Finished Vip, Elite, (DR included) or 20$ Steam Game

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Graze, Jul 16, 2016.

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  1. Graze

    Graze Zzz... VIP Silver

    I will be giving away one VIP, Elite, Silver, or Gold Rank, or 20$ Steam Game to the winner of this giveaway. To enter this giveaway, simply give this post a like.

    -You can enter for others. Tag them.
    -Giveaway ends 1 week from today's date, and at that time I will put everyone's name in a list and randomize it.

    Best of luck.
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  2. Hyper ✿

    Hyper ✿ peace lata VIP Bronze

    Thanks fham
  3. Python~

    Python~ Young Bard VIP Silver Emerald

  4. Acnologia

    Acnologia modern desperado VIP Silver

    really need dat Undertale (and trading cards) fam.
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  5. Everything sounds good here.
  6. Panda With a Gun

    Panda With a Gun CHINA NUMBA ONE Administrator VIP Emerald

    Thanks for the giveaway!
  7. Sith Master

    Sith Master An individual may die, but the Sith are eternal Banned Gold VIP Emerald

    Thanks for the giveaway Graze!!
    Entering for @Ragman
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  8. Brahma

    Brahma Homecoming. VIP Silver

    Thanks for the giveaway.
  9. Oh yes, would enjoy this. I think I know what games I would get...
  10. DrkSephy

    DrkSephy VIP Bronze

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  11. JackThePumpkin

    JackThePumpkin VIP Bronze

    Time to lose, again.
  12. Darth Gorgamel

    Darth Gorgamel A Dark Lord of the Sith VIP Emerald

    Thanks for another great giveaway.
  13. Bs_Pac_Man

    Bs_Pac_Man Member

    Thx Fam <3
  14. Machinekiller00

    Machinekiller00 I <3 Gunter VIP Silver

    Thanks for this giveaway. Hope I win :p
  15. Thanks for doing this <3
  16. Matt

    Matt VIP

    cool beans babe. thanks for the Giveaway
  17. Anna

    Anna before we fade VIP

    Thanks for the giveaway! :D
  18. GRYPHN

    GRYPHN ♫ Thanks for the Memories ♫ VIP

  19. Ruby

    Ruby Turn your wounds into wisdom Banned VIP Silver Emerald

    I'm a better Pokemon trainer
  20. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious Regular Member

    "If you watch sitcoms without the laugh tracks, the characters just give each other cringed looks and awkward silences for those jokes."
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