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  1. DISCLAIMER: I know this will be downvoted to shit and never be added but, consider the following.

    For the comfortable price of 1 point the traitors have the ability to equip their primary weapon (Rifles/Maybe shotguns) with an underbarrel grenade launcher.

    Now the way this would work For example is If you have an AK and purchase it, a slightly cosmetic change is done to your ak where a small underbarrel grenade launcher will be attached, this obviously converts it into a traitorous weapon.

    You would have to use a specific key to toggle to the launcher and to use it.

    Now the way the launcher itself would work is, it can load 2 of any type of grenade and convert them into a detonate on impact projectile, so say for example you press c or whatever you have for traitor menu, pick up grenades from the floor or shop and then the grenade launcher crafting menuwould give you the option to load them in at whichever order you prefer, say for example you want a backup plan for a hasty retreat and load two smoke grenades in, when you're in a pickle switch to the underbarrel shoot the two grenades (Which btw have a 20% smaller effect radius, this applies to all grenades) and shoot them into a couple of doorways and then safely run away, or say for example you want to flush out some enemies and decide to load in a frag and an incend grenade, you shoot the incend and as they come out toggle to the frag and bang dead.

    Or you want to cause some confusion and pick the Discomb/Smoke combo to confuse and startle your enemies for a suprise attack, the possibilities are huge and I'm sure it could be balanced to maybe break after firing a certain amount of projectiles or the radius be made smaller, etc.

    Tell me what you think below :D
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  2. Carned

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    M9K doesn't support multiple ammunition types.
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  3. I dream of having TFA weapons + buy attachments or ammo types from pointshop to customise your weapons...

    Oh I forgot this was SGM
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