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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Carned, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Carned

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    Today I finally finished my first project for University.
    The task was to film 1-5 seconds of every day and edit it together, alongside this I have to gather feedback to put into my evaluation and I thought this would be the best place to gather some.

    Had to use Vimeo due to the song choice but yes, please make the feedback constructive and not stupid.
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  2. n0blerone

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    ayy that's pretty good! (y)
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  3. Some of them are rather vague, but the majority are fine.
    I rate it 7/10
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  4. Boomshakalaka

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    Your allowed to put in pubg?
  5. Carned

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    It didn't have to be "Filmed" in a traditional sense, hence the screen caps.
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  6. Scotty

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    Nice work there Mike. Good cuts and some nice landscape shots as well.
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  7. NoHackJustGood

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    Honestly, I loved the way you put this video together. If you want my opinion, I would remove the gaming videos as they don't relate to the overall theme of the video. Regardless, this was a neat idea from the start.
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  8. Theinkern

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    You wanted some feedback so ima post here. Not in anyway to sound harsh, but a way for you to get a better grade. You rinse and repeat some of the same shots (like looking outside the window). If anything only do one of you waking up and its morning and the window is there and the very last one do it with it being nighttime and the window outside is dark and you shutting off a light (for the end of the video). I addition to that you have some shots upside down and sideways, not only are these unpleasant to the eyes, but it just seems really unnecessary and out of the small few seconds it shows, there isn't enough time to really see what it is, so either extend those or completely remove them. I am unsure what class you are taking, but looks fun. I would keep the song choice it was a nice pick got me ready to stand up and go outside so your film has that effect on me and is good. Just try to make it a bit of a story know what I mean, it really catches the interest of people if you make it a story. Like what nohack is saying up above me, i wouldn't remove the gaming videos but I would give a clue as to what t hey are as they come out of no where. So here is my overall thought of storywise how I think you can make your video better.

    Start with waking up turning on a light and looking out the window in the morning, then to your walking around, another walking around (you got a few of those) and then show some kind of store or place you go (with a name) [ With your camera angle make sure you are on the right side of the screen], then show yourself walking back [then you being on the left side]. Then show a picture of you doing something in your h ome when u get back, and then show your computer then show the games. After that do whatever u do after gaming or such like maybe school stuff, then transition to the window again except its night outside and you shut off the light as the final clip and its dark. IMO that would help your grade a lot, give ur project a good sense of story and keep the viewers interest throughotu the whole thing because they are wondering what is going to happen next.

    This is just my critisim and how you could make a better grade imo (I did film classes a while ago).

    Oh for ur video editing and such show it after u do t he computer starting up shot, and when u finish both shots show ur computer shutting down and u getting up to go do something else -edit
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  9. Carned

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    I appreciate the feedback, however I didn't quite clearly explain the brief, we were supposed to experiment with different shot types (hence the upside down and flashing lights) also there we supposed to be singular shots hence why I didn't really go for an overarching narrative (although there is some subtext as to how things start alone and flip around once we met new people and got doing stuff with friends but i didn't want it to be shown too obviously and falling into regular tropes.

    The course is Film and TV Production, this was our first task to allow our tutors to understand us a people because we're essentially choose to represent ourselves in a certain way( because we're choosing what to show and record) so its kinda an introduction task that familiarised everyone with everyone.

    I think i'll play around with the story idea a bit more, but i'm not too keen on having a blatant narrative.

    Nonetheless I appreciate the critique.
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