Finished Valentine's Day/Farewell Giveaway

Discussion in 'Giveaways' started by GRYPHN, Dec 10, 2020.

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    @marg simsim because our album is filled with love and jaundice
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    Mine is @Coinston

    Also when you say we have to make a song about love do you mean we have to produce one or can we just write a love song? I asked because poetry is a hobby of mine.
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    i was gonna say carl but he broke my heart my new valentine is @LBPotatoes
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  8. I'm confused about all this stuff, might shoot a part of my brain off to just forget about it.
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  11. GRYPHN

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    If you make a song (beat, lyrics, and singing) you will be entered 2 times for the $200.

    If you write lyrics or just sing the song, You will be entered 1 time for the $200.

    I will only take serious attempts.. Meaning It could be a funny song but actually has to be thought out humor wise.

    Editing original post
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  12. Robyn

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    So no parodies? :(
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  14. GRYPHN

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    If its well thought out and not just cringey, Im all for it
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    @Klutch is my valentine against his will :love:
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  18. Times have been tough indeed. They're talking about removing the McRib.