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Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Lone Wanderer, May 27, 2015.

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  1. Zypther

    Zypther #SuitUp VIP Bronze Iron

    Well one of my most favorable moments was when I learned how to get VIP weapons on the vanilla server.:whistle:
    Probably @Drunk Dog and @Savannah Banana | SF just about the first two people I remember seeing.
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  2. Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub

    Communion (1989) Putlockers HD Stream Eng Sub i'm thinking i'm thinking VIP

    Based on this statement, the rest of the ride must have been awful. I'm sorry you had to go through that..
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  3. Andrew

    Andrew VIP

    1.) Countless number of fun rounds that #TeamFuckboi rekt everybody in

    2.) In the beginning, the people who impacted me most were...

    i.) @Sinz For being a generous guy and gifting me VIP on one of my very first times on the servers. You gave me that extra incentive to keep playing here and to become a part of the community. Thanks!

    ii.) @La Vie At first I thought you hated me, and we had this kind of rivalry where we talked shit non stop to each other, but then eventually we kind of warmed up and you became one of my best friends here. Thanks!
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  4. Koba

    Koba Give your all VIP Emerald

    1. My first memorable moment was very long ago, like end of 2013 long ago. It was when JihadJoe was a mod and I saw BananaCocunuts prop surfing, and I thought he was breaking the rules
    2. The two people I would tag have been perma banned on the forums at least, so I can not tag them. Event Horizon first picked me up as a mod, and he was a great leader and Skip The Dip who helped me make new friends when I first joined
  5. My Dime Is Up

    My Dime Is Up Its my dime to code VIP

    My first memory was when I joined. It was ttt_metropolis. I just joined and I had an M16 and a colt. I rember all of the staff like @RhazhBash and @Frag. I remember I feel off since it was my first time playing the map :p

    Staff that have made a big impact are: @Sinz @MangoTango and so many other staff members
  6. Wojack

    Wojack Her king :3 VIP

    1. I don't remember the map or anything, but what I do remember is getting permabanned from another server, saying "I'm gonna start shit somewhere else," and coming here, seeing M9K weapons which weren't so typical, and saying "Shiet, I like this," and staying.
    2. When I joined... Gotta say @Chii and @urisk2 because he tolerated my shit
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  7. NeverEnding

    NeverEnding It's Never going to end. Trust me on this. VIP

    1. When I managed to gun down 15 people in hairyhouse (just with 3 magazine of mp7 while facing the threat of jackhammers and double barrel (Purchasable at that point of time))
    2. @Savannah Banana | SF @Candycaneore
  8. MemeDaddy

    MemeDaddy VIP

    1. Tell me one of your first, memorable moments on STTT's servers.
    I had under 10 hours on the STTT servers and my friends made fun of me for buying VIP, then later on they got me banned for ghosting

    2. Tag two people who impacted you a lot when you first joined STTT.
    @Carned gave me a dank 2 week ban
    @Fading for the report that got me my dank 2 week ban
  9. Happy

    Happy Laughter is the best medicine. VIP

    1. My most memorable time is playing whit kynwall and TheCoCoFTW. I remember jihading them both... Then getting harpooned every round. :D Now I just love killing them :LOL:
    @kynwall @TheCoCoFTW
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  10. DrkSephy

    DrkSephy VIP Bronze

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  11. EhhChris

    EhhChris Advisor. VIP Silver Emerald

    Alright. First memorable moment. Hmn. Probably planting C4 all over the office map and killing ~12 innos to finish the round. This was within the first few weeks of my playing and it got me addicted to team carrying as a traitor.

    Impact... Hm. Well, @Alpha Wolfy was the one who got me to create an introduction, and that ultimately led to my involvement in the community, and I'm really thankful for that. Secondly, @The Law picked me up as a trial mod, giving me an opportunity to help out the community, which is what I've been doing ever since. So I guess that's important and impactful :p
  12. Jesus Carlos

    Jesus Carlos Regular Member

    1. Tell me one of your first, memorable moments on STTT's servers. Forming the crowbar police and whenever someone did a traitorus act or was kosed we would all gang up on him and try to crowbar them to death
    2. Tag two people who impacted you a lot when you first joined STTT.
    @La Vie @Machinekiller00
  13. Lone Wanderer

    Lone Wanderer The One and Only VIP

    Thank you everyone who entered into this giveaway! Apologies for making this post about 2 hours late to close off the giveaway (been a bit distracted with some other things).

    I'll need to post the winners of the drawings a bit earlier than I originally stated because I've got my brother's graduation party tomorrow starting at 1:00PM. As such, I'll be posting the results at 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. The rules of the drawing still remain the same.

    Following the drawing, I'll be sure to contact the winners before giving them their rank, in case they still want to receive it or if they would like to give it to another user.
  14. Lone Wanderer

    Lone Wanderer The One and Only VIP

    Thank you once again for everyone who participated in this giveaway!

    The winner of the first drawing was @Rek. The first drawing included those who entered the giveaway ranked 'donator' or lower. Not to good with pictures or capturing my screen, but here's some screenshots showing the result of the drawing and such: 2015-06-07 11.38.03.png?dl=0 2015-06-07 11.38.36.png?dl=0

    The winner of the second drawing was @ryan4win | SP. This drawing included everyone who entered the giveaway, excluding the winner of the first drawing. Again, here's some screenshots showing the results of that drawing. 2015-06-07 11.39.07.png?dl=0 2015-06-07 11.39.15.png?dl=0

    I'll be getting into contact with the two winners to make sure that they're still interested in receiving the donation in their name. Again, thank you all for participating, and congratulations to @Rek and @ryan4win | SP!
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  15. Rek

    Rek Ø

    U da real mvp.
  16. Bacon Bombs

    Bacon Bombs Matthew 1:25 New Testament VIP Bronze

    Rigged for staff
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