!Valve Complete Pack £18!

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  1. Steam has just put up the valve complete pack 75% off, don't know wether its a mistake but you save £90 so i'd suggest getting it quick.


    Games given after purchase (crossed out ones i already got)
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  2. Carned

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    Also you're probably better off buying the stuff you want and not getting all the shit included imo.
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  3. Linkthedinosaur

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    Damn! Bought it for $50 a while back XD
  4. Taco_Rocket

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    "Hey guys let's play DOD:confused:!" - Said nobody ever.
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  5. BigBoyMansion

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    It's only equivalent to $12 for me :D
  6. $22.50 ;_;
    Oh and I see you ply Hidden Source too
  7. Firestorm

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    But then lord gaben wouldnt be a multi-millionaire ;_;
  8. Killamarshall

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    i need to get CS GO, but alas no monies lol
  9. NeverEnding

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    It's a special promotion, ends at 1st october.