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Discussion in 'Maps' started by Carned, Apr 24, 2018.

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  1. Carned

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    Personally I think the Original Whitehouse is better than the new one, this steam user has fixed a lot of the issues with the original version of Whitehouse to make the map much more enjoyable!
    He also plans to update and fix the newer Whitehouse, Ill be posting that when it happens

      • Added shadows to the map
      • Added HDR Lighting
      • Added another room and hallway in the basement
      • Added a Traitor button to shut off the basement lights to replace the breakable lights that used to be there
      • Added a Traitor button to the main basement door to give Traitors a chance from camping Innocents
      • Added ambient effects to windows and lights
      • Fixed and packed cubemaps
      • Fixed a bug with an area portal leading to the other portion of the map
      • Fixed a number of compile errors which would lead to broken lighting in the basement
      • Fixed a compile error which would lead to
      • Fixed steam vents not activating when breaking a pipe in the basement
      • Removed excess map geometry which wasn't needed
      • Removed entities which were no longer needed
      • Removed the mines from the lobby
      • Removed the explosion from the wall console
      • Removed the inaccessible area when going down the elevator, and from in the basement in favor of higher FPS.
      • Reworked complex geometry to properly func_detail it
      • Replaced the fireplace
      • Re textured a few areas and walls to be more consistent
      • Changed all the lights on the map from near white/light gray to a light yellow
      • func_detail'd geometry which should have been a func_detail
      • Made the glass upstairs and in the lobby breakable
      • Expanded the pit underneath the elevator to prevent fps issues and crashing when entities got trapped underneath it
      • Made the elevator do damage if a player decides to block it
    • And a number of other things I'm probably forgetting
    You guys know what this map looks like right?

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  2. Zypther

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    Pls pls pls +1
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    I like this update. +1
  6. Xerp

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    ayyo cubemaps and lighting and its broader too? no more claustrophobia

  7. Bubonic

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    +1 :cat:
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    b2 or not b2

  11. Jabba the Slut

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    The new one we have is too big. +1
  12. That other Whitehouse is fine and all, but it's a completely different map. The old Whitehouse crashes servers. This would probably fix that.
  13. Yo bump for this, still looks cool.
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  14. It may be old, but it still ain't in.
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