Finished Valentine's Day/Farewell Giveaway

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    GRYPHN ♫ Thanks for the Memories ♫ VIP

    Hello SGM, Happy Valentine's Day!
    As I am single at the time I'm creating this giveaway, I thought, Why not give a gift to some random people in spirit of the holiday of love! (Christmas already has it's share of giveaways)
    As some of you know, I recently took up the new hobby of singing and songwriting, alongside being a photoshopper.

    (Check out my sig shop in hobbies thread!)

    ****Only enter for yourself when pertaining to the cash

    If entering for someone else rank wise, you will only get 1 entry! ****

    What You Can Win: ( 3 possibly 4 lucky winners, depending on number of entries)
    VIP+ (x1)
    VIP (x1)
    $100***(must complete at least 1 of the final 3 options)

    -If purchasing something with money nonsteam related, I may need address. This will remain confidential and be deleted upon order completion! If you aren't comfortable with this, must use steam or something that wont require address!

    What must you do: (1 entry each)

    -Must be an active player (with at least 25 hrs on the servers)
    1. Positive rate this post

    2. Whose your SGM Valentine?

    Mine is: @Elvis

    Create a song/video of some sort pertaining to love/heartbreak (Worth 2 entries!)
    (at least 2 minutes 30 seconds)
    *If you just enter lyrics, it will be worth 1 entry
    *Only serious song entries, Meaning calculated humor is accepted.

    *4. Create something valentine/love related through photoshop

    *5. Create a drawing/painting related to love.

    When will it end?
    February 14th, 2021! (To give the creative minds time to create)

    - I will tally up everyone's entries on February 13th, 2021!
    (Make sure entries are completed by Noon CST on the 13th!)

    The giveaway will conclude with a
    random draw for ranks.
    $200 will be compiled of my favorite videos/songs created for another random draw.

    A second cash prize may be added if a lot of entries including videos/songs is added

    I will post a song of my own when I close the giveaway!

    Also, Would like to congratulate Marg for the previous win.
    If he were to enter, since he won the last giveaway, A 4th winner will be entered to get half of the grand $200! (Better than not letting him win at all!)
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  2. Carl

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  4. Rico

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    my sgm valentine is @urmom
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  5. Yellow

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    doing urmom
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    GRYPHN ♫ Thanks for the Memories ♫ VIP

    Dude no way, my valentine is also @urmom!
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  7. [MZK]Lightning

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    My Valentine is my little sister @JesstheMess because I love her overflowing positivity.
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    I can’t possibly choose just one, @marg simsim and @gerafe are too beautiful inside and out.
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  12. Jabba the Slut

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    My Valentine is @Death (It's also his birthday today!)
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    MEHEEZY Supporter

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  19. ori with a gun

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    uhhhhhhhh @Pierogi because our binds match perfectly
  20. Coinston

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