Finished Valentine's Day Giveaway

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by Doben, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. shanty

    shanty Bronze

    spending many restless nights browsing tumblr w/ her thru skype at 2 am :)

    also, ty for the giveaway, I'll enter for assassin's creed unity
  2. cromario54

    cromario54 Supporter

    Best moment when i asked a girl out and she actually said yes

    Entering for VIP+
  3. Guardia

    Guardia The future refused to change, Game Over. VIP

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  4. Steve Mason

    Steve Mason Honesty. Banned Gold VIP

    Entering for @Guardia because I love him.

    Good luck and thanks for the giveaway!
  5. Zypther

    Zypther #SuitUp VIP Bronze Iron

    Ok, definitely sharing my first kiss with her on Saturday tops everything else off.
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  6. Anna

    Anna before we fade VIP

    Getting to spend whole weekends with @Mr. Rogers after not getting to spend time together during the week because of life is always the best. From playing league games, to exploring in Astroneer, playing Town of Salem and Rocket League; there is honestly never a dull moment and far too many memories to list. What I can say though is the wait during the week is definitely worth it. :love:

    I'll be entering for him too btw :LOL:

    Thanks for the giveaway :>
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  7. Opalium

    Opalium Stay Awesome Banned VIP Silver

    Entering for @Cafedemocha for VIP+. You need some color man.

    I had a lot of memorable moments with my love, but those I love the most are the moments where we're together at home. Whether we watch a movie or something and she just falls asleep on me, or when she watches me play games and ask all kinds of silly questions because she has no clue what's going on (one exceptional gem from her when I played league: "so all you do is blow up the enemy puppets until you win?"), or just waking up and seeing her by my side... It's those little daily moments together that I remember most of all. :love:

    Thanks for the giveaway @Dobie and @Vinerra! You two are adorable together. :D
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  8. I've had a lot of great memories. But I think the best one was playing with @Melon Maniac and making a bowling ball army :p
    Yeah. not a big one but meh...
    Also, I'm entering for VIP+ because assassin's creed is dead.
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  9. Smusha

    Smusha Meme Marine & Staffin' Machine VIP

    Every my memories in the community are fun ones. ( @Dobie scorpio shot first);)
    I'm yet to find a loved one to share them with however FeelsBadMan.

    Entering for AC Unity !
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  10. Fabulous Fishy

    Fabulous Fishy VIP Silver

    Do exes count?

    My ex introduced me to league and taught me how to play, and I eventually got way better than him. Was a pretty fun experience.
    Also would love Brotherhood ;)
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  11. Betraying literally everyone and lying my way out of all kinds of situations when im a T is pretty damn hilarious ( dw im not the kinda guy to lie outside of ttt) but yeah all in all making tag teams with @Detective Tree D @AppleJack and some other people i don't remember.
  12. Peter Whammm

    Peter Whammm Banned VIP

    I love this amazing community with all my love....... Its the best of anything with this oppurtunity of spending with u guys ;)
  13. Mr. Rogers

    Mr. Rogers Lil Tokyo VIP Silver

    Funny that Assassins creed is part of this giveaway, it's actually something @Anna and I bonded over as being one of the first franchises we got into.

    Anywayyy, she's great just being around and talking with, wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. We make the most out of every moment spent together and it's actually the most healthy relationship I've ever been in. I have the most fun with her whenever we're just alone together and get to talk. I got really lucky and I love every second of it.

    Ty @Dobie for giveaway. It's sweet.
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  14. Iuna

    Iuna Goodnight moon VIP

    Hanging out with all my friends here and getting my 100th knife kill

    Entering for the VIP +
  15. wagwan

    wagwan VIP

    Best moments probably with SWEX.
  16. Mellow

    Mellow Taking it easy VIP

    I think being part of this community, especially as staff is the best experience I've had ;)
  17. Chewie

    Chewie deadrun mod VIP Bronze

    best memory is hiding in closets on clue with one of my pals who no longer plays on these servers.

    want dat ac brotherhood, but any of those are fine.
  18. Super Stolica

    Super Stolica Supporter

    I love when you boiis come and tell me to stop saying the n-word
  19. Dexter

    Dexter SGM's Resident Former Rage Mod VIP Emerald

    Valentine was denied for tomorrow so just VIP+ ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴

    I can't really pick just one moment, every day has been special with this community.
  20. Janppa

    Janppa VIP Bronze

    On the server just having fun is the best. I dont have a specific best memory. Both of those prices are great :D