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    A newer version of ttt_rooftops , but made by the original creator

    He says he's optimized the map along with its level design, detailing, and easter eggs.

    I have a Geoforce GT 740 (mid range graphics card) and I ran the map ranging from 80 to 120 FPS, so I doubt anyone would have problems running the map, even though it looks amazing.

    ttt rooftops.jpg

    ttt rooftops 2.jpg
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  2. This looks like it would kill FPS even more than the current Rooftops does...

    I don't know. Depends on performance.
  3. The creator re-optimized it, and I'm getting a minimum of 80, and max of 120 fps, while the older rooftops makes my fps fluctuate between 50 and 90 depending on where I am
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  4. Darktooth

    Darktooth I was #1 VIP

    If it's true this has been optimized, we will look into this. Thanks!
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  5. Cant wait to see the verdict. The creator has a ton of info about the map in the steam link, including his opinion of it's optimization
  6. Goose

    Goose Duck, Duck, Goose Motherfucker VIP

    Damn this map looks sexy as shit +1
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  7. Ikr, looks straight out of Battlefield with the reflective windows
  8. Goose

    Goose Duck, Duck, Goose Motherfucker VIP

    The skybox legit rustles my jimmies too tbh.
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  9. god yes, the smooth transition from white to blue with the fog around the city, and the mountain's 3D too
  10. If it's been optimized, a +100 to this. Looks amazing compared to the old one.
  11. Yup, see for yourself, it runs better than the original for me
  12. Goose

    Goose Duck, Duck, Goose Motherfucker VIP

    Upon further investigation I realized this map is far more than a simple update, it has several new buildings, a ton of easter eggs, a water trap that electrifys people and covers the whole map, a flying room, a T room teleporter complex, and an updated axe that can be used as a T tester, or a weapon that Ts can turn invisible for 1 credit. The axe being used as a T tester kind of concerns me, it would be the only map where you can force someone else to T test. I could edit the ability to make the axe a T tester out of the map if this concerns other people as much as it concerns me. Below is a video of the full features of the map that are important to consider when looking at it, however if any are deemed to crazy (flying room lol), OP, or would prevent the map from replacing the older rooftops for whatever reason I would gladly edit them out as the core elements of this map are excellent. I mean look at the graphics and the lighting, it's absolutely amazing, all while increasing FPS through optimizations. There are also so many more opportunities for fun and interesting game play on this version of rooftops, so many more little nooks, jump spots, ledges, and accessible places. The new buildings are also quite excellent and the map is overall a huge leap forward from the version we currently have.
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  13. I think the concept of making the axe a T tester is interesting. If you don't want to be force tested, just get rid of the axe preround, maybe.

    It could be a concerning prospect if people kos for getting rid of the axe though, as it's kind of "destroying a t tester".
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  14. Completely agree, and its awesome of you to offer editing the map to fit Serious Gmod. When you mentioned this map replacing the old, or having to edit out some potentially OP stuff from the newer, I thought I should mention that the creator is making a duplicate of the older map, but with the same visuals, just no extra stuff, eastereggs, or level design, so that could solve our problem right there.

    It'll be called ttt_rooftops_2016_lite ,only problem is that it's still in the works, but it'll show up here when finished:
  15. I really like the other additions, though. I've played on the 2015 version before and it was fun (albeit quite laggy, which has been fixed here).

    I'd vote to JUST remove the T testing axe if necessary, since the other additions make the map quite fun.
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  16. That seems like the best option, but maybe keep for a month, and see how it goes, then remove if needed

    I played around the map a bit alone, but cant wait to try with a server-full of people to explore all the eastereggs and sniping spots
  17. About the axe, after playing a bit more, apparently innocents and detectives need to find objects to open it up, from its case, or Ts can use a credit I think, so T's would just have to throw one of the objects off the map, and the tester isnt immediately usable
  18. tz-

    tz- feelin it VIP Emerald

    This map is a 10 outta fucking 10

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  19. Knockdown

    Knockdown The reason you can't sleep VIP

    Ye we should add this newer version +1
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  20. J.T.Ripper

    J.T.Ripper Ughuuuu. VIP

    I'll go ahead and run aroubd in this later when I get home, but from the sound of it, the removal if the axe would be good.
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