Waiting for paypal to go through

Discussion in 'Store and Donations' started by Fortune Cookie, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. i donated $20 for vip on the the servers and got the email with the reciept and everything. the money hasnt been taking out of my account yet and i was wondering if it is still pending or if there is an issue.
  2. Zikeji

    Zikeji Repoleved VIP Emerald

    Did you pay with an e-check? If you did it could take up to 5 days to process.
  3. Yes i did, my pay pal was fucked up so i paid with e check. dose it really take up to 5 days?
  4. DocFox

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    Yes, we wouldn't lie to you. E-checks take time to process.
  5. Zikeji

    Zikeji Repoleved VIP Emerald

    Yes. In fact, it could take more than 5 days, it could take weeks. But 5 days is normal. Best case scenario is 2 days.