Accepted [Vanilla] ttt_mc_christmastown

Discussion in 'Maps' started by Marshal Zuijj, May 29, 2020.

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  1. Xerp

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  2. Lunar

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    get fucked marshal the servers couldn't even handle the awesome map
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  3. I still honestly doubt it's the map causing the crash. was this isolated to vanilla 1 or did it happen on vanilla 2 too?
    if i recall mc_island17 was also removed before due to supposed crashing, but was re-added recently and hasn't had any issues since.
    the map being heavily played for a week and a half and then being on when the server crashed twice really sounds like a bad coincidence. i legit can't think of anything that'd cause a crash lmao

    regardless, if anyone was on during the crash please dm me what was happening before it crashed on discord Zuijj#1215
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  4. -Vader-

    -Vader- VIP

    Imagine playing the map every like 2-3 hours and it hasn't crashed for like 2 weeks. After two weeks it crashes once, must be the map. Are you sure you upgraded your Pentium 4 server box?
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  5. roy

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    @Zuijj my understanding is one crash occurred on vanilla when it was voted to change to christmastown, crashed upon map loading. Second crash was also on vanilla later in the day, when voting to change maps while currently already on christmastown.
  6. that definitely makes it sound like more of a server issue than a map issue. especially considering vanilla has been crashing frequently even before christmastown was added
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  7. Paradox

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  8. ye my dudes there's really nothing i can do. had no crashes on my end in the amount of testing i've done, and it makes no sense for the map to crash twice after a week and a half weeks of high population playing with no issues. until something comes up or highwon has a concrete crash log, rip.

    we have now entered the mc_island17 zone

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  9. roy

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    @Highwon both crashes occured on the same iteration of the map (once changing to it, once changing away from it) on the same night. Possible this was an isolated bug? We've played this map 100x minimum at this point with no issues.
  10. the server crashed on map vote again. this definitely does not seem to be a christmastown issue, but a server issue.
    please consider re-adding it to the server
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  11. PwnageKO

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    Ayo @Highwon , Vanilla 1 just crashed my guy. I think we gotta take out Richland too, just in case. Ya feel? Maybe Office too. Any opinions on this @Zuijj and Vader?
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  12. Frost

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    vote for haven
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  13. -Vader-

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    Yeah, I've seen those maps crash as well.
    +1 from me.
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  14. RyanHymenman

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    Locking this thread. The deal with map crashes should just be between Highwon, Marshal, and Vader in PM's at this point. If ya'll can figure it out, cheers, Ill unlock the thread then.

    (also gonna throw in here that the first night we ran the map when Highwon added it to the rotation, the server also crashed as well. Since then we've been keeping an eye on it causing crashes. And say it is just a coincidence, which the server crashing 3 times on the map after about a week is hella coincidence, better to take the map out until we find out what is actually causing the crashes, just to be safe)

    Edit: Wait, you guys arent allowed to downvote me. I am an admin with unlimeted power. Opinions arent allowed against me :mad:
    nah I respect the disagreeing and understand it too (y)
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  15. Highwon

    Highwon Owner VIP Silver

    Yes, the servers will crash occasionally, thats unavoidable but if we notice a specific map is causing more crashes than what is normal then we will remove it. I would say 1-2 crashes per week can be considered normal but 2 within the same day not so much, especially on the same map.

    The map is still on Vanilla & Vanilla 2, just not in the voting rotation. Admins can manually force the map if you want to do additional testing with a full server.
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  16. roy

    roy is MOST DEFINITELY a ship VIP Silver

    @Highwon would there be any crash logs that could be reviewed? Without some sort of technical data I’m not sure anything could be specifically narrowed down in this case. This was a very popular map with the community and personally I’d like to do anything we can to try and get it back, especially given the work put into its creation.

    The crash occurred on the same iteration of that map (once voting to go to it, once voting to leave it) making me wonder if there was something that caused an instability in this specific instance. We played this map hundreds of times between vanilla/vanilla2 as it was voted about as often as it was off of cooldown.

    I’ve noticed we’ve seen a few more crashes occur during voting specifically, which makes me think this may have more to do with the voting plugin or map transition in general rather than this specific map, but ultimately I recognize it's your decision. Just a shame to let a fun map get stuck out of the rotation - could we give it a test run for a week or so and see if we get another crash?
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