevel-1)*0.1) * ((numjobs-1)*0.05))
    In my original post above, I have simplified the formula a great deal. For one, I removed the -1 on job level, why? because it makes a trivial difference in the result- this is after all an approximation. Secondly, I removed the dark purple section of the formula because it only applies to those who take on a second job. If you do not take on a second job, then only the green portion of the formula applies to you. The recent change @HelixSpiral referenced was made to the dark purple side of the equation to increase the deduction given to players who take on a second job; this was changed to prevent players from making full money on a now large list of money making actions.

    [ Starting Salary x Number of Promotions) x 0.1) + Starting Salary = $x.xx per action ]
    ^ My above equation is indeed a simplified and valid equation to give you an accurate approximation for the money you stand to gain at a specific level; If however you decide to take on two jobs, then the dark purple side of the equation applies, and will need to be added to the equation. My best advise, stick to one job to avoid any deductions.
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  9. Togo ✿

    Togo ✿ Nobody Gets it VIP Silver

    1. this isn't going to happen
    2. it would piss off the people who have tons of money right now
    3. it wouldn't fix the core problem
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  10. DTKGamer

    DTKGamer Emerald

    I am one of the "people who have tons of money right now", and this would not "piss me off"
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  11. Veno

    Veno Emerald

    Most of the people who have tons of money don't even play anymore--in fact, hardly anyone plays anymore. What does that tell you about the state of things?
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  12. Graze

    Graze Zzz... VIP Silver

    This thread is still going?
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  13. Squidd

    Squidd VIP

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