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  1. Paradox

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    ik we will eventually get !stats and !playtime is good but having utime would show it in the corner and it would be easier for new players who don't know the commands (If you have a opinion that utimes bad i get it it's low key very little optimization but any thoughts?)

    link - http://forums.ulyssesmod.net/index.php?topic=3039.0


    Edit ---- Since the pictures are non existent on that heres a image of what it would look like (in the corner not the scoreboard)
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  2. Noctorious

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    Not really a necessity, but neither are video games. +1 cause it's neat
  3. Average Guy

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    I have been on servers that have this, and I do not like it at all really. I mean I don't stay long on servers that have this, but I never have saw a disable button for the utime. Unless there is a disable button, the utime takes up screenspace and is not really necessary.
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  4. Paradox

    Paradox The One Eyed Ghoul Banned Elite

    Maybe @Highwon could redo it's look/add that button if it isn't that much work if it'd be a lot of coding then don't waste time on it. XD
  5. My Dime Is Up

    My Dime Is Up Its my dime to code VIP

    If only there was an easy way to disable it. Hmmm:confused:

    Highwon can remove the code, and If I remember correctly, there is a console ConVar that you can run to disable it.

  6. Bacon Bombs

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    +1 but I don't really know if i would use it A LOT, but still +1
  7. Viral☣

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    I mean almost all players know it's !playtine to see and ofcorse if there's a new person they can always ask sence almost everybody knows but I guess if @Highwon ever has time to add extra things to the server this could be one of them.